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Emeryville - 1 jobs in May 2016

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Location Labs| Emeryville,CA | Senior Systems Administrator ONSITE |http://grnh.se/ju7o6c

Our current team is skilled, but we are looking for someone who can take our troubleshooting and infrastructure design to the next level. As a Senior Systems Administrator, you will be able to join the team and immediately contribute to Location Labs' success. Our team is in constant communication with all the other departments in the company to enable them to design, deploy, and maintain the best software possible.

What We're Looking For:

* You are passionate about the architecture and quality of the work your team does.

* You build for uptime first and care about application and network stability.

* You are fluent in advanced Linux usage and administration.

* You can identify and troubleshoot problems in your network.

* You can design a modern, highly available platform at scale.

* You work in a repeatable and maintainable fashion in whatever you do.

* You excel at breaking down complex topics into easy to understand chunks for your colleagues.

Tech We Use:

* Linux: Ubuntu LTS Releases, standardized on 14.04 Trusty

* Networking: BGP, OSPF, Strongswan, keepalived, HAProxy, LVS

* Config Management: Ansible for everything

* Managed Hosting: We mostly host bare metal ourselves (We had 350+ hypervisors at last count), but also have some products deployed in AWS.

* Integrated collaboration tools: Git, Slack, Jira, Fisheye, Confluence, and Crucible extensively. We develop in a team and emphasize collaboration and code review.

Apply here http://grnh.se/ju7o6c or contact alicia.loewenthal@locationlabs.com