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Charlotte - 1 jobs in February 2016

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C# .NET Developer | Stridatum LLC | http://stridatum.com | Remote / Contract

Looking for a developer with UI Automation framework experience to help out on a desktop app I've been building. I need a method that will give me the following information about the currently active window (my app runs in the background):

   - Application name
   - Title bar text
   - Open Document filename (if any)
   - Active URL if Edge, IE, Chrome, or Firefox browsers
I'm primarily a backend developer, but have recently picked up enough C#/.NET to be dangerous, I'm just having trouble fully wrapping my head around the UI Automation framework. I think it'll be more effective to have someone with experience do this and let me focus on other pieces.

This won't be for malware/scammy stuff, it's user-voluntary to collect some context for a time tracking app similar to RescueTime.

I'm near Charlotte, NC, so someone I can meet in person would be preferred, but remote is perfectly fine. If you're actually reading this, include the word "DrPepper" in your email otherwise I'll just delete it - I got too much spam last time and very few actual code samples. This particular project is small but there is plenty more available for the right person.

Email a link to your github profile or a short C# .NET code sample to jobs at stridatum.com. No recruiters please.