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Menlo Park - 6 jobs in May 2016

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Ladder | https://www.ladderlife.com | Menlo Park, CA | Relocation | ONSITE

React, Docker, Clojure, ClojureScript, om.next, Datomic, AWS, Buck Build

Life insurance is a $130B market where 98% of policies are sold through financial advisors and life insurance agents. Ladder is building a new type of insurance company that is all digital and sells directly to consumers.

We are looking for talented full stack generalists that love building things and are excited to get in on the ground floor of disrupting a huge slow moving industry.

This is a great opportunity for someone who is excited to: - build and architect systems - work with a small team of talented engineers - work with the latest tech - contribute to open source https://github.com/ladderlife

If this sounds like you email me at jack@ladderlife.com

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Synthego | BioTech | Full-time | Onsite | Redwood City, CA

Do you think robots and lasers are cool? Are you an engineer or scientist that colors outside the lines and isn’t afraid to do so? Synthego is turning molecular biology into an information science. We're building hardware facilities that abstract biological syntheses and research into software.

The vision is that biologists won't need their own labs anymore - they'll go to a website. Instead of doing manual labor, they'll write code.

We are looking for people who want to help build our fully-automated facility (hardware and software). We just launched our first product: a CRISPR Kit for scientist!

* Mechanical/Mechatronics Engineers | https://synthego.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk06qal/

* Frontend Engineer | Do you have JavaScript and Angular Ninja skills?

* Junior Mechanical Technicians

* Automation Engineers

* Roboticists

* Organic Chemists

* Wet lab technicians (must have chemistry or biochemistry lab experience)

* Biologist experienced (must have CRISPR experience)

We are backed by Founders Fund (the Peter Thiel crew), and Menlo Ventures. Located on the border of Redwood City/Menlo Park (right by Facebook!).

If you are interested email me at victoria@synthego.com

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Menlo Park, Ca - Full time - Onsite - Frontend, AI Systems, Dev Ops

Blackbird is an artificial intelligence technology company focused on solving important challenges faced in today's ecommerce space. Our stack is primarily in functional style Scala (we are heavy functional programming users) and a polyglot AI stack written in everything from Python to Scala to Haskell. Our team has worked on everything from search at Google, distributed systems at Twitter, and self driving cars at Stanford. We work on and implement the state of the art in machine learning.

We're currently looking to add some great engineers to our team. Want to write highly scalable software with the architects who scaled Twitter and Google? Want to run ops for software designed to handle hundreds of millions of API calls? Want to design next generation user interfaces? Want to scale the state of the art in machine learning systems? jobs at blackbird.am

Feel free to ask any questions directly or in thread!

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SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory | Menlo Park, CA (Onsite)

* tldr: Python and C++ (or Java) developer for public-facing services and APIs in astronomy

Officially, please refer to the HR-mangled job posting: https://chk.tbe.taleo.net/chk01/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?...


We are part of the Data Management team for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST, lsst.org); an extremely important telescope for astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology. The camera for the telescope is 3.2GP and will be continuously scanning the sky every night.

We're looking for a strong python developer to join our Data Access team, which develops APIs and services to enable access of data for our science partners and the greater astronomy community. This involves developing APIs and services for access to datasets, images, and our in-house developed distributed database which will contains 10s of petabytes of data and grow throughout the tenure of the survey.

Ideal candidates have a background in Physics or CS (preferably both), development in REST APIs, and extremely strong database knowledge. The person can also architect new systems on their own based on abstract requirements (i.e. the initial work will be straightforward, but this probably isn't a position for just-finished-my-PhD). Ideally, you know what it takes to deal with a petabyte of data. This position will be multi-faceted, and the ideal candidate would also be able to switch to development of our distributed database if need be.

Employees of SLAC are also Stanford employees, and receive most of the same benefits. If you also care about working on open-source software, the entire LSST stack is open source (GPL) and, as a DOE employee, you are almost always free to open source all of your work as well (typically BSD).

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Deliv (http://www.deliv.co) | Menlo Park, CA and Grand Rapids, MI | on-site | full-time

Deliv is a crowdsourced logistics company that powers same-day delivery and returns for retailers, local businesses, and e-commerce companies. Deliv is focused exclusively on moving packages; not selling goods (so we can be really good at what we do). We work behind the scenes of some of the largest and most innovative companies - including Best Buy, Google Express, Bloomingdale’s and Walgreens and more, in over 100 cities (from manhattan to honolulu), and are getting ready to scale to a LOT more for 2016. We've also recently raised a $28mm series B led by UPS (http://www.reuters.com/article/us-ups-deliv-idUSKCN0VX2U4).

In 2015 we acquired two companies, one of them based in Grand Rapids, and we're looking to expand there as well as Menlo Park.

Who we are: an 11 person engineering team, looking to grow to 16 by the end of the year. We're primarily ruby/rails/angular (and iOS/android), and are reaching that exciting stage of the company where it's all about really scaling the platform, blowing up old assumptions, making things purr.

We're currently looking for:

  * Full-Stack Engineers (all levels experience) 
  * Back-end Software Engineers (all levels of experience)
Interview process (for CA, slightly different for MI):

  1. Intro call with me, to answer any questions you might have (20 minutes).
  2. Technical phone interview with one of our engineers (45 minutes).
  3. On-site interview 3-4 sessions, an hour each
  4. (optional) lunch with the group, or come to our bi-monthly game night
See more at: http://www.deliv.co/careers, or for more details shoot me an email: barclay[at]deliv.co

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Transcriptic | Full Time | ONSITE (Menlo Park, CA) | www.transcriptic.com

All job listings: https://www.transcriptic.com/hiring

Transcriptic is setting new standards for basic research by making life science discoveries cheaper, faster, and more accessible than anyone thought possible. We enable scientists to run experiments on our automated work cells via our web application from anywhere in the world. Rather than carry out wet-lab experiments by hand, researchers can code up (or visually configure) their experimental protocols and then run them in Transcriptic's central, highly automated 'biocenter' in an on-demand way. Customers have no upfront capital costs and pay for only what they use. Life science research today is incredibly slow, error-prone, monotonous, and expensive with researchers spending many hours a day every day just moving small volumes of liquids from one place to another. We're building a long-term company to completely change the way life science research and development is done.

On top of our robotic work cells is a slew of internal services as well as a Rails app that acts as our lab information management system and customer-facing UI. Challenges for our web devs range from building rich, interactive interfaces for composing protocols to presenting analytical data generated by the lab back to the user. We use d3, React, and CoffeeScript today, but you'd be free to choose your own tools and libraries.

We're a rapidly growing startup, now 30-something people, well funded ($15M) and have customers at places like Harvard, MIT, Caltech, UCSF, and Stanford. You'd be able to work on interesting science and hard technology in a small, all technical team with lots of freedom and resources.

We're looking for talented people to join our team. You'll have competitive salary and benefits, subsidized commuting, free caffeine and food, and great teammates.

Our process takes 2-4 weeks, and includes 2 30-minute phone calls, a take-home exercise, and an onsite interview. During the first call, we'll go more into what you can expect during the process.

Recent coverage: http://learn.transcriptic.com/news All job listings: https://www.transcriptic.com/hiring team at transcriptic.com