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Kunming - 1 jobs in December 2016

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Infinite Food | Mechanical Engineering Founder | Kunming, Yunnan, China | VISA, ONSITE http://8-food.com

Infinite Food is building an innovative network of automated food preparation and retail service locations. We provide convenient, fresh, hot, personalized meals direct to customers who order and pay from their smartphones.

We are a bootstrapped startup in China's most livable city, currently in hardware prototyping phase with a comfortable office/lab, a legal entity, and a team of two. We mostly cycle or walk to work, don't currently draw salaries and are engaged in refining our prototype before seeking investment circa mid 2017 when we aim to be ready to manufacture. We have investors lining up already.

We would consider bringing on a new founder with strong mechanical engineering experience. CAM, RP/RT, foodtech, materials science and commercial manufacturing experience well regarded.

Discuss: walter at 8-food dot com