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Concord - 1 jobs in February 2016

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Corista | Full-time Senior Full Stack Engineer | Boston, MA | On-site or Remote

## Company ##

Corista is a small, versatile software development company focusing on solutions for Pathologists, Hospitals and Pharmaceutical companies. We produce a scalable, secure platform, accessible from any web-enabled device, implementing the only image agnostic digital pathology solution.

## My misc .02 ##

We've doubled our swdev team in the last year (now 10 people) and are continuing to grow. Our team consists of both on-site and remote devs. Our HQ is in Concord, MA and a small satellite office in Davis Sq (Somerville, MA). We put a very high value on team fit as it's very important to our culture.

We are now running our platform on AWS and it's exciting to be moving our workload to "the cloud" and to add DevOps to our arsenal of skills.

## What we're looking for ##

* An expert (Senior meaning 5+ years) in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript and has UI experience and likes to do things right the first time.

* Wants to be a major contributor on a small, tightly-knit team of senior developers and scientists.

* Is an active “doer” and can lead by example.

* Easy to work with and interact with, seeks out the problem areas and wants to find solutions to them.

## More about us ##

Go here --> http://stackoverflow.com/jobs/companies/corista