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Sheffield - 1 jobs in May 2016

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San Francisco, Atlanta and Sheffield UK. Distributed team so REMOTE encouraged.

Convox, YC S15, is hiring support and system engineers to help us build out simple and reliable open source devops tools and platform.

Us cofounders are ex Heroku bringing tons of experience in dev tools and operations to share with everyone.

Interview process involves short hangouts to meet the team, then a paid contract starter project so we all learn first hand what it's like to work together. A take home contract is ok if taking a half day or day off is not feasible.

AWS, Docker, Go, Linux experience will help for systems engineering. Rails, Meteor, Node and Postgres experience will help support our customers.


Finally if you are hiring for dev ops experience I also suggest you check Convox out. We can help your existing team get the job done without hiring or building bespoke devops systems.