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Calgary - 1 jobs in February 2016

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Anassina, Inc. | Senior JavaScript Engineer | Calgary, AB/Canada (REMOTE CONTRACT) |

I'm part of a small team of remote developers in Calgary and we're building out a video syndication platform for a large well-funded media company. I'm looking for a talented JavaScript engineer that could help out with our video player technology. The contract is 3 - 6 months with a likely extension. If you think you might be interested, I'd love to chat with you.

As a Senior JavaScript Developer you will be focused on developing online Video Player technologies. Your work is in front of many millions of end users every month. We are serving hundreds of millions of streams every month and sending thousands of events per second downstream to our web applications and data systems. You are passionate about serving up great web video experience at scale and obsessive about performance and quality. You live and breathe the fundamentals of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and related web technologies and open-source ecosystems. You care deeply about modern engineering practices including test-driven development, continuous integration, and application monitoring. Your work is technically rock solid and visually appealing. It will be embedded in many different sites with different web page structures and styles, and viewed in many different browsers on many devices including mobile and tablets. And you are committed to working in high-performance teams that are greater than the sum of their individual parts.

Please contact arustad@anassina.com for more information. Thanks! Aaron.