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Hartford - 1 jobs in May 2016

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BTE | Hartford, CT | Full-Time | Remote | $: > Market

At BTE we’ve been collecting data across all business operations for years. We are ready to unlock the potential of all the data we’ve been collecting by starting a data science initiative that you’ll lead. We’ve got data, servers, and technical talent to assist in this effort. You’d be responsible for building a data science initiative from the ground up using whatever tools and techniques you need.

Work with fun, smart, and self-motivated people at a highly successful and growing company in the ticket broker industry. As a data scientist at our company, you'll get to help build high-quality data scientist projects that provide tremendous value to the business.

Instead of being employee #938393938 like at a large corporation you’ll be a critical member of the team on a first name basis with the owner. Our company and technology teams are small and nimble. You won't be smothered by meetings and are mostly free to choose how you accomplish your goals.

We are a 100% remote work company but think it’s important to get together for a face to face once and awhile. Our culture is very dynamic but this isn’t a startup. There aren’t any weekend consuming death marches get things done but we all work hard in a balanced way.

Job Description:

* Manage, architect and analyze big data in order to build data-driven insights and high impact data models.

* Create a value chain to help address the challenges of acquiring data, evaluating its value, distilling & analyzing.

* Examine data from multiple sources and share insights which provide a competitive advantage.

* Team with business stakeholders and developers to design, develop and deploy state-of-the-art, data-driven predictive/descriptive models to solve business problems using the latest and most appropriate technologies in statistical modeling and machine learning.

Required Skills: * 3-5 years of experience with statistical computing and machine learning tools: R, Python, SAS, SQL

* Experience manipulating structured and unstructured data sources.

Desired Skills (nice to have): * Degree in a relevant field like statistics, computer science or applied math, etc.

* C#

* Microsoft Sql Server

Please send resume to johnefarrell@gmail.com