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Suez - 1 jobs in March 2016

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Reverie Inc | Bangalore, India | Full-time, onsite

Just 12% of Indians speak English and are already on the Internet. We aim to make the Internet meaningful to the 20 million people who come online every quarter, without a clue about what's happening here. People browse eCommerce sites via pictures. No, Google translate doesn't just work. Take this example- the hindi word 'khel' is 'play' in English. But is it the 'play part in a game', 'a theatrical play', or even 'playing music'? This context is the crux, and our secret sauce.

We're post series A and power Snapdeal, Ola, Practo and HDFC's localization.

Would you build the Eiffel tower or Suez Canal?

The Eiffel tower was built to demonstrate engineering awe when France hosted Exposition Universelle of 1889 and has remained the most visited monument. But it is The Suez canal that is the most used as it solves a critical bottleneck. If your engineering urge is to build usefulness for scale and you are willing to shoulder a lot of responsibility, we need you.

Calling JavaScript developers to redefine the UI and UX of the Internet.

Technical knowhow:

    Proficiency in HTML, CSS and JS.

    Hands-on experience on frameworks like Backbone/ Angular/ React.

    Exposure to constructs of HTTP, RESTful APIs and websockets.

    Working knowledge of Git/SVN/Mercurial.

Ping me at abhishek.tiwari+hn@reverieinc.com