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Bangalore - 5 jobs in February 2016

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Stasis Labs | Los Angeles | ONSITE preferred, REMOTE possible

Stasis Labs is hiring a full-stack software engineer. We're a startup based out of Los Angeles (Beverlywood) building a medical hardware + software system for hospitals that will have a positive impact on people. Our first product will be available in 2016. We are currently finishing up a pilot of our product in a large hospital in Bangalore.

Our first product is a vital signs monitoring system for hospitals targeting non-critical patients. These are patients who, today, are not currently continuously monitored.

You will be the fifth full-time employee of Stasis Labs, and the second full-time on the software team. You will have a great deal of autonomy and be responsible for shaping the culture, technology and processes of our company. We're a small team and are looking for someone who can learn quickly and become competent in multiple parts of the tech stack.

Our software stack includes C++, an Android application, and a web application (node.js backend, React frontend). We're using both Bluetooth Low Energy and wi-fi. Our cloud backend is an important part of our product.

We are especially looking for someone with experience in dev-ops, server management, and web application deployment. Somebody who can help optimize our web deployment process and can write great full-stack web code in an environment where security and data integrity are critical.

We are looking for someone excited to work with a variety of technologies on a daily basis.

If interested, please email stasislabs+hn@gmail.com


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Soliton Technologies - www.solitontech.com - Bangalore, India - ONSITE

Soliton invites applications for an R&D Software Engineer/Lead in a group specializing in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Recent projects have included obstacle detection on mobile platforms, object detection/classification and 3D reconstruction. We are looking for exceptional candidates who have a sense of ownership and have the necessary grit to make successful research products. The candidate must have good understanding of basic mathematics (linear algebra, statistics, probability and good understanding of fundamentals of computing (Algorithms, Data Structure, OS Fundamentals). The ideal candidate will also have strong development skills on nix platform and ability to prototype very quickly.

Required Skill sets* • Good understanding of Image Processing and Computer Vision with projects to back the same • Strong programming experience in C++ • Knowledge of at least one prototyping/scripting language : Python, MATLAB/Octave, Julia or R • Good understanding of Algorithms and Data Structures • Good knowledge of basics: Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics • Good written and verbal communication

Other Openings : Project Lead – Web Technologies (Node.JS/Angular.JS) • Lead a highly talented team of 10 people • Set and meet high standards of excellence in the quality and timeliness of the software delivered and achieve customer delight • Ensure that the defined processes are adhered to; and contribute to the development of these processes by sharing best practices and learning from projects • Empower the team and ensure that the team spirit is high at all times and provide individual mentorship to engineers to help them with career growth

More details here:http://www.solitontech.com/careers

Email your resumes @ careers@solitontech.com


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Artoo (www.artoo.in) | Bangalore, India | Full-Time

70% of the world’s population has no access to even the most basic financial services. Artoo is transforming banking for the poor, using the power of mobile, cloud and data.

Last year, we helped disburse US $100 Million in loans across 25 states in India. This year we hope to triple that! This is where you come in.

We use the following tech: Ember.js & Node.js for Web, Java/Kotlin on Android, Python for ML, Chef/Ansible/Vagrant for servers, and are open to trying out anything.

If you are passionate about technology and creating an impact, apply below:

Apply: sameer[at]artoo[dot]in


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Locus | Full Time | ONSITE, VISA (Bangalore, India) | http://locus.sh/

Locus is hiring Engineers and Data Scientists. At Locus we have an ambitious goal of Scheduling & Tracking the World transport movement. We are aware of how audacious the goal is, but we have made our initial strong footholds and have the path to move forward. Founded by a team of ex-AWS engineers, comprising of graduates from premier Indian Tech/Science Institutes (IIT/BITS-Pilani/TIFR), Locus is funded & mentored by the most respected investors and ex-entrepreneurs and have product validation with actual paying customers.

Engineers: We have always maintained a small, but high-caliber engineering team, and we are now looking to make a couple of additions to the same. We are hiring for mobile, backend & front-end. We are tech stack agnostic. We would prefer to have a look at your GitHub repo or a mobile app that you have built, over your academic/educational qualification. We are a founding team of engineers, and understand that good engineering is part science part art, we would like to provide you the tools for the science and the time for the art. We are expanding the team to build the next version of our true multi-tenant platform with a few thousand events happening per second.

Data Scientists: We wish to push to edge of what is possible, and advance the field of routing problems itself. If Travelling thief, Knapsack, Capacity planning and other optimisation problem excite you, we are looking for you. We are team of PhD scientists and engineers with background in stats, working on building faster & more scalable implementation of NP-hard problems, or even a combination of a few NP-Hard problems.

While we have pizza, beer, whisky, drones, oculus rifts, raspberry PIs on the house, the biggest perk we provide you is a remarkable team. We would love to spend our most productive years, around people with great intellect and unbridled enthusiasm. In the spirit of keeping you at your productive best, we give you free fully furnished housing with internet, food & laundry taken care of, and your choice of tech gear. Read more about what we value and our work culture at http://locus.sh/careers


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Uber | San Francisco & Bangalore | Full-Time on site | Backend, mobile, PM, design, data | ngoel@uber.com

If you're looking to change the future of transportation, ping me! We're hiring developers, designers, data at all levels across the stack at our HQ in San Francisco, as well as a new remote office in Bangalore.

Ping me for details!