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Naperville - 1 jobs in March 2016

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Catalytic | Chicago, IL and Naperville, IL ONSITE | Full-Time | http://catalytic.com/

We are a very early stage startup building a b2b product to vastly improve team and business operations. We were founded by engineers with track records of building hugely successful products and businesses. Our CEO Sean Chou built FieldGlass as CTO from founding to a very successful sale to SAP. Our CTO Ravi Singh has built over 300 mobile apps, founded several startups and is an advisor to several prominent VCs. We recently closed a seed round with backing from some of the top VCs in Chicago and the coasts.

Our stack is Node.js in AWS Lambda fronted by API Gateway and CloudFront. We’ve build an automated testing and deployment pipeline around GitHub, CircleCI and Slack. For storage we primarily use DynamoDB, S3 and ElasticSearch. Whether or not you’re already familiar with these or the dozen other services we use, together we’ll make sure you develop a working knowledge of them and eventually a deep expertise.

We're looking for folks who are kind, curious and tenacious and who have a solid understanding of CS fundamentals. Open roles are:

- Conversational NLP Engineer - Senior-level - build our chatbot / conversational UI.

- Backend Node.js Developer - Junior/mid-level - help make sure developers love the platform.

email me (VPE): ben@catalytic.com