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Malmö - 1 jobs in May 2016

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Min Doktor | REMOTE or Malmö, Sweden (VISA can be arranged)

Min Doktor is the leading online primary medical care provider in the Nordics. We are setting up a group that will leverage the latest techniques in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to improve patient safety, as well as both doctor’s and patient’s experience of the service. Since we are vertically integrated, providing primary medical care from start to finish, you can expect to work on unique datasets, with direct access to skilled physicians for labeling of data and learning supervision. You will have impact: new ideas can be quickly prototyped against historic patient data and quickly implemented in our service with immediate effect on medical outcome for real patients.

We are now looking for talented Data Scientists or Software Engineers with applied experience and strong interest in the fields of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to join our team. Beyond strong problem modeling and solution skills you must be passionate about working with medical experts to understand data and provide explanations for the output of the machine learning algorithms you develop.

Primarily we are looking for candidates willing to relocate to Malmö, Sweden. But exceptional remote candidates will be considered. You can impress us with something you’ve built or an original thought.

More/apply: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs2/view/125941227