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Redmond - 3 jobs in December 2016

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Yammer (Microsoft) | Software Engineer | San Francisco, Seattle | VISA https://careers.microsoft.com/yammer

Hiring all roles (mobile, front end, java services, infrastructure) in San Francisco and Seattle.

Yammer's mission has always been to connect people with information to enable better, faster decisions. We believe effective communication involves more than chat rooms (though we use those too!). A big part of the mission I enjoy is that we are sparking cultural changes in our customers; to become transparent workplaces, with fewer silos and greater connections across the org chart from left to right and bottom to top.

Since winning TechCrunch in 2008 our growth has been exponential year over year. Over the last 4 years as a part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, we've been quietly tying our systems together with the O365 fabric while continuing to improve the experience using our tried-and-true data-driven methods. We know everything we ship has an impact, and precisely how much.

We create with vim, SublimeText, IntelliJ, and GitHub; run on Macs and Ubuntu; write Swift & ObjC, Java (Dropwizard), Python, and Ruby on Rails; manage PostgreSQL, HBase, RabbitMQ, Memcache, HAProxy, ElasticSearch, Kafka, Storm, Kibana, and Vertica clusters at scale; and automate using Puppet, Docker, Mesos, Marathon and Azure across physical data center & cloud environments.

We have two floors in the "Twitter building" at 10th and Market in San Francisco, where we work next to the Outlook Mobile, MileIQ, Volumetrix, and other acquired startup teams. It's a fantastic, open, creative space.

If San Francisco isn't your thing, we have a large sibling team in Seattle (Redmond). We're hiring for all roles in both locations!

Microsoft pays very competitively, invests in employees, and is highly supportive of a diverse and respectful workplace. It's a startup atmosphere with the stability and maturity of a large company, which makes it a perfect balance for me.

If you have questions about a role I'd be happy to talk over email or in person. (I've been at Yammer for 7 years.)

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MediaAlpha | Frontend Engineer | Redmond (WA), Los Angeles (CA) | ONSITE | Full-time

MediaAlpha innovates at the intersection of programmatic technologies and vertical search media, bringing unparalleled transparency and efficiency to both buyers and sellers. Our demand side platform empowers advertisers to engage transactional-intent consumers programmatically to increase campaign ROI. Through our publisher ad serving and supply side platform, publishers gain complete control over how they manage their inventory and demand sources to maximize overall yield. The MediaAlpha team is comprised of talented and conscientious individuals who share a passion for doing great work and a pioneering spirit to continually identify new solutions that keep our company and our partners one step ahead.

As a Front End Software Engineer at MediaAlpha, you will work to design and develop beautiful, user-centric features and functionality for our industry-leading programmatic demand and supply-side platforms, as well as our consumer-facing websites. The ideal candidate will enjoy working autonomously, in coordination with our business and back-end technical teams, to iterate quickly on new feature and website ideas and designs.

Our front-end stack is HTML5, CSS3 and plain JavaScript+jQuery.

E-mail me at brian at $company_name dot com

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Mouseflow | Redmond, Washington

If you respond please let us know you found out about the job from HN and your application will get an expedited review!

Social Media Coordinator ------------------------------

We are currently looking for a fun, talented, and experienced Social Media & Blog Coordinator in our Redmond, WA, USA office.

We seek a creative professional that is an expert in Social Media. You will create and grow engagement across all of our social media platforms. Your role will include planning, writing, and publishing relevant, thoughtful, and effective content on a daily basis.

Please see details here: http://blog.capitalandgrowth.org/jobs/

Sales Associate -------------------

We are currently looking for a talented Sales Associate to join the team in our Redmond, WA, USA office. We’re a software company that produces one of the best analytics tools in the world – it’s been deployed on nearly 100,000 websites and is used by some of the largest brands in the world.

We seek an ambitious person with excellent communications skills – someone who isn’t afraid of competition and functions well under pressure. You should be a go-getter who likes the thrill of “winning”.

Please see details here: http://blog.capitalandgrowth.org/jobs/

About Mouseflow ------------------ Mouseflow is an analytics tool that tracks website visitor behavior and generates recordings, heatmaps, funnels, and form reports. This allows customers to analyze conversion behavior, debug problems, and target their marketing efforts in an easy-to-use platform.

Our company was founded in 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark and quickly rose to become a powerful player in analytics with offices in Denmark, Germany, and the United States. Today, Mouseflow tracks over 90,000 websites and is aggressively looking to grow its international team!