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London - 45 jobs in February 2016

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StackHut | London | Full Time | ONSITE

We’re a London-based startup working on a microservices-based “CloudOS” using a mixture of OCaml, Linux containers, and Erlang/Elixir - with some DSLs, systems code, and distributed systems thrown in. We want developers to spend more time writing core business-logic and less time thinking about infrastructure.

We’re looking for our first technical hires, who will be working with us to design and implement the core platform that will make this a reality. We have a MVP in Python (https://github.com/StackHut/stackhut); it gives a feel for what we’re trying to build, although is only a start.

We’re implementing this in OCaml, and are looking for talented functional programmers (OCaml, Haskell, F#, Scala, etc.) preferably with some knowledge of Linux/Unix systems programming. It’s a challenging role, working on hard problems, but the chance to build and manage a technical team and shape a company and product from the get-go.

We’re funded by top-tier infrastructure investors from the West Coast, and the founders are highly-technical and ex-YC / PhD. Salaries are competitive and include stock options.

Any questions please comment, reach out on email (jobs at stackhut dot com) or at https://stackhut.com/#/careers. Cheers!


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Gambit Research Ltd (http://gambitresearch.com) | London, UK | On-site | Full time | Python/Erlang/DevOps | Experienced and Graduate Positions

At Gambit we research and manage automated sports betting algorithms on behalf of our clients. Their algorithms run on our proprietary execution platform which interfaces with a large variety of bookmakers and exchanges, enabling access to the best prices and massive liquidity.

Our distributed, concurrent system has a core written in Erlang, which interacts with a wide variety of Python processes across the rest of the business. Some of the other technologies we use are: Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS), Docker, Ansible, C, C++, Julia, R, Go, JavaScript, AngularJS, Django, PostgreSQL, Redis, Apache Spark, RabbitMQ, Celery, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Graphite, Sentry, Git, GitLab.

We have a very flat hierarchy and an emphasis on developer freedom. We encourage people to work on areas of the code base that interest them, because we believe developers are happiest and most productive when intellectually stimulated.

We are looking for developers who have solid fundamentals in programming and maths and an ability to pick up new technologies. You don't need to be interested in sports or betting.

If this appeals to you, please email hn@gambitresearch.com


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London, UK | full time | ONSITE

Osper https://osper.com | Mobile Banking for Young People

We are looking for mid to senior developers to join our small team of 5 developers. They will want to get their hands dirty and design, develop, and deploy awesome technology to help change the way young people save and spend money!

Our current technology stack includes: Python, Postgres, AWS, Cordova and a whole lot more.

You will be involved in all aspects of designing and deploying banking services for young people, working in a truly agile and collaborative manner. You will have the ability to understand business problems and define technical solutions that are released quickly and effectively.

As an outline of some of the tech we are working on:

* Using microservices for real without creating API spaghetti

* Building the right thing the right way - surprisingly hard even in a tight-knit team using TDD/BDD

* Coding with Young People

Check the rest of the job description at: https://www.workable.com/j/AC8254AAA5

We are also hiring for a few other non-tech positions, see: https://osper.com/jobs/

Feel free to contact me with any questions. I've been a backend developer here for one year and it's an awesome place to work!


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London, UK - Pusher - https://pusher.com/ - Full time - On Site Only

Pusher is a multi-tenant distributed system that allows our customers to deliver billions of messages to their connected users. We operate at massive scale, and this informs and affects everything we do. We're profitable and growing sustainably.

Our engineering team is based in London. We are looking for engineers who want to work on interesting problems in a production environment, and take responsibility for the real-world operation of a large and increasingly distributed system.

Our software stack is built around Linux, Ruby, Haskell, Go, Node.JS, Redis, MySQL, Git, Puppet and Ansible.

We are currently hiring:

Platform Engineers to continue improving and scaling our core real-time infrastructure: https://pusher.workable.com/jobs/52789

Mobile Product Engineers to work on improving our mobile libraries on both iOS and Android, and demonstrating what Pusher can do for mobile end users: https://pusher.workable.com/jobs/114508

A Head of Support to help us provide an (even more) amazing experience to our customers: https://pusher.workable.com/jobs/159095


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Lyst | London, UK | ONSITE

Lyst is a VC backed fashion ecommerce service. Lyst has grown over 300% every year since launch in 2011 and has raised over $60M from top-tier investors

At the heart of Lyst is a data aggregator that lists millions of products from hundreds of designers, brands and retail partners. A scraping architecture that makes more than 4 million calls a day, we automatically add, de-duplicate and moderate 1000s of new products to the site every week. On top of this data, we build systems that help people discover, follow and buy from their favourite fashion brands.

We're most interested in hiring senior engineers to work at all levels of the stack. Lyst is principally a python shop, but really we just want to hire great engineers regardless of language background. Our tech blog is a good place to learn more about the sort of problems we work on http://developers.lyst.com/


Either apply via https://www.lyst.co.uk/careers/ or get in touch personally if you'd like to chat first - my mail is in my profile.


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London, UK | Full time | ONSITE or REMOTE

Six to Start | http://www.sixtostart.com

We make the world's most successful smartphone fitness games with over 2.5 million players. Every day, we receive emails telling us how our games have literally improved our players' health and, in some cases, even saved their lives. Talk about job satisfaction!

We're looking for a full stack web developer and a senior iOS developer.

Our flagship games, Zombies, Run! and The Walk, combine innovative real-world gameplay with captivating stories and design. We want to find someone who can help us improve our existing games and develop new games that are just as revolutionary and innovative as Zombies, Run!

Web Developer: http://www.sixtostart.com/onetoread/2016/web-developer/

Senior iOS Developer: http://www.sixtostart.com/onetoread/2016/senior-ios-develope...


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Lead Developer | London | Tech-for-good

THE COMPANY CrowdJustice helps people access the law. We're a platform for crowdfunding legal cases – bringing communities together to give people access to funds to take a legal case and create change. It's a simple idea with an ambitious mission – to use tech to make the law accessible to everyone.

THE ROLE We are looking for a multi-talented developer to lead on strategic product development, and manage implementation as we build out our early-stage product into a world class platform. This role would suit a developer who is looking to take a more strategic role in an early-stage, ambitious startup.

You will take over a webapp built in Python/Django and will have a major role to play in deciding how to shape our product, grow our technical team and leverage new technologies.

IS IT FOR YOU? Shape the strategic product development of a very early-stage, funded London-based startup with a social mission at its core.

Drop me a line: julia@crowdjustice.co.uk


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GoFix | London, UK | onsite or remote | fulltime

GoFix is a startup within Domestic & General, the UK's leading specialist provider of appliance breakdown and warranty protection.

We're reimagining the whole process for booking repairers, testing a lot of propositions around pricing and offers, and plan to roll out to the whole of the UK. It's an interesting space, and we have a leg up on everyone else because of our relationship with D&G and the data/resources they have.

We're currently looking for: • Backend Engineer (ideally... experience with Node, Postgres, Mongo, AWS, Twilio, Mailgun, etc, and working in a small team, in an agile TDD environment)

• Product Designer (ideally... experience with consumer facing apps, prototyping tools... Sketch, Invision, etc. and iterating quickly, and maybe some HTMl/CSS/coding experience)

If you're interested, I'm more than happy to answer any questions, just shoot me an email, justin@gofix.com


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JustPark | London, UK | ONSITE | Full-Time

We’re looking for super smart Front End, Full Stack and iOS developers to join the JustPark team and help us take our product to the next level.

The stack

Frontend: Gulp, Sass, Browserify, Babel, React

Backend: PHP, Python, MySQL, MongoDB

About us

Parking is a broken industry. It drains our fuel tanks, our wallets, our time and our sanity. It's been clogging up our towns for too long. At JustPark, we've officially had enough, and life's too short not to fix things.

We connect the dots to ensure that those who need parking find the people who have it going spare. Our business is unlocking potential: we help homeowners, churches, schools, hotels, pubs and commercial car parks to boost their income by filling their empty spaces, making the most of the assets they have.

JustPark is one of London's most exciting and fast-growing startups - with a record-breaking £3.7m equity crowdfunding round under its belt, on top of investment from BMW and Index Ventures. In 2015 alone, JustPark were featured in WIRED’s top 10 hottest startups, crowned winners of Richard Branson's 'Pitch to Rich', and nominated for the Growing Business Awards UK Employer of the Year.


- A salary that is actually competitive.

- Generous stock options to match.

- Unlimited holiday.

- Free daily gourmet lunches, prepared by our lovely in-house chef.

- MacBook Pro.

- Table tennis and Friday beers on tap.

- Free parking at any JustPark space.

Learn more about the roles and apply: https://justpark.workable.com/ or email jobs@justpark.com.


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Sky | London | Full Time | ONSITE

Systems Integration (Full stack engineer) job at STB Software Delivery. Working with embedded device, pulling together a working software stack and provide priority fixes and problem reports. Working closely with development teams to investigate problems, identifying and implementing fixes to both code and design. To ensure that software updates fix what they claim to fix, and don’t introduce new problems. Performance analysis and optimisation across multiple target platforms on differing architectures. Help drive down our cycle time through continuous improvement of processes and automation Take an active role in personal, technical and professional development.

Skills: C, Java, Unix/Linux, Object Oriented design and development techniques, compilers/debuggers/toolchains. If interested you please email me at douglas-passos.lima @ sky.com


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Fueled | Product Manager (Senior + Mid-Level) | Soho, NYC | Full Time

Contact: Christine@fueled.com

-- Who We Are--

An award winning mobile app dev agency www.fueled.com/about

--Where You Fit In--

You understand what makes a compelling and innovative digital product. You know what a mobile device is capable of and how we can push it to its limits. Your role is to sit down with clients, understand their ideas, and then turn around and build an electrifying product. You’ll come up with a solution right off the cuff because you know the capabilities of bleeding edge mobile technology.


Equity, Unlimited Vacation, The Coolest Office in Soho, Macbook Air, Performance Bonus (10-13%) *This job does not include coding. Apply Here: http://bit.ly/1UvMtuB ____________________________________________________________

Fueled | Senior UI Designer | London + NYC | Full Time

Contact: Christine@fueled.com

--What it means to be a Fueled Designer--

Being part of the Fueled Design team you will have the opportunity to work amongst world class talent on a wide range of unique interactive projects, with established brands such as Glamour, Vanity Fair, and Barneys New York, and successful tech startups such as Rdio, QuizUp and Urbandaddy. Outwardly facing, the obvious difference is our mix of world-class design and top-notch development. But what really sets us apart is our integrated, product-driven approach. The way our product/strategy teams work with designs and developers results in a rare, collaborative product-development cycle that few can match.


Equity, Unlimited Vacation, Macbook Air, Apple watch, Performance Bonus (10-13%) Apply Here: http://bit.ly/1PKoCJR


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HomeHeart (homeheart.org) are hiring a full-stack tech lead in London onsite. Current web-app built on ruby with thoughtbot. We're a fast growing elderly care startup.

Read our medium post: http://bit.ly/1UoZjLc Apply here: homeheart.workable.com


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DriverMetrics | London, UK | Lead Rails Developer | Full Time | REMOTE

DriverMetrics was founded over a decade ago at Cranfield University to tackle the problem of driver safety by focusing on what over 25 years of our research shows is the main contributor to road crashes – driver behaviour. We provide the world’s most scientifically validated commercial fleet risk management tools, used in over 50 countries worldwide by organisations including Shell, Unilever, Greyhound and AkzoNobel to help keep their drivers safe on the roads.

We are currently in the process of significantly modernising our offering and expanding our business and sales operations. Product modernisation will include significant UX and design improvements as well as incorporating more advanced data analysis (machine learning) and integration of real-time fleet telematics data to help us even more accurately predict and mitigate driver incidents.

We’re currently looking for a Lead Rails Developer to work alongside the CTO to build a strong engineering and design team and develop the next generation of our software platform.

* Your Responsibilities *

- Working with the CTO to manage the design, build and maintenance of a new software driver risk management platform - Working with the CTO to build a strong engineering team to develop the platform - Day-to-day responsibility for the management of the software spec, build and progress - Implementing and enforcing a secure development policy (and ultimately aiming to achieve PCI compliance) - Working across multiple disciplines (Front-end, Back-end, interactive educational content, cross-platform, HTML5 mobile)

* Our Stack *

- Ruby / Ruby on Rails - React.js, Coffeescript, Sass, Slim, Gulp - PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch - Nginx, Ubuntu - AWS (EC2, ELB, RDS, VPC, S3, Cloudfront, Route 53) - Mandrill, New Relic, Airbrake, Gitlab

For more information or to apply please email ndaniels AT drivermetrics . com


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Vidados | Senior .net Engineer | London, UK | https://www.vidados.com

We are a young startup with a small but very capable development team. We have very big plans for our activity holiday marketplace platform so need a talented, goal-focussed, pragmatic senior engineer to help us put them into practice.

We are looking for a C# developer with lots of web experience. We also use CoffeeScript and AngularJS though this is primarily a back-end role. If you are a brilliant developer without .net experience and this appeals to you please go ahead and apply!

For more information see https://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/106736/senior-softwar...


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Potato are hiring front end web (often using AngularJS) & Python (mainly Django) developers plus UX designers & project managers ONSITE across our offices. VISA potentially available for working in the US for British passport holders. Freelance & fulltime available.

We're a 6yr old, 100 person agency based in London, UK with offices in Bristol, UK & San Francisco Bay Area. Our clients include Google, PayPal, Skype, a number of startups and other agencies such as BBH & Mother.

Our work spans (and sometimes defies) categorisation. Recent interesting projects include tracking an Antarctic expedition, organising the world's artworks, mapping DDoS attacks and Syrian regime defections, and aiding rapid collaboration inside companies.



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Infectious Media | London, England | Onsite, EU Only | Site Reliability Engineer

We are a young, vibrant and award winning company specialising in programmatic advertising. Founded in 2008 at the inception of programmatic, we were one of the first practitioners globally and a pioneer in Europe. Today, we run global programmatic campaigns for leading advertisers from our office in London. On any given day we have campaigns live in over 25 countries. Each month we process more than 300 billion ad decisions and terabytes of data. Unlike most agencies we have built our own RTB infrastructure from the ground up, enabling us to react quickly to new market opportunities.

Our RTB infrastructure at a core is written in Go, with supporting services using Ruby, Python. We run a micoservices architecture powered by Mesos and Marathon supported by an internally written ETL scheduler which you will help develop and maintain. Some of the other technologies we use include Google Big Query/Kafka/Rails/Docker/Redis/Clojure and much more.

Benefits: Company bonuses, options scheme, 25 days + public holidays, pension, cycle to work, health cash back, lunch once a week, drinks on Friday and more.

Contact: sam.pegler@infectiousmedia.com


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London, UK | ONSITE | Full-Time | Web developer (Ruby/Rails)

Mixlr (http://mixlr.com) is the biggest platform for live music and audio content, now with over 4 million registered users and 40,000 active broadcasters each and every month.

With our desktop, tablet and mobile apps our community can broadcast live to the world with one hit of a button. Once live, it’s easy for friends and followers to chat, heart and share - becoming a part of the live event themselves.

Founded in 2010 by Greg Lloyd and Rob Watson, we are an established startup and growing fast. You would join us as the fifth engineer in our team, and as such have a great impact not only on the code but also on the future of our product, and company.

Part of our product lineup:

* Web application (Ruby on Rails, Ruby, RSpec, Resque, JavaScript, Backbone)

* Desktop app for Windows and Mac (C++, Qt, QML)

* Native Android and iOS apps (Objective-C, Java, Android Studio, Gradle)

* Embeddable player (HTML5, JavaScript, Flash)

* Real-time messaging system (NodeJS, Redis, WebSockets)

* Streaming backend infrastructure (NodeJS, JavaScript, Java, Icecast)

We are looking for a Ruby/Rails developer who is proficient, can work in a fast-paced environment, but is also passionate about learning new skills. We use agile methodologies to guide our development process, and we’ll aim for you to deploy to our live site on your very first day.

We are hiring for frontend, backend and full-stack roles.


More information:

Company info: http://tech.mixlr.com/jobs/

Job posting: http://tech.mixlr.com/jobs/webdev.html


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Ingresso - London, UK - ONSITE

Ingresso is a London-based ticketing startup. We have built a ticketing platform that makes it easy to sell a wide range of event tickets such as theatre, music and sightseeing tours. We connect via venue APIs to transact directly on the venue's system. We then offer our own API for others to sell our tickets. This API is used by big eCommerce and travel businesses - eg we exclusively power Amazon's ticketing business (https://tickets.amazon.co.uk).

We're looking for:

- Senior Backend Web Developer

- Full Stack or Backend Web Developer

We use a combination of Python and C. Starting to use Go and AWS.


matt at ingresso .co.uk


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Sequel | Front-end developer (Angularjs, Typescript, D3.js) | Malaga, Spain | http://www.sequel.com | ONSITE

Sequel Business Solutions is a specialist provider of software products and services to the Lloyd's, London and global insurance market. With offices in London and Malaga, and a global customer base of (Re)Insurance carriers and brokers, Sequel has built a long-standing reputation for quality and innovation in this market.

Our development hub is in Malaga, where we have a talented team of software engineers and testers driven to make an impact within a fun, collaborative working environment.

We are looking for a dedicated and driven technical lead to join our development team in Malaga.

More details: https://www.infojobs.net/malaga/front-end-developer/of-ie83d...

Visas are unfortunately not available.

Apply: recruitmentspain@sequel.com


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Haplo -- London, UK -- Full time, ONSITE


Would you like to write high quality open source software, for users in universities who love your work?

We're looking for developers to join our team, especially those who are early on in their career and would like to work in an environment which will support their learning.

Also, this month, we're looking for students current in their penultimate year of study who'd like an internship or industrial placement.

Our only recruitment criteria is whether you understand how computers work and can write good code, and if you can work in a diverse team.

The Haplo platform is open source, and we're working on open sourcing everything else we do: http://haplo.org

On top of the platform, we've built a suite of products for higher education, and are rolling them out to universities across the UK. Our flagship product is PhD Manager: http://www.phd-manager.co.uk

Like a startup: Small dedicated team. No barriers to doing your best work. Opportunity to get involved with everything, should you want to. Lovely office, great espresso. Ambition to change the world in a small but significant way.

Not like a startup: Sensible working hours. Quiet environment away from the hustle. No random pressure from investors. Quality product without hacks.

Fast recruitment process: Email us your CV. 20 minute phone call. Spend a few hours on a short coding challenge. Visit us for an in-depth code review and interview.

Join us! http://www.haplo-services.com/about/who



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FundApps - https://fundapps.workable.com/ - London, UK - Onsite - Permanent - Full-time. FundApps was recently recognised as one of the top 50 fintech startups in Europe. We sell a web service that automates financial regulatory compliance. We're a company of 17 right now, and somewhat unusually are a bootstrapped startup are growing rapidly through acquisition of customers rather than funding. Current openings we have in London. - Infrastructure / Ops Engineer -.NET / Backend Engineer email me direct - james.peters@fundapps.co if you have questions. Thanks!


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World First Ltd | Millbank Tower, London | Full time | ONSITE

World First is an established currency company. We have a medium sized IT team looking for PHP developers to continue development on the existing World First systems. The stack is PHP, RabbitMQ, Apache/Nginx and MySQL.

Job links below: Senior software dev: https://app.jobvite.com/j/?cj=okPz0fws&s=AddThis#.VguQkA8d_D...

More information available by commenting here, or emailing victoria.bradford@worldfirst.com referencing HackerNews


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Knewton - New York, NY - https://www.knewton.com/about/careers/

Knewton is personalizing learning for students using our adaptive learning platform. Leveraging big data and machine learning, Knewton provides students with tailored recommendations for exactly what to study, teachers with analytics to better support each student, and publishers with content insights to develop better products.

Knewton was named a "Crain's 2015 Best Place to Work" and we have offices in NYC, London, Tokyo and Sao Paolo.


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London, UK | Geckoboard https://www.geckoboard.com | Full time | ON SITE (but some working from home is not a problem)

Geckoboard is a successful, growing 30-person B2B SaaS startup based in East London. Our elegant real-time dashboards solve a tricky, important problem for thousands of paying subscribers, by taking the complexity out of connecting to their data and making that information simple for everyone to interpret at a glance. As a result, our customers unlock data they didn't know they had, connect people and join up projects, and make better decisions faster.

We are looking for a front-end developer who is excited about tail-call optimisation in ES6, uses TDD consistently or wants to learn to do so, and builds super-usable single-page applications. Any React knowledge is a plus but we are happy for you to learn with us.

Please see our jobs page for details: https://www.geckoboard.com/careers/

We’re constantly striving to ensure that we offer the most encouraging, supportive and efficient environment possible. We want everyone on the team to participate in making our architectural decisions. The whole team is involved in prioritising and evaluating our work and we regularly program in pairs to share knowledge, promote collaboration, and improve code quality.

We don't just pay lip service to work-life balance, we actively and strongly encourage it. Flexible working hours and the ability to regularly work from home let you work in a way that fits you and your family, and we have generous maternity and paternity leave policies. We see our contractual obligation to offer 25 days' paid holiday as a /lower/ bound for everyone in the organisation, not a limit.

We actively contribute to personal and professional development and have a minimum budget allowance to be spent on courses, conferences, and books. We also run fortnightly "innovation days", where everyone has complete freedom to work on anything that interests them, from contributing to open-source projects, learning a new skill, or improving our internal tools and processes.


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London, UK | ONSITE | Full-Time | ExperiencEconomy | Growing an audience ahead of building the product

=== What we do ===

We are building a digital hub for creative professionals (and yes, that means pretty much most hard-to-automate professions). We help our customers with lead generation (helping them use video storytelling in a smart way) and are building a SaaS offering, providing customers with collaboration and content/client management software, while facilitating many to many transactions (and that truly means many transactions in an industry worth $114bn in the UK alone).

=== Crib sheet ===

-You will be part of small fun team, working in London, United Kingdom (Baker Street)

-We have backing from an incubator

-50 creative professionals' usage based on our existing community product prototype (under private-Alpha) built with Meteor JS

-We will be transferring our learnings into a new mobile multi-tenant application to be built from scratch (tech-stack choices still to be made). You will have the opportunity to be part of it from the start, establishing the culture and setting the standards.

=== Looking for ===

-Senior software engineer / Full Stack developer

-This freelance opportunity can develop into a full-time lead role (CTO) should we be the right fit for each other.

If this sounds interesting, please shoot us an email at jobs@experienceconomy.com mentioning Hacker News in the subject line.

More about us at http://www.experienceconomy.com


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General Assembly (http://generalassemb.ly) | New York, NY ONSITE & REMOTE | Multiple Positions | Fulltime

General Assembly transforms thinkers into creators through education and opportunities in technology, business, and design. We offer classes, workshops, long-form courses, and events in worldwide markets including New York where we are headquartered, Atlanta, Austin, London, Hong Kong, Sydney, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Melbourne, and Washington DC. We also partner with Fortune 500 companies to spur innovation through increased digital fluency and more effective approaches to collaboration. We have small, cross-functional product teams that are developing innovative new solutions to online education, and currently we have various open positions across the engineering organization that we are looking to fill. If you want to be part of a diverse team, working on challenging tasks, and want to help the world expand their knowledge to better themselves and their careers via education, drop us line. If you're in New York City, let's grab a drink or a coffee and chat!

See our full list of open positions ranging from engineers to designers to even teaching opportunities at https://generalassemb.ly/careers. Please feel free to contact me directly with your resume and any questions at elliott . carlson - at - generalassemb.ly


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Royal Bank of Canada | London, UK | Toronto, Canada | Full-time | On-site

We are looking for a senior level Data Engineer in London, UK to help build autonomous systems to undertake intelligence gathering and lead generation, by automating the identification of prospective clients, collating information relevant to the domain of Wealth Management and monitoring the public domain for intelligence to aid the sales process.

About RBC: Royal Bank of Canada is Canada’s largest bank, and one of the largest banks in the world, based on market capitalization. We are one of North America’s leading diversified financial services companies, and provide personal and commercial banking, wealth management, insurance, investor services and capital markets products and services on a global basis. We employ approximately 78,000 full- and part-time employees who serve more than 16 million personal, business, public sector and institutional clients through offices in Canada, the U.S. and 39 other countries.

Senior AI & ML Engineer (Wealth Management) (https://jobs.rbc.com/job/London-Machine-Learning-&-Artificia...)

Many other career opportunities (in technology, as well as other fields) can be found here: https://jobs.rbc.com/?locale=en_US


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Black Swan Data | London | Full Time | Onsite

Black Swan creates better outcomes through technology and the power of prediction. We work with some of the world’s leading consumer-focused brands including Vodafone, Pepsico, Disney, Panasonic, Tesco, GSK and WPP. We've been named Britain’s fastest start up by The Sunday Times ranked #1 in their inaugural ‘Start Up Track 15’.

Variety is the spice of life here - one day you can be working on a startup project and the next on a project with over 1.1 million active monthly users (that is 99.9% crash free – not that we like to boast!). But if that’s not how you work, we are happy for you to take ownership of a project too. We work in an agency but it’s not all working at top speed, we also work smart. We use GIT flow, we love CI and our code has high unit test coverage. Nothing is getting into a build without a pull request.

We're looking for an:

iOS Developer (Junior to Mid-weight): Have a passion for pushing mobile technologies to the limits and want to work with our team of talented developers to build our apps that are used by more than 1 million people per month? Apply here: http://www.blackswan.com/blog/job/ios-developer/

Contact chris.howell@blackswan.com for more information, or check out our website http://www.blackswan.com


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Akkroo https://akkroo.com — London, UK — Full Stack Developer — ONSITE, Full Time

We remove friction in key interactions between businesses and customers at events, and right now are building B2B SaaS software that significantly cuts out paperwork and increases efficiency of customer data capture activity.

Join our development team and help improve and build great solutions used by a customer base that already includes Harrods, Sony, Red Bull Racing and Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Our stack includes ReactJS, PHP, MongoDB, Cordova, HTML/JS/CSS, Apache, Docker, AWS – and we’re currently looking for someone who wants to get involved across the whole stack, ideally with either some hybrid app or server management experience. A great fit for us will be a curious and thoughtful person who shares in our team values. Our office is just a 5 minute walk to Big Ben in the heart of London. We offer equity.

If you're keen, please drop me (Andy) a note with the specific reasons why this role appealed to you at jobs@akkroo.com - you can read more detail here: https://akkroo.com/jobs/full-stack-developer


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Software Developer/Web Developer/Product Manager | NewsNow.co.uk | London, UK | Full-time, permanent

Passionate about any area of news, sport, or fairness in news reporting? Relish crafting elegant solutions to hard technical and business problems, using whatever is the best tool for the job? Thrive in an open, collaborative environment, where the best ideas can come from anyone? Confident and articulate about what you know, and humble and articulate about what you don't? Fancy the idea of competing with Google, by being clever rather than colossal?

Then why not consider joining NewsNow.co.uk, the UK's largest independent news aggregator. Established 1998 and profitable ever since, our ethos and business models have stood the test of time. Ours is a developer-led company: our Founder and CEO heads up our development team.

We currently have three opportunities: - As a /software developer/, you’d be working on projects including our unique in-house article classification engine, generating live digests of our most compelling content, or mining live streams of data about events from all over the world. - As a /web developer/, you’d work on projects like letting users view images from the news, and rate articles. - As a /product manager/, you’d help us to ‘get it right’ through your zest for software development and the user experience, your passion and excitement for our business and your ability to inspire this in the rest of the team.

We run Debian Linux on our co-located raw metal and on AWS EC2/VPC, with MySQL, Apache, and in-house code written in a variety of languages. We do our web development in HTML5, CSS3, advanced JavaScript, jQuery. We use OO patterns in coding.

If you like the sound of us, we’d love to hear about you. Please get in touch!



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Senior Python Engineers | MarketInvoice | £60k-£80k | London, UK (our last two hires were from HN)


MarketInvoice is the VC-backed peer-to-peer fintech platform that’s building the modern backbone of the economy. Imagine you’re a young company who’s just won a major contract but your client wants to pay you on 90 day terms when you need to pay your staff and suppliers upfront. That’s where we step in. Our platform uses the peer-to-peer approach to provide the day-to-day operational financing for companies as varied as mobile development agencies, food brands and construction firms.

We’re the largest startup in our space worldwide and already lending £30 million/month to small businesses and on track to double that within the next year.

It's a £100bn/year market which is dominated by legacy lenders and banks with complex processes and shady practices. We’re bringing transparency and simplicity to the market.

All roles +meaningful equity options with low strike price and employee friendly terms.


Drop me an email at i.ghory@marketinvoice.com if you're interested or just want to chat.

(Our team uses Python but we're open to people from different technology stacks; there are also other teams at the company using JS & C#/.Net if that's what you're looking for. Also hiring for Product, Marketing, Risk, Sales, Ops, etc - see https://www.marketinvoice.com/careers for details).


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FilmLight Ltd | Software Engineer | London, UK (on-site)

FilmLight develops unique colour grading systems, image processing applications and workflow tools that are transforming film and video post-production and setting new standards for quality, reliability and performance.

Making great looking pictures isn't easy. It needs outstanding creativity, appropriate technology and process—and a passion for moving images. If you're reading this, we hope you share that passion with us, and we think you'll appreciate what we have to offer.

We are looking to strengthen our software team with an experienced developer.

Candidates should have the following profile:

- Lead software engineering experience

- Excellent engineering skills in a C/C++/Linux/OSX environment

- GPU development in OpenGL/OpenCL/CUDA

- Flexible enough to adapt to existing code base

- Experience of low level implementation of complex 2D rendering and compositing operations.

Ideally you will have experience in production, post-production or visual effects; if not, a strong interest in this area would be desirable. We would also be interested in people from a games or visualisation background.

Check out our website:


Contact: work@filmlight.ltd.uk


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Smarkets, London, UK. On-site only.

We're a modern betting exchange, going technology first to enable proper price competition in a field of fat commissions. Join a small, agile, and fast-growing team, who just moved to a new office in St Katharine Docks. (Next to Tower Bridge!)

Smarkets develops a reliable, low-latency, highly concurrent betting exchange based on trading exchange designs. We're also building a fast, modern web interface to allow for a smoother experience. Servicing our users is top priority.

The Smarkets platform is written predominantly on Python and Erlang, and relies heavily on asynchronous programming techniques. We use REST where we can. Life at Smarkets circles around people, version control, configuration management and automation. We can - and do - deploy to production several times a day.

We are looking for:

    * Devops Engineers, both junior and senior
    * Software Engineers
    * Web and frontend engineers
If you like the idea of flat structure and practical engineering approach, see our jobs at https://smarkets.com/about/jobs/


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Chaser | London, UK | Engineering | Full-time | ONSITE

We’re an early stage fintech company tackling the huge issue of late payment for goods and services sold on credit: boosting our customers’ cashflow and saving time and money spent on manual credit control. SMEs in the UK alone are owed £55bn in unpaid invoices, which we’re helping get paid on time. In the last 12 months we’ve built a market-leading product, raised money from some highly-respected investors and been named of the 50 most innovative new businesses in the UK.

We're hiring for a wide-ranging software engineering role (mainly full-stack JavaScript development) but we're more interested in finding the right person than requiring specific skills. You’ll be joining a small but ambitious team in a great working environment. If you're looking for influence, autonomy and real problems to solve within a fast growing company then please check http://chaser.io/jobs and then drop us a message. Thanks!


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ITV plc | Platform Engineer(s) | London, UK (ONSITE)

ITV are building a new platform to host all of our applications - internal and external. Whether it’s the system that sells the adverts in Corrie, pays Ant & Dec, schedules Emmerdale for broadcast or gets TOWIE on to the ITV Hub, it’ll live here and you can help build it.

As a Platform Engineer you’ll be embedded in a team responsible for a product end-to-end. Working closely with the developers, testers, product owners and scrum masters you’ll make sure the environments are ticking over nicely, polish the build pipeline and make sure everything’s looking good in production.

You’ll be jointly responsible for the quality of everything the team produces - if you build it, you run it. One day you’ll be helping deploy a new microservice, the next watching it handle millions of requests during the X Factor final. The coffee’s not bad, either.

Our ethos is simple: automate, automate, automate. We believe in using the right tool for the job - right now we’re using things like AWS, puppet, docker, jenkins, sensu, redis, terraform, centos, rabbitmq, nginx, varnish, haproxy, trello, github and slack - but we’re always keeping an eye on the future and experimenting with new tech. We want our team to be two things: ‘smart’ and ‘kind’. If that’s you and this sounds like fun then I’d like to hear from you - email in my profile.


What we offer:

  * Great salary
  * Five weeks holiday (plus national holidays)
  * Annual bonus
  * Training + conferences
  * SAYE scheme (discounted shares)
  * Life cover (4x salary)
  * Generous pension (matches your contribution + 3%)
  * ‘Relish’ scheme: gym, extra holiday, cycle to work, childcare vouchers, private healthcare
  * Volunteer days
  * Further education sponsorship
  * Discounts at highstreet + online retailers
  * Tickets to shows


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Trail | London | Full Time, Remote

Trail wants to improve the customer experience provided in restaurants and retail stores across the world. Our application's user centric design simplifies the working day allowing staff to recapture the time they want to spend with customers. We’re looking for a full stack engineer to help do this.

About the role:

- Our Tools include Ruby, Rails, Postgres, React, Flux, SASS, Foundation, Github, Codeship & Heroku.

- Flexible hours and remote working (we're on Old Street, London a couple of days a week if you do want meet up).

- Small scrum teams. Modern tools. Strong focus on developer experience and engineering excellence.

- Friday afternoon's are free for employee R&D time.



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Nexmo (www.nexmo.com). San Francisco and London. Onsite https://www.nexmo.com/company/careers/

Biggest needs currently are: Technical Support Engineers in the US and UK Fullstack Web Developer - US Account Manager - US Group Controller - UK Director of Growth - UK or US

Please feel free to mail me directly at michael . doran@nexmo.com if you would like to explore working with Nexmo, or apply online at https://www.nexmo.com/company/careers/


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Django Tech Lead at Wildfish (http://wildfish.com) | London | UK applicants only. Mostly remote, but some London meetings.

We're a London based consultancy specialising in building web apps for startups using Django.

We're looking for a Technical Lead. You'll need to be someone who is an enthusiastic and experienced hands on developer when required, but also comfortable managing and scheduling a team of developers and their workload, and happy to be a point of contact for the client or product owner for your team's projects. You'll need to be able to work autonomously so it's important that you're the sort of person who has attention to detail.

We all work remotely via Slack, but we'll need you to be in or near to close enough to London to come in for meetings as required.

Everyone in our organisation has a background in code so it's at the core of our organisation, so we'd like you to be someone who is passionate about their craft, and eager to share and learn with others who feel the same. We'd encourage you to be contributing to our open source projects and blogging as a regular part of your work.

Some of the skills which would be useful:

- Python / Django

- Ubuntu Server Administration (AWS / Linode / Docker)

- Project Management

- HTML / CSS / Javascript

- React (plus npm, browserify and associated JS tooling)

- Twitter Bootstrap

- PostgreSQL, Redis, Nginx, Elasticsearch

- Testing / TDD

- Docker / Ansible / Terraform

We've also recently finished a couple of projects in React Native, so any interest or experience in that would be a bonus. Please email work@wildfish.com, and let us know 3 of your favourite Django apps along the salary or rate you're looking for. As this is a fairly key position ideally we're looking for someone permanent but we'll also consider someone who might like to freelance to start with.


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Citymapper. London, UK. (ONSITE VISA INTERNS)

Help us with our mission to make cities easier to use.

We are recruiting for all roles: mobile and backend, data science, DevOps, design, marketing, and more. PhDs especially welcome to apply.

Read about our recent $40M fundraise: https://medium.com/@Citymapper/getting-from-a-to-series-b-88...

See https://citymapper.com/jobs/

Contact me at emil at citymapper dot com


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HomeHeart (homeheart.org) | Hiring a full-stack tech lead | London (onsite) | Competitive salary + equity

We're a fast growing elderly care startup, based in LondonOur current web-app built on ruby with thoughtbot.

Read our medium post: http://bit.ly/1UoZjLc Apply here: homeheart.workable.com


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London Trust Media | Los Angeles OR NEW Bay Area Coming soon | Full Time | Local or REMOTE

Please send me the usual information (resume, github, etc.) and also, please tell me why privacy is important to you. We are ALWAYS hiring in the following:

- HR

- DevOps

- Developer (Back or Front)

- C (deep) with strong understanding of cryptography

- Social (really need to be technical)

- Tech Support

- Customer Service

I'm rasengan on IRC (freenode).

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Distil Networks | SF, DC (Arlington) NC (RDU), London | ONSITE (with a few exceptions) | We block bots on the internet.

Howdy HN! Distil Networks is a growing startup in the web-security industry. We build SaaS that blocks malicious bots, scrapers, and scripts from attacking our customer’s websites and APIs. This reduces fraud, content theft, spam, and helps eliminate lots of security issues. We have a global network that actively blocks web traffic based on human/ non-human signatures. Our customers love us, our investors love us, and we’re looking to hire. We have offices in SF, DC, North Carolina, London, and now Sweden!

What we’re looking for (https://jobs.lever.co/distilnetworks?lever-via=3TYvimYmGi):

Specifically we need:

-A Data Engineer (https://jobs.lever.co/distilnetworks/c2f85048-55da-49c9-9c0c...)

-DevOps - System Admin (https://jobs.lever.co/distilnetworks/e7f0ede3-647b-4282-bf07...)

- DevOps - System Engineering (https://jobs.lever.co/distilnetworks/b4c90b41-7d35-451e-858a...)

-Customer Success Managers (https://jobs.lever.co/distilnetworks/4d09d09d-d68a-478d-8bbe...)

-Support Engineers (https://jobs.lever.co/distilnetworks/29f2ad17-fccd-4caa-95ad...)

- Front End Engineer (https://jobs.lever.co/distilnetworks/6e54a1b2-7192-49c3-be82...)

- Senior Learning and Development Manager (https://jobs.lever.co/distilnetworks/a3d0b123-ca99-476c-ba4c...)

We’re also hiring for Marketing, Recruiting, Finance, and Sales! Basically everything.


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CloudFlare https://www.cloudflare.com/ | San Francisco, CA; London, UK; Singapore, SG | VISA, ONSITE

CloudFlare is building a better Internet -- performance and security optimization at the edge. Our long term goal is to give every site the same performance, security, and reliability that major sites like Google and Facebook accomplish, without any specialized network hardware or complicated administration. We enhance millions of sites, including this one. We're hiring for a variety of roles -- started 2015 at 128, ended around 220, doubling again in 2016. This is a perfect time to join -- product market fit is established, but there's a lot of great engineering, product, sales, and support work to be done. We've publicly said we're profitable and on track for long term independent success.

You may wish to check out our blog to see the kinds of engineering work we do. (https://blog.cloudflare.com/). https://www.cloudflare.com/join-our-team has a listing of positions.

We're always hiring for operations/SRE, sales, general systems engineering (mostly in Go, nginx, and network, as well as DNS at scale), and web development.

Specific roles we're keen to hire include:

0) Great operations/SRE staff: operating our system at scale (80+ datacenters around the world, 24x7 coverage, >4 million sites) requires highly competent, hard-working, and communicative engineers.

1) Product designer(s) -- we're looking for great talent to help build UX for new products, and to improve the interface and user experience of our existing products. We have a range of customers, from consumers with a single blog all the way through some of the largest sites on the Internet, and designing interfaces which work well for all of these users is a big challenge -- are you up to it?

2) Great front-end engineers -- building new UI/UX to expose controls and data to customers is an increasing portion of what we do. Our current front-end stack is Backbone + Marionette with Browserify and Sass. Our new projects are using React + Redux + Babel + css-modules, and generally adopting Higher Order Components. We're also starting the process of re-imagining our main WWW Front-end stack with a migration to Redux.

3) Systems Engineer -- looking for people to help serve even more traffic, build infrastructure for security and robustness, and contribute back to open source projects. We make extensive use of nginx, lua/luajit, and ssl-at-scale.

4) "Prototyping engineers" -- people who want to prototype things in go (backend) through js frontend. We're adding a lot of new products in 2016, and people who love building the first prototype and pilot versions of these products make everything faster.

(Also -- We're particularly interested in people with Mandarin experience; we have a joint venture with Baidu, and want to make the experience for both Chinese Internet users and Chinese sites abroad as great as it can be.)

If you're interested, please apply through the https://www.cloudflare.com/join-our-team link


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Pivotal | ONSITE at many, many locations worldwide | Engineers, Designers, Product Managers, Data Scientists | Visa & relocation for strong candidates

First things first. We look for aptitude over APIs. It doesn't matter whether your resumé says PHP or PhD: if you're smart, know some stuff and have empathy, we want to work with you.

Pivotal's goal is to change the way the world makes software and we kinda sorta really mean it. We're broken into three basic divisions: Pivotal Labs (yes, that Pivotal Labs), Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Pivotal Big Data. Rotations between divisions, temporarily or permanently, are possible.

We have offices in San Francisco, New York City, Santa Monica, Palo Alto, Seattle, Boulder, Denver, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Toronto, London, Dublin, Tokyo, Berlin and Sydney. More offices are coming soon. Relocations, temporarily or permanently, are possible.

Each of the three divisions has a constantly evolving and deliberately cross-pollinated culture. We are constantly thinking about how we work and how we can work more sensibly, effectively and enjoyably. Right now we are particularly trying to grow in Labs and Cloud Foundry.

-- Pivotal Labs, from which the company draws its name and cultural seed, helps clients to become better at development. For engineering we are religiously lean and agile. In practice that means we pair program and TDD every line of code from the outside. Our product managers are fantastic at keeping products sharply focused, our designers are masters from users to pixels. We have a growing data science practice, and some engagements include all four roles.

-- Cloud Foundry solves application deployment and management. We're the main contributors to the Cloud Foundry project. We're constantly improving the leading opensource PaaS -- our distribution has the fastest-growing sales of any opensource product ever.

It's also the only PaaS I'd personally bet a company on. Except for integrated upstream code, every line is pair programmed and TDD'd. We dogfood the cutting edge of the technology on our own commercial public cloud (Pivotal Web Services). It works because we took the XP and Lean DNA of Pivotal Labs and scaled it up to build the best cloud platform bar none.

-- Generally

At our offices we have free breakfast, weekly tech talks, good benefits and competitive pay. Ping pong is not mandatory, but it's popular. I think west-coast ping pong is harder to beat, but east-coast style is more entertaining to watch. The beer fridge has more IPA than I prefer but I guess that's life in paradise.

You can apply through our website: http://pivotal.io/careers. You can also email me at jchester+hn@pivotal.io to answer any questions you might have and potentially help me score one of our generous referral bonuses.

For what it's worth, I'm just an engineer. My replies might not be immediate, sorry.


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HomeHeart (homeheart.org) | Hiring a full-stack tech lead | London (onsite) | Competitive salary + equity

We're a fast growing elderly care startup, based in LondonOur current web-app built on ruby with thoughtbot.

Read our medium post: http://bit.ly/1UoZjLc

Apply here: homeheart.workable.com