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Raleigh - 2 jobs in June 2016

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Issuer Direct | Full Stack Engineer | Raleigh / RTP NC | Full-Time ONSITE

We are a small micro-cap public company (NYSE: ISDR) and have been growing steadily since 2006. We specialize in helping other public companies with their compliance and communication needs. As a full stack engineer, you will be writing web applications that affect how thousands of public companies get their work done and how millions of shareholders interact with those companies.

Our software development team consists of 8 experienced developers working in an open, collaborative workspace. We pride ourselves on staying on the edge of technology, constantly tinkering with new software and commonly integrating it into production (most of our sites are already served using HTTP/2). We have fully embraced the Docker / containerization approach to software development and run all of our microservices through Kubernetes.

Motivation to work hard, learn, and share what you know are our most important values. Our newest project involves building a real-time web application. Experience with PHP, Python, Go, MySQL, Redis, and HTML / JS / CSS are a plus. Please include links or descriptions of projects you have worked on in the past. Send applications to me directly at caleb.lloyd@issuerdirect.com

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Dude Solutions | Raleigh, NC | Onsite | Full-time


Things that make us unique:

* Not half-SasS'd

* We build products that support the communities you live, play, and work in

* Diversity matters (both the kind you see and the kind you don't see)

* Heavy focus on giving back (charity, open source, host community technology events, etc.)

* We do agile and devops, for realz

Who we hire:

* People that learn fast

* People that are great team players

* People that get shit done