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Los Gatos - 2 jobs in April 2016

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Senior Android Engineer - Los Gatos, CA

[Onsite, Visa Transfers]


Netflix is the leading video streaming service globally and the Netflix Android app is one of the most widely used and highly rated mobile applications. We work hard to constantly improve the performance, features, and quality of the app as we grow our service out to every country in the world.

Our Android Innovation team is currently leading development of new products and features for all mobile clients at Netflix. Examples of current projects include:

* redesign of the app for phones to provide easier and more personalized browsing of content

* making better use of video in the browsing UI

* improved, more informative second-screen experience for Chromecast

* dedicated experience for kids on tablets

We make an effort to be flexible and up-to-date with our tools and processes, and are always working to reduce developer friction. We'd love for you to join our team of senior engineers and take this unique opportunity to delight millions of users each day!



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Netflix - Product Manager - Content Platform - Los Gatos, CA ONSITE VISA

We build the world's deepest catalog of data about movies and tv shows.

The latest tech blog from our team: http://techblog.netflix.com/2016/03/extracting-image-metadat...

We're looking for someone cultured in the fine art of being fantastic. Someone that craves a large domain, freedom to have a huge impact, and the responsibility of delivering.

Experience with recommendations, merchandising, motion graphics, still images, machine learning and computer vision wouldn't hurt.

Things we don't care about - Process. Certifications.