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Cardiff - 1 jobs in June 2016

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Cardiff University | Cardiff, UK | ONSITE | full-time/part-time

Cardiff University has created a new Applied Software Engineering course that combines the fundamentals that all academics love to brag about with the industrial best practices that people love to debate. We are joining Big-O notation with scaling systems, comparing SQL and NoSQL, teaching the value of testing, working in teams from day one, version control and all the rest.

Help us disrupt the way higher education preps devs that could be in your team. Develop and deliver content that you have spent years designing, coding or managing. Love to hate Android Studio and gradle? Come teach mobile development and show us why. Believe emacs is the only to-do list and IDE one needs? Come teach computational thinking. Think that the only code worth writing is C? Come and teach performance and scalability. Are the only recipes you write in Ruby syntax? Come and teach DevOps Are you a core developer of Rust or only working in Scala? Come and teach alternative commercial languages!

We have something for everyone at the National Software Academy (yes, we know what that abbreviates to) and we believe your knowledge can help us deliver graduates that are not just competent, but excellent developers.

If you still love your current employer or do not feel anyone else could maintain the legacy PHP you have been keeping from the brink for 15 years then we will also consider part time lecturing posts!

Applications must go through the job at the link.