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Naperville - 1 jobs in February 2016

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Urban Center for Computation and Data | Chicago | Systems Engineer | ONSITE | Full Time

About us: We are a research group at the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory that develops tools to better understand cities. http://www.urbanccd.org/

The project: The Array of Things (http://arrayofthings.us) is an urban sensing project involving the installation of at least 500 multi-sensor devices in the City of Chicago. The project relies on an open source platform, Waggle (http://wa8.gl), developed by Argonne National Laboratory.

Your role: As we deploy Array of Things (AoT) nodes, we need to ensure that the data we are collecting will be available to the public in the form most useful to them. For scientists, you will develop APIs that enable analytics workflows. We also want to ensure the data is accessible to the general public and policy analysts without advanced data munging skills. To that end, you will be tasked with integrating AoT data into Plenario (http://plenar.io/), our user-friendly open data hub.

Technologies: You'll mostly be programming in Python. (The AoT storage system - https://github.com/waggle-sensor/beehive-server - and the open data hub - https://github.com/UrbanCCD-UChicago/plenario are both written in Python.) For storage we use Cassandra and PostgreSQL + PostGIS.

Location: We require you to be onsite, but we're flexible about which of our sites you want to work at: Downtown Chicago, University of Chicago campus, or Argonne National Labs near Naperville, IL.

Perks: Everything we do is open source. Great university benefits.

Official job description: http://jobopportunities.uchicago.edu/applicants/Central?quic...

Email me (willengler@uchicago.edu) or apply through the University of Chicago job listing.