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The Hague - 1 jobs in February 2016

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The Hague, The Netherlands - Javascript web app developer at H5mag Publishing Platform - h5mag.com - ONSITE

H5mag is the platform to create beautiful online magazines. We're aimed at graphic designers — who often are still focused on print media and have almost no online design experience yet — and enable them to create responsive online interactive magazines. Our platform makes something that for them used to be almost impossible, magically easy — and the enthusiasm we receive from our users when they get empowered is extremely rewarding.

Technically: the H5mag editor is basically a big Javascript web app. Our backend is a relatively simple data store/rendering layer written in PHP/MySQL.

Some concrete things we want you to work on in the coming period...

* Improve the performance of our editor and reader front-end, eliminate layouts and repaints, simplify the editor architecture

* Make our users happy with new, often requested features, such as guides & grids, a new font manager, and undo/redo

* Develop improvements for our editor, such as a new edition management UX and new styling widgets

* Work with us on a system for real-time collaborative editing

* Want to know what moves our users? Participate in our designer workshops and discover their needs.

We're still a small team of developers and UX designers, so you have quite the opportunity to make your mark. Informal atmosphere, an interesting and simply said pretty great team, with time for fun, time to learn from each other — and of course time for hard, challenging work. Want to know more? Shoot off an email to me: joost [dot] schuttelaar [at] h5mag.com and I'd be happy to share!