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San Mateo - 12 jobs in June 2016

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Scalyr | San Mateo, CA (ONSITE)

Frontend Engineer: $110-160K, >=0.3% equity

DevOps Evangelist: $130-180K, >=0.5% equity

At Scalyr, we've built a log analysis and ops visibility tool that our users rave about, because it smashes expectations for performance and ease of use. Now it's time to spread the word. We offer the equity, influence, and fun of an early-stage company, with stability, great pay, and a low-stress culture. We have great backers, strong traction, and an 11-digit target market. I've built half a dozen startups, including Writely (aka Google Docs), and I can honestly say this is my favorite so far.

Frontend Engineer: we earn our keep by giving users unprecedentedly fast and easy tools for exploring vast amounts of operational data. That starts with our unique backend query engine, but it doesn't mean anything without an equally amazing frontend. We're building a brand-new web app that adds features while removing complexity, all with an eye to performance. As a ground-up rewrite, there's lots of opportunity for you to have a significant impact. If you care about user experience, enjoy great engineering, and want to join an experienced team where you can really stretch yourself, we'd love to hear from you.

DevOps Evangelist: if you're passionate about enlightened server operations, appreciate good tools, and would like the chance to bring a great tool to great customers, we should talk. We've had success with meaty posts like https://www.scalyr.com/community/guides/zen-and-the-art-of-s.... and http://blog.scalyr.com/2014/08/99-99-uptime-9-5-schedule/. Join us and you'll have the chance to write meaningful articles, engage with fellow engineers, and spread the word on a great product. If you have an engineering background, experience in operations, and a love of communicating, drop me a line!

If either of these roles sound interesting, please reach out to jobs@scalyr.com.

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Dokkio | Front-End JavaScript; Back-End JavaScript; DevOps | San Francisco Bay Area (San Mateo, CA) | Onsite Only, Full time

About Dokkio: Teams everywhere use a wide variety of cloud file services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and others to share billions of files a day. Then it’s nearly impossible to find and manage all those files. Dokkio provides a better way to search your content, give it business context, organize it, work on it with others -- to make content-focused teamwork more effective. Join us and become part of the founding technology team of a funded company.

Our Stack: React/Webpack/ES6, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, AWS, Docker

Positions: - JavaScript Front-End Engineer - JavaScript Back-End Engineer - DevOps Engineer

Email us your resume at jobs-engineer@dokkio.com or jobs-devops@dokkio.com. For full job descriptions, see http://dokkio.com/#jobs

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Magnetic: New York, San Mateo, Ann Arbor, London (all ONSITE, VISA sponsorship available)

Are you someone who has a passion for software craftsmanship? Do you prefer Agile processes, and care about regularly shipping well-crafted code to your users? Does developing software on collaborative team sound like the ideal next step in your personal journey? If so, then Magnetic is looking for you! You can read about some of what we do at our tech blog: http://tech.magnetic.com/.

Magnetic builds a marketing platform for enterprises, brands and agencies. Our prospecting, remarketing, and merchandising solutions help marketers find, keep and bring back customers across channels and devices. These solutions are powered by our unique data including purchase intent and behavioral insights.

We do this with a (micro) services (oriented) architecture (choose your favorite buzzwords) using PyPy, GoLang, Java, and Scala; we use Kafka, HBase, MongoDB, Samza, and Spark, among other open source technologies. Each of our development teams is cross-functional and largely self-directed, so if you want to make an impact, we've got a role for you.

Apply online at http://grnh.se/ng1cb0. If you don't see a job that looks right, drop us a line anyway -- we'll make sure your application gets to the right person.

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Fieldbook | https://fieldbook.com | San Mateo, CA | Full time, onsite

Fieldbook lets anyone create a database, as easily as a spreadsheet. We help business teams get their operations out of spreadsheets—from project tracking, to data collection, to content management systems.

We were #1 on Product Hunt with over 1400 upvotes: https://www.producthunt.com/tech/fieldbook-2

We're pursuing a big vision to create the world's best tool for working with structured data. It's an ambitious project with deep technical and UI challenges—but one that will transform people's relationship with the tools they use every day.

Our investors include Accomplice, Pejman Mar Ventures, Mitch Kapor (Lotus), Steven Sinofsky (ex-Microsoft), Naval Ravikant (AngelList), Eric Ries, and John Collison (Stripe). We are building an ownership culture where employees take pride in their work and put the customer first. This is an early-stage opportunity with the potential to have a big impact on the product and on the company itself.


* Software Engineer

* Product Designer


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Datanyze | San Mateo, CA | ONSITE | All roles from sales to engineering (including VP level)

Hi, everyone! Katrina from Datanyze here. We are NOT your average startup! We bootstrapped the company passed $1 million in annual recurring revenue, then raised a seed round (about a year and a half ago) from some great investors, including Google Ventures and Mark Cuban!

We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. We know when to work hard and when to play hard (we got back from Vegas when we hit our big milestone and now we have HUGE plans for the next) and we're having a blast building amazing solutions for sales and marketing teams.

We have open positions for everything from entry-level sales and support to VPs of various departments!

If you want to hear more or know someone amazing who might be interested, please email me directly at katrina@datanyze.com or check out some of our open roles here:


Looking forward to speaking with you!

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Streetline | San Mateo, CA | Full-Time | ONSITE

We're hiring 2 Ruby on Rails / Full-Stack Engineers and 1 Technical Product Manager

Full descriptions are here: * http://www.streetline.com/company/careers/ruby-on-rails-deve... * http://www.streetline.com/company/careers/technical-product-...

[What we do]:

We tell drivers (through iOS, Android, APIs) where to find an open available parking spot in real time by applying machine learning to data from our own wireless vehicle sensors and various soft data sources. We also provide full parking analytics (occupancy percentages, duration of stay, turnover, etc) to cities, universities and others hour by hour and block by block.

We've generated over half a billion parking events from Streetline wireless vehicle sensors that are deployed in streets and parking lots, continuously streaming data to us from all over the country.

Email peter (@) streetline.com

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Ownership | San Mateo/Israel | REMOTE

Interested in blockchain? Want to join an early-stage startup with an awesome international team?

Ownership is a top ventures backed US/Israel/China startup. We are building innovative solutions on top of the blockchain for anti-counterfeiting, supply chain management and certification.

We are looking to expand our team with smart, talented and interesting developers. If you are one, we would love to have you in the core team at the startup’s early stages. Initially, you will be employed as a freelancer with the expectation to become a full-time employee in the future.

Software Wizard

- Node.js, Python, C++, golang

- few years experience in any of them, preferably more than one.

- Cloud experience (Azure, AWS, GCP).

- Ability to pick up new concepts and frameworks quickly.

- Knowledge and experience in blockchain systems or interest and willingness to learn.

- Versatile in different environments.

Full Stack Master

- Experience in modern environments and responsive design

- HTML5, CSS, Javascript.

- Backend web frameworks.

- Cloud experience.

- Experience working with databases.

- Advantage - experience in developing mobile applications, preferably natively. Hybrid frameworks OK too.

- Ability to build a project from scratch.


We are also looking for bright interns who are interested in the mentioned technologies. Don't hesitate to reach out!

Contact me at kobi@ownership.io!

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Atscale | San Mateo | ONSITE

Love Devops and hate the pager? Regularly scheduled after hours support is not required as there is no on-call rotation!

Our interview process is straight forward - 30-45 minute coderpad exercise - 2 hour in person to meet team, assess cultural fit, a few more questions about what you love to do - decision made quickly, usually within 24-48 hours

Atscale is a small, successful company in the Big Data space.

The job: Infrastructure and systems don’t need to suck; we believe deep understanding of fundamentals and solid engineering cure most woes. We are looking for a startup-friendly, devops person to work with the latest Hadoop tech. This is a challenging position and a great opportunity to learn the latest technologies used in the data space.

We’re looking for someone who:

Has a foundation in a language like Python or Ruby but feels confident to jump into a new languages Has experience with configuration management systems such as Puppet, Ansible, CFEngine, or Chef Will automate everything Proficiency of Linux at a systems administration level Hands-on experience with Jenkins, Git, Docker Can work closely with developers to solve systems problems. Blur the line between ops and dev Can optimize like crazy; squeeze every bit of performance out of servers Can help build a great company Nice to haves:

Has experience with business intelligence concepts Has experience with Hadoop, and Hadoop-ish stuff like Spark. Can change hardware (disks, laptops, servers, etc.); support network and security A literal or metaphoric Beard of Unix Mastery

careers@atscale.com http://atscale.com/careers

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Staples SparX - San Mateo, CA - Full Time

Looking for:

   * Software Engineers
   * Dev Ops
   * Data Scientists
SparX is a small engineering team focused on applying online machine learning and predictive modeling to eCommerce (impacting a 24 billion dollar business). Our stack is 100% Clojure, service oriented, targeting 50 million users with 1ms SLAs. We apply engineering and data science to tough problems such as dynamic pricing, shipping estimations, personalized emails, and multi-variate testing. We are always looking for talent in data science, engineering and devops. Bonus points if you can bridge 2 of these together. We love people with strong fundamentals who can dive deep.

We're a small team, so you will have an opportunity for a high-impact role, targeting over 50 million users. But our best perk is our colleagues: a diverse and extremely talented team of seasoned engineers and data scientists.

We are located in San Mateo, walking distance from the Cal-Train station. Come visit or apply online at http://staples-sparx.com.

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Stormpath | San Mateo, CA | https://stormpath.com | Full-time | Onsite Position: Software Engineer Stormpath is an authentication and user management service that helps developers quickly and securely build web and mobile applications. Come join a team where you can have huge impact! We're looking for a versatile Software Engineer to work primarily with Java, Spring Boot, Cassandra, Elastic Search, Samza, and Kafka.

We hire smart, fun, humble, and passionate people who love what they do and deliver quality work. We're trying to achieve something great, with great people. https://angel.co/stormpath Interested? Apply through our website or e-mail me directly: sarah@stormpath.com

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Collective Health, ( https://collectivehealth.com/jobs/ ), San Mateo, CA (Full time, ONSITE only, VISA-depends, see below)

We're replacing health insurance with a system that members love. Using our SW, platform and services, an employer can pay doctors directly, saving a ton of money and making the employee experience amazing (with the testimonials to back it up).

The company is well-funded, ~two years old and growing very rapidly with massive sales traction (300x this past year and on pace for another order of magnitude this year). We punch well above our weight-class with experienced founders, ~200 team members (~ one quarter is engineering), and paying customers.

Our tech stack is a mix of Go and Java components with Angular on the front end. We use a custom service bus to tie our SOA together, microservices style. We love Docker, CoreOS, postgres, automated testing, and continuos integration.

As a company, we're strong believers in transparency, trust and balance. As an engineering team, we believe good code is easy to read and should have a short "time to understanding". We expect all of our engineers to continually teach as well as learn. We also believe that everyone should write good code, yet balance that against the need to ship.

We've got a ton of interesting problems to solve around distributed systems, data analytics and predictions, complex data modeling, ultra high-availability, security, privacy and more.

We're currently looking for experienced SW engineers up and down the stack, back end, infrastructure, data, dev ops, test, generalist, etc. Our biggest needs are DevOps, FE, and SW Engineers in Test (you will be writing cluster level end2end tests, not unit tests), and Backend Engineers.

All open jobs: http://grnh.se/8f7q15

If you are non-technical, but are interested in experiencing a hyper-growth startup, we also are hiring for JIRA workflow automation, operations, business development and other roles as well. If you care about such things, we were recently flattered/embarrassed to be highlighted as one of fifty potential next unicorns by the nytimes: http://nyti.ms/1JLKaCT We're super proud of the company mission, engineering culture and tech stack we've put together and would love a chance to explain it all in detail!

*VISA minutiae: We can transfer H1B visas. We can sponsor TN & H1B1 visas in most cases. If you have another existing visa, we can probably transfer it.

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ENFOS | San Mateo CA | ONSITE | Full Time

Looking for backend and frontend engineers.

We make a SaaS enterprise app for mananging environmental liabilities. This is an opportunity to do real, actual good for the environment with your coding skills. We're a small company, less than 20 people, so every person has a big impact, and we have a flat structure/relaxed environment.

Tech: jQuery, requireJS, Handlebars, Grunt; JEE, Hibernate, Spring

Contact: heidi@enfos.com