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Philadelphia - 7 jobs in February 2016

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18F - https://18f.gsa.gov - Washington, DC; San Francisco; Chicago; New York; Remote - Full-Time

18F is a technology consulting office inside the government, for the government. We work with agencies to build and buy digital services that meet their needs, and we educate federal employees about how to move to high-functioning, efficient, and user-centered software development techniques.

We are currently hiring front end designers, visual designers, software developers, product leads, and technical account managers. You can read more about each of these roles here: https://pages.18f.gov/joining-18f/roles-and-teams/

Most of our team is distributed across the country in places like Chicago, New York, Raleigh, Tucson, Austin, Dayton, Philadelphia, San Diego, Seattle, and Portland. Read more about how our work culture supports distributed teams: https://18f.gsa.gov/2015/10/15/best-practices-for-distribute...

Submit an application to one of our current openings here: https://pages.18f.gov/joining-18f/roles-and-teams/

Please include links to your portfolio, GitHub account, and any other work samples. Let us know why you want to join 18F and how you heard about us. If you have any questions, email our Talent Team at join18f@gsa.gov


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RJMetrics | Philadelphia, PA

RJMetrics builds software that aggregates, stores, transforms and visualizes data to deliver actionable insights to business users. Our hosted end-to-end solution allows marketers, product managers, analysts and executives to be data-driven without leaning on engineers or other specialists to provide data or run analyses.

Our product development team is composed of full-stack engineers with expertise in technologies like Clojure, AngularJS, PHP, Hadoop, and Java. We work in small teams, deploy dozens of times a day, and keep our projects short and focused. Engineers rotate between projects and areas of the product to learn and take on new challenges.

RJMetrics is looking for a Senior Engineer to join our growing Engineering team. For the full posting, check out: https://rjmetrics.com/jobs. Feel free to email any questions to sglasberg@rjmetrics.com.


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PromptWorks - Philadelphia, PA and New York, NY

All positions ONSITE, 1 of the positions for INTERNS. Relocation assistance available.

We are a development shop that focuses on software craftsmanship. Our calling is to help companies create amazing, intuitive web applications, APIs, products, and services.

Pair programming, continuous integration & delivery, kaizen, and TDD/BDD aren't just ideas we pay lip service to, but core practices of our day-to-day work.

Open positions in Philadelphia:

    - Senior Software Engineer
    - Software Engineer
    - Senior Front-end Engineer
    - Sales Intern
Open positions in New York:

    - Senior Software Engineer
We use lots of Ruby, Python and JavaScript.

More info: http://www.promptworks.com/jobs/


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Wingspan Technology, Philadelphia Suburbs (Blue Bell/Whitpain), ONSITE

Join the Wingspan eTMF development team, creating a next generation of cloud-based document management solutions for regulated industries. Our web-based client makes heavy use of React.js and Kendo. Our server side is written mostly in Scala, and uses Jersey for RESTful services.

Wingspan Technology is a small, family friendly software company headquartered in Blue Bell, PA. The Wingspan engineering team is responsible for architecture, implementation, and maintenance of the company’s enterprise software products that target highly regulated industries, primarily life sciences. Current projects span the whole software lifecycle, from maintenance of industry-leading solutions to the development of new, unannounced products; some are on-premise and some SaaS.

Our engineering team has exposure to a wide range of technology; for new projects we’re using Scala, React, Solr, and Postgres, with an emphasis on functional programming techniques where appropriate. Internally we use Atlassian tools for defect tracking, continuous integration, and code reviews. Engineers involved in tier 3 support typically work with older technologies, but are able to see how real customers use their work.

Email - gsieling@wingspan.com



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RealScout - Rails Engineers/Javascript Engineers/Data Engineers/Data Scientists - Mountain View, CA and Philadelphia, PA - Full-time

We pair program [1], hold hack days every other Friday [2], and have recently improved test coverage from 45% to 85%. The focus seems to be paying off: The number of home purchases powered by RealScout tripled in 2015 and our user base has grown 400% since July.

We're on the way to Series B being previously backed by Joe Lonsdale (Palantir founder), Ken DeLeon (2012's #1 Realtor) and several others ($7m to date).

If you're interested in helping to shape and mold engineering culture and technology in a small and growing team, feel free to reach me at chris (at) realscout.com.

[1] - http://eatcodeplay.com/why-we-killed-off-code-reviews/

[2] - https://twitter.com/chrisconley/status/618830194971774976


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Collier Research | http://hypersizer.com/ | Philadelphia, PA | FULL-TIME | ONSITE

What We Do: We are a small company that makes, HyperSizer, a desktop CAE software for the aerospace industry. Founded in 1995 by former aerospace engineers at NASA Langely, HyperSizer performs structural analysis and sizing optimization for composite and metallic panels. Our end-users are structural engineers designing rockets, commercial aircraft, and UAVs. Our customers include Boeing, Blue Origin, The Spaceship Company, Bombardier, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, General Atomics, and more.

Stack: The UI is a hybrid of VB6 and C#-WPF. Structural analysis, optimization, and plugins are coded in Fortran, C++, and C#.

Looking For: We are looking for a software developer to join our team to help create slick user interfaces. Our UI centers on a 3D finite element model - so experience with 3D CAD-like applications is a plus.

Interested? Contact me at ryan dot lucking at hypersizer dot com.


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OnCourse Systems for Education - Philadelphia Suburbs (Media, PA) - Full Time ONSITE - https://www.oncoursesystems.com/

OnCourse is looking for a talented JavaScript developer to join our team and continue improving the world of K-12 education. Our primary JavaScript frameworks are ExtJs and AngularJs but we love all JavaScript devs the same. Email Rich Gottlieb at rgottlieb@oncoursesystems.com for more info.