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Eindhoven - 1 jobs in June 2016

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ASML Netherlands/Brion Technologies | C++/Java/Python Software Engineer | Eindhoven, Netherlands | ONSITE (ASML offers relocation assistance) | Full-time

ASML Netherlands is the leading provider of optical lithography systems for the semiconductor industry. Brion technologies is a subsidiary of ASML Netherlands, and develops simulation and modeling software for lithography production and metrology applications.

We are looking for a software developer who loves designing and writing C++, Python and Java software modules using a hybrid Linux/Unix and Windows environment, solving challenging problems for lithographic simulation and application software in a small, collaborative and fast moving team.

Job Mission: Deliver high quality modular software components (in C++, Python and Java) to improve and integrate Brion products with ASML machine specific knowledge and systems.

Job Description: All-round software engineer, capable of designing and delivering high quality, well tested software working in a distributed (Eindhoven/US) based team-setting.

Education: BS or MS in Computer Science.


- Relevant C++ software development experience (3-5 years).

- Experience using Unix as a development environment (3-5 years).

- Experience with version control systems (Git) (3-5 years).

- Multi-language experience (C++, Python, Java) is preferred (0-2 years).

- Experience in designing and developing large, complex, multidisciplinary software systems is preferred.

- Relevant software development experience in semi-conductor industry is a pre.

- Experience with 3D modeling and geometrical algorithms/software is a pre.

Since we operate as a small and dynamic team of people who all share a passion for our work, we are looking for someone like-minded, who doesn't expect a hierarchical, top-down approach and is not afraid of challenging him/herself or other team members. Experience is obviously a pre, but we think someone who likes to learn and improve will fit in better than someone who's used to doing things the same way for a long time.

If you are interested or have further questions, send our team an email at: dl-brion-vhv@asml.com