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St. Louis - 2 jobs in May 2016

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The McDonnell Genome Institute at Washington University | St. Louis, MO | Full-time | ONSITE

I am looking for a non-entry level software developer to join my Applications/LIMS team at the McDonnell Genome Institute! We are currently working on projects in the areas of cloud storage, cloud compute, high-speed data transfer, and laboratory automation. If you are interested, please search for job 33387 at https://jobs.wustl.edu/, and apply through the system. They will pass along the information, and I will email you. Naturally, I'll answer questions here, too.

The interview process is the application, a work sample test plus phone interview to cover the test, and a tour of the lab.

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The Climate Corporation | San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis | Full-time | http://www.climate-careers.com/

The Climate Corporation has a strong team of engineers, statisticians, climatologists, and agronomist aiming to help farmers around the world protect and improve their farming operation. The ag field is ripe with challenges and opportunities to innovate - we are looking for engineers (of all kinds!) for help.

Check out http://www.climate-careers.com/ to see our job openings. Feel free to reach out at daniel.lee at climate dot com if you have any questions.