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Sofia - 1 jobs in March 2016

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Skyscanner | London, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Budapest, Sofia | ONSITE, VISA | full-time

We're one of the biggest travel metasearch enginees in the world by traffic... and we want to x10 that :)

Hiring distributed systems engineers, full stack engineers and iOS & Android engieners. We are hiring to all our European offices - London and Barcelona being the 2 newest ones, with the most fresh buzz right now.

Specifically we're looking for people interested in working on large scale personalization challenges: how do we turn data we have of 50M monthly users' search habits into new products, or adopt our web site and apps to "just work" for any type of person. For example a busy traveller with less price sensitivity will want to see a different set of default results then a backpacker who is looking for the cheapest flights hitting multiple cities.

We've recently opened a Barcelona and London office - I'm one of the first engineers in London, and there is incredible energy across the company. We are set out to be the #1 flight search engine in the world: from the UK through US, all the way to Asia.

We're one of the very few unicorn companies HQ'd in Europe who are profitable - and have been so for the past 7 years. Recently we've had the director of Amazon S3, Bryan Dove join us as our VP engineering - in London you would be working closely with him (as I already am).

You can apply at http://www.skyscanner.net/jobs/ - or ping me at gergely (dot) orosz (at) skyscanner.net for a referral.

On a personal note I love the company's culture of "ask for forgiveness, not permission". Engineers make a LOT of decisions, so your ideas make it into production quite easily. This would be typical for a startup... but for companies this size it was a breath of fresh air to me. Any questions you might have, please email me and I'll be happy to answer.