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Boston - 33 jobs in July 2016

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RAND Corporation | Santa Monica - D.C. - Pittsburgh - Boston | Research Software Engineer | Full-time | Onsite

We are the world’s leading public policy and decision making think tank. Read more about us here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAND_Corporation or here: http://bit.ly/1ImrPH8 or here: http://rand.org

We are looking for eager, creative folks who can partner with well with PhD level researchers to create cool end-to-end prototypes of research concepts.

You will work on project teams of research staff and domain experts and will often be the sole software engineer on the project. Our group functions a lot like an internal software development consultancy.

For Research Software Engineer position, technical needs will vary by project so you should be a well-rounded generalist able to develop solutions in MORE THAN ONE of the following application areas: web, mobile, desktop, visualization, database, modelling & simulation, machine learning, and statistical analysis. Bonus points for visual analytics and Hadoop/Spark/”Big Data” type skills.

Don’t be scared! You don’t have to be wizard at all these. The researchers provide the depth, you just provide the breadth, creativity, and eagerness to learn.

Good work life balance compared to startups and mainstream tech companies. 20 days of vacation per year that you are incentivized to take! Respectable salaries despite being a non-profit.

Ready yet? Shoot me your resume, portfolio, work samples, etc. at: dev.hiring@rand.org


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MORSE Corp | Boston/Cambridge, MA | $80k - $140k | US Citizens only

MORSE develops algorithms and software for operational systems, implementing leading edge technologies for robotics, autonomous air and undersea vehicles, and coordination of human teams.

In particular, we are hiring:

Vision Navigation and Robotics Perception Engineer -- Focus on pushing the state of the art in computer vision and navigation to eliminate reliance on GPS and greatly increase the perception capabilities of future robotic systems. Develop and implement vision navigation algorithms to enable visual odometry, landmark correlation, and target recognition for various robotic and unmanned vehicle applications.

Senior Software Architect -– Focus on designing and developing software for autonomous vehicle systems. The domains are diverse, including real-time autonomy, machine learning, AI, mobile devices (Android, Windows Mobile), and web development. Creative candidates who want to make an immediate impact will thrive in the MORSE environment. This role will involve both leadership and hands-on development.

If either of these sound interesting, email us at info@morse-corp.com. Please include your resume.

Visit us at http://morse-corp.com/jobs to learn more.

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ReifyHealth | Boston | ONSITE preferred, REMOTE contractors | Full-time, Contractors | Mid-level to very senior compensation

We are building clinical trial software that makes a difference in people's lives. Clinical trials are slow, unpredictable and expensive and we aim to improve this for everyone's benefit. We are actively working on a greenfield app and have more interesting development in the pipeline. We care about building great products, providing a great user experience and listening to our users to improve on our products. We actively use, contribute to and author open source libraries.

We are hiring for the following positions:

* Mid to Senior Frontend Engineer: HTML, CSS, ReactJS, ClojureScript - https://jobs.lever.co/reifyhealth/089e5e4c-13e9-49c8-93a9-11...

* Mid to Senior Fullstack Engineer: ClojureScript, Clojure, PostgreSQL - https://jobs.lever.co/reifyhealth/dd9f818f-d94c-4a0c-b97c-06...

If this sounds exciting, we'd love to hear from you. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us: hiring (@) reifyhealth.com.

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Sentenai | Boston | ONSITE Machine Learning Engineer, Structure Prediction

The future of industry requires smarter machines, and to achieve that, they need instant access to both sensory input and contextual data. ​Sentenai connects machines with the data they need to make better decisions in complex environments. ​We're building the machine cloud, redesigned for intelligent systems in the physical world.

​Our team is looking for someone who is smart, motivated, and creative​ to help us build the software infrastructure needed to power networks of smart machines. Sentenai​ is a venture-backed startup located in Boston near South Station.

​​This is a salaried, full-time position with ​competitive ​benefits. ​​Please contact us at: jobs@sentenai.com​.​


— Design and build unsupervised structure prediction systems for semi-structured data streams

— Work with platform engineers to create distributed representations of structure prediction models

— Help enhance distributed query optimization

— Offer user feedback to our front-end team and query language design team


— Intermediate or expert understanding of reinforcement learning

— Expert knowledge of online learning models

— Intermediate knowledge of Haskell strongly recommended

— Knowledge of learning from small data sets a plus

— Experience ​with ​a variety of machine learning libraries a plus

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General Assembly (http://generalassemb.ly) | New York, NY | NYC ONSITE + US/UK REMOTE | Multiple Positions | Fulltime

General Assembly transforms thinkers into creators through education and opportunities in technology, business, and design. We offer classes, workshops, long-form courses, and events in worldwide markets including New York where we are headquartered, Atlanta, Austin, London, Hong Kong, Sydney, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Melbourne, and Washington DC. We also partner with Fortune 500 companies to spur innovation through increased digital fluency and more effective approaches to collaboration. We have small, cross-functional product teams that are developing innovative new solutions to online education, and currently we have various open positions across the engineering organization that we are looking to fill. If you want to be part of a diverse team, working on challenging tasks, and want to help the world expand their knowledge to better themselves and their careers via education, drop us a line. If you're in New York City, let's grab a drink or a coffee and chat!

See our full list of open positions ranging from engineering, to design, to teaching opportunities at https://generalassemb.ly/careers. Please feel free to contact me directly with your resume or any questions at elliott . carlson - at - generalassemb.ly

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Zerto — http://www.zerto.com — Israel (Herzliya); Boston (halfway between Broadway & South stations); remote

Zerto has the industry's leading hypervisor-based replication solution for private, public, and hybrid clouds. If you're interested in virtualization, data protection/mobility, disaster recovery—or just working on interesting technical challenges—then we might be right for you.

We're on a hiring spree with a wide range of openings, including roles in QA, R&D, DevOps, product management, sales/solutions engineers, development, etc. Technologies include C++, C#, .NET, PHP, and JavaScript (Angular and Node).

Experience with and/or interest in these could be helpful: hypervisors, cloud computing, virtualization, DRaaS, VMware, Hyper-V, AWS, and Azure. (Also hiring for a ton of non-technical positions, especially in sales, marketing, and account management—most of these positions are also fully remote and spread out globally).

- Boston openings: http://app.jobvite.com/m?3hBK6iwv (e.g. Product Manager, L2 Support Engineer)

- Israel openings: http://app.jobvite.com/m?31BK6iwf (e.g. Salesforce Admin, DevOps Engineer, .NET Engineer)

- Global/remote openings: http://app.jobvite.com/m?3PAK6iw2 (e.g. Pre-Sales Engineer, Account Manager)

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NGP VAN - Washington, DC and Boston/Somerville, MA

Trump has a double digit chance at winning this election, folks. Come help us stop him.

* DevOps Engineer (DC or Boston)

* Data Developer (Boston)

* MSSQL DBA (Boston)

* Software Engineer (DC)

* UX Designer (Boston)

* Front End Developer (Boston)

* Product Manager (Boston)

NGP VAN is the world’s leading political technology firm, providing campaign and organizing technology to Democrats, progressives, and non-partisan organizations. We built the voter contact and volunteer management tools used by Obama for America. Nearly every State Democratic Party in the United States distributes our VoteBuilder tools to Democrats up and down the ticket, and we provide industry-leading organizing tools that enable labor unions, environmental groups, pro-choice advocates, civil rights activists, and progressive political parties to win their campaigns around the world. Our fundraising and compliance software is used by the majority of Democrats from the Presidential level on down, and our engagement platform has become the most-used toolset for Democratic campaigns as well.

NGP VAN has been recognized by Inc. magazine as a fast-growing company and an awesome place to work. And they are right!

Company Site: http://ngpvan.com

We interview across a pretty wide range of experience levels. Hit me up at dmiller at ngpvan dot com for more info or to apply. I'm the VP of Engineering here.

Keywords: ONSITE

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Wellframe | Healthcare | Boston, Ma | Onsite/Fulltime

We're a relatively small engineering team (10+) tackling some really interesting problems within the healthcare space. What makes our team interesting is that we have a great engineering team working with medical doctors to solve some of the most complex problems in healthcare. We're currently looking for many positions (android, frontend, backend, infra) across our engineering team. More descriptions can be found on our jobs page (below), but if you're in the area I'd love to just grab coffee regardless of whether or not you're actively looking to move -- I love talking to other passionate, driven people about what they do.

For those interested in some specifics: We have Android, iOS, and web (backbone, react) products. We're currently running most of our API on Rails but heavily migrating toward Scala for most of our backend/data services. Other keywords in case someone is searching: Spark, Spark Streaming, Akka, Python, Mesos.

Jobs: https://www.wellframe.com/jobs

Also feel free to reach out to me at jeff@wellframe.com!

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Maxwell Health. | www.maxwellhealth.com | Devops/Infra Engineers | Full time in Boston, MA.

Maxwell is a HR and benefits technology platform that combines management and enrollment in benefits into one experience, aimed at small businesses.

(I just used it as an employee as I just joined Maxwell and it was pretty slick compared to my previous onboarding experiences!)

We're looking to hire an "Infrastructure Engineer" to help us improve our automation and operational practices. We're in the middle of transitioning from a traditional "devs build, ops run" environment to a microservice driven "devs build and run their own services" world. We're looking for experienced engineers who have either been through or worked on the other side of this transition to help us build, improve, and deliver building blocks to the developers.

We're especially interested in anyone with real world docker experience (I'd be double thrilled if you've played with Kubernetes) who has seen beyond the shiny marketing and experienced the world of pain that Docker can bring.

We're hiring locally in Boston at this time. If you're the kind of person that loves to pair up with engineers to help share your expertise throughout the team and really values a true collaborative environment then please come talk to me at ashley.penney@maxwellhealth.com. (or ashp on Freenode)

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Neumitra - digital medicine into daily life - Boston, MA

We're hiring data-driven engineers including: - Embedded developers for real-time biofeedback and sensor fusion

- Mobile developers for hooks into apps for daily life management

- Front-end developers to show how stress impacts large groups

- Algorithms engineers for extracting insights from data streams

- QA including device, mobile, and platform applications

Our stack runs from sensors to servers. We use machine learning and statistical learning techniques to build personalized and population health technologies for daily life demands. Software becomes medicine.

We're also hiring mechanical and research engineers who love to iterate on technologies based on user interactions. We appreciate experiences and enthusiasm for building unique tools that have a meaningful impact. Our mission is to solve global questions of health, productivity, and happiness.

http://www.betaboston.com/news/2015/10/29/citywide-study-wil.... http://ilp.mit.edu/newsstory.jsp?id=21222

Please send a note listing your interests and efforts to hello@neumitra.com.

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Kolide | Boston, MA | Full Time | ONSITE

Kolide is an early-stage startup with a mission to build the world’s next generation endpoint security and devops platform. At it’s core, Kolide enables you to ask computers important questions, get back immediate answers, and take decisive action. Kolide does all this by leveraging the awesome power of Facebook’s osquery framework and extending it with built-in security and operations expertise.

You'll have the opportunity to work on open-source software with the creators of osquery, led by a former FireEye executive. We are the first investment of the new hack/secure investment syndicate formed by Accomplice.

Roles we are hiring for:

Lead Platform Engineer | $100K – $140K | 1.0% – 4.0% equity | https://angel.co/kolideco/jobs/149454-lead-platform-engineer

Frontend Engineer | $80K – $115K | 1.0% – 1.5% equity | https://angel.co/kolideco/jobs/149452-front-end-engineer


Email me at zach@kolide.co to hear more, or apply through the above links. Thanks!

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Lead Frontend Developer @ indico data solutions


Experience: 3+ years professional experience

Location: Boston, MA

----------- Overview -----------

indico is a machine learning company turning raw text and image data into human insight. We are looking for a Lead Frontend Developer that wants to make a difference in a challenging domain and who believes that great technology is not truly great unless it’s presented well.

---------- About You ----------

You are a friendly and enthusiastic person whose dedication to easily maintainable code is rock solid. This is shown by your ability to think creatively about a problem while evaluating what solution will benefit indico’s stack most in the long term rather than the short. You're invested in having a life outside of work that is bolstered by a fulfilling job, not dominated by it. You look out for others and it shows in your willingness to sit down and hear out whatever needs or feedback other team members have in order to foster constructive conversation about personal and professional growth. With all that in mind, most importantly you have fun with it!

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/indico/dc01e21e-32b8-41ab-94fd-d4adeb7...

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Lose It! | Boston, MA | Software Developer (iOS/Android/Web) | Full-time | Onsite

Our 20-person company has helped over 25 million users lose weight with our iOS, Android and web apps. Combining calorie tracking with technology, we're enabling people to change their lives for the better. We believe by helping our users reverse obesity and diabetes, we'll continue to be successful as a company. We've been profitable for a while and a top Health & Fitness app for even longer.

Lose It!'s founders have taken one company public and sold others to Macromedia and Microsoft. Our product-focused organization knows the importance of a quality, well-designed user experiences- losing weight is already hard enough.

We're looking for more full-stack software developers that have no problem jumping between mobile platforms and servers. If you enjoy picking up new technologies and languages quickly, you'll learn a ton with us.

I run the development team at Lose It!. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions: eric@loseit.com

For more on the position, or to apply, go here: http://loseit.com/jobs/developer/

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Jisto (http://www.jisto.com) | Boston | Full-time | On-site

Jisto helps its customers run many more workloads on their (typically-underutilized, existing or new) data centers and cloud resources, without disrupting their existing mission-critical and legacy workloads and infrastructure.

We have 3 open positions that all come with competitive compensation:

- Senior Software Engineer - Docker, Node.js, Golang: http://www.jisto.com/cloud/careers/#senior_software_engineer...

- Senior Software Engineer - Enterprise Applications: http://www.jisto.com/cloud/careers/#senior_software_engineer...

- User Interface (UI) Designer - JavaScript, Bootstrap, Meteor.js: http://www.jisto.com/cloud/careers/#user_interface_designer

Jisto is located in the heart of Boston. We’re an early-stage startup that is well-funded, well-connected, and poised for rapid growth. Our team has previously worked at startups, venture capital firms, and some of the largest software enterprises.

To apply, please email your resume or CV to us at careers@jisto.com.

Not an exact fit for one of our full-time openings, but know someone who might be? Refer them to us at referrals@jisto.com, and if we hire them, you get $2,500.

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Meta | Boston, MA | full time | onsite preferred

Meta is building a platform that allows users to seamlessly search for, access, and share files across all cloud platforms and devices; in essence, Google for your files. We’ve closed a seed funding round and are looking for talented developers to help us scale our MVP and take our platform to the next level.


We have exciting development work ahead of us in nearly every area imaginable, including responsive client-side web development, a microservices-based cloud architecture written in Go and Python, performance-critical native client applications, a lightning fast personalized search engine, and complex data science problems in stream processing, semantic analysis, and information retrieval.

We’re right in downtown Boston and looking for talented developers and computer scientists to join us. Offering competitive salaries and large equity compensation. Email us at careers@meta.sc and check out our careers page at https://www.meta.sc/careers

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Kensho: Boston, MA (Cambridge) FULL TIME, ONSITE

Kensho is exploring new applications of machine learning on financial and unstructured data, making machine driven insights faster, more accessible, intuitive and beautiful. We're small, hungry, and haven't made up our minds among sitting, standing or balance balls.

Machine Learning Engineers/Scientists:

Advanced machine learning, NLP or modeling techniques at scale. Notable research and data science experience is expected. Inside tip: Have multiple years of data science research, explain nuances of sophisticated models, think insightfully about data, and have an excellent nose for model optimization.

Software Engineers:

UI, infrastructure or SRE specialists. Inside tip: Share a project repo with us. High velocity problem-solving and thoughtful coding are essential.

Hiring process:

We're a small team who find traditional resumes unhelpful. We will interview a few demonstrably outlier candidates who share an impressive project, repo, Jupyter notebook, portfolio or similar via jobs@kensho.com or https://www.kensho.com/#/careers

Our Stack:

  * python, pandas, numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, nltk, et al.

  * Javascript, React, d3, canvas
Recently named one of the 5 hottest fintech companies by Fortune http://fortune.com/2016/06/27/five-hottest-fintechs/

Sorry, we do not work with agency recruiters.

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Frameshift Genomics and the Marth Laboratory are hiring web developers to work on the iobio project (http://iobio.io), building a real­time genomics analysis platform. The project consists of developing web applications with functionality ranging from visualizing terabytes of biological data to fine grained interrogation of disease­ causing mutations that open the world of complex genomic analysis to medical professionals and scientists with limited or no experience in computational analysis. These applications are built on our technology stack, consisting of a node web service backend, which streams analysis results via websockets to the web applications, where results are visualized using D3.

The successful applicant will be involved in further developing the iobio framework (client libraries and server), building new web apps, creating new visualizations, and hardening current web apps. Remuneration will include both a competitive salary and stock in Frameshift Genomics. Contact us at frameshiftlabs@gmail.com

Required Skills

  - JavaScript proficient
  - Experience building web applications
  - Can effectively work in a team environment using version  control (git/github)
Desirable Skills

  - Experience building commercial grade web applications
  - Genomics/Biology experience
  - Web security experience
  - Experience with testing frameworks
  - Node.js

  - Boston, MA
  - Salt Lake City, UT

  - Competitive Salary
  - Stock in Frameshift Genomics

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Cognii | Boston, MA | Remote OK

We create Virtual Assistant(chatbot) technology exclusively for the education market. Cognii's award winning Virtual Learning Assistant is today helping students across the K-12, higher ed and corporate learning verticals. We have a few immediate openings in engineering and research:

1. Senior AI researcher

  - natural language processing
  - statistical machine learning
  - syntactic and semantic analysis
  - human-machine dialog design
2. Computational Linguist/NLP Engineer

  - Linguistically process text corpora
  - information extraction
  - Regular expressions
3. System Architect

  - Design, implement, deploy, manage the web platform for interactive learning
  - Experience with Ruby on Rails based scalable architecture
Compensation will include a salary and a significant amount of equity. Please send your application and resume to jobs@cognii.com

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Brightcove / Zencoder (YC 2010) | London / San Francisco / Boston / Tempe, Arizona / Seattle | ONSITE | Full-Time | Golang / Scala

<< Email address is in my profile >>

We're currently looking for Software Engineers of all levels for our video ingestion & delivery team.

Our platform enables Brightcove customers to upload videos, ingest them and prepare them for delivery on multiple channels. Fluency up and down the stack and good operational knowledge of scalable platforms in the cloud will serve you well in this role. We are looking for smart, creative, collaborative and fun people who have a desire to work in a fast paced environment building scalable cloud based services for video processing and streaming.

- You need to be a polyglot programmer, comfortable in both object oriented and functional programming paradigms. Experience in Go or Scala is a plus.

- All our products run in AWS. So experience using AWS cloud services (S3, SQS, SNS, SWF, EMR etc.) is a plus.

- Need to be comfortable working with Linux and have a good understanding of OS internals.

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AppHub - Boston, MA | Onsite | Full time


We build tools that make developers more productive. Our products are LogRocket, which helps developers quickly solve bugs, and AppHub Deploy, which allows developers to update mobile applications easily and instantly.

Developers spend millions of hours grappling with unintelligent systems. Instead of solving tough engineering problems, developers are occupied with tasks that could be automated or assisted by well-designed tools.

Our mission is to empower engineers by building tools that eliminate tedious and redundant, time-consuming work. We believe that thoughtfully-designed, data-driven systems can make every software developer 10x more productive and happy.

We are a young and enthusiastic team of engineers based in Kendall Square. Reach out to jobs@apphub.io and let's get coffee!

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MC10,Inc | Boston,MA | Fulltime | ONSITE | https://mc10inc.com

MC10 is pioneering wearable IoT.

We're hiring devs for Frontend, Backend, QA, and ML Big Data. We released the BioStampRC™(research connect) platform in March to great fanfare [1], and our L'Oréal [2] sun UV sensor in Jan. Now we need to keep cranking on software across all tiers to keep up with our > 100% month over month data volume growth. Building software End-2-End from HW, to FW, to Mobile, to Web, to Big Data ML, and OPS provides a stable of problems we need your help to solve.

See open positions at https://mc10inc.com/careers

- Cassandra/Postgres/Elasticsearch/Rabbit/Redis/Spark Streaming

- PlayFramework/Akka/iPython/Django/AWS

- Scala/Python

We've also got an awesome new, swanky office in Lexington, MA that includes 2 gyms, a climbing wall, huge rec room, fully stocked kitchen, and catered dinner. Plus, there are a bunch of cool nerds that span the entire range of engineering expertise, making it fun to come to work.

Come join us! Reach out to careers@mc10inc.com or via https://mc10inc.com/careers. You're welcome to ping me at jlust at mc10inc dot com for any questions. I'm a lead backend developer building our cloud services.

[1] http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/columnist/2016/03/19/mc10...

[2] http://www.betaboston.com/news/2016/01/06/mc10-partners-with...

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Codeship | Boston | Full-time | REMOTE | Software Engineering

Codeship is hosted continuous integration and delivery service. Our mission is to accelerate software development teams. We have a Rails/Postgres/Redis webapp and a Golang microservice and Docker-based elastic build infrastructure.


Codeship is hiring Senior-level Software Engineers: https://codeship.com/jobs?gh_jid=215752

Our Engineering team has a remote first culture. We will consider applicants in Boston or who are remote with a successful track record contributing to a team remotely.

Send us your info via the link above or email jobs[at]codeship[dot]com

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---Seven League Products--- Cambridge/Boston

We are a new, and quickly growing, software development consulting firm. We help companies, usually in their early stage, launch prototypes with a focus on data warehousing and analytics.

We are looking to expand our network of Developer Partners.

Developer Partners:

  - learn new technologies
  - earn good money for contributing to available projects (part-time or full-time)
  - get mentorship from senior developers
Please email (see my profile) with:

  - your development experience
  - preferred software technology stacks
  - technologies you hope to learn or things you find interesting
  - anything else!

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InviCRO | Boston, MA | Onsite (relocation available) | Full Stack Software Engineers

We are looking for talented engineers to extend our web-based study management and storage application (iPACS). The iPACS is a platform used by researchers worldwide to provide tools for managing, data mining and reporting on large amounts of medical imaging data and make key insights for drug discovery and development.

For more, checkout: https://www.invicro.com/about-us/careers/#op-95835-full-stac...

Please contact: tobon (at) invicro (dot) com

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[ original post ]

Stealth Startup | Marketing Help Needed

I'm a full-time software engineer who works on many different side businesses (with some success). I need someone to help with marketing a new technology product I'm building. I'm interested in an equity partner rather than an employee, but a contractor is OK too. The product is in the reputation space. I'm located in Boston, but any remote person is OK, provided you speak English and know about marketing. I can provide more details over a phone call. Email in profile

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Tulip | https://tulip.co/careers.html | Boston, MA | Full time, interns | Onsite

Do you want to help realize the next industrial revolution?

Tulip is transforming manufacturing processes by bringing the latest technological advances from the lab to the shop floor. We have multiple Fortune 500 customers and are already enabling production lines building the things you interact with everyday.

Whereas most factories are still using state of the art technology from the mid 20th century, we come from the future to bring them a rich, realtime web app, modern tablets, IoT systems, in-depth analytics, and more. Our products are already (measurably!) helping our customers, so we're rapidly expanding our number of customers and size of deployments.

We're looking for software engineers to join our core team to work on data engineering, technical operations, and computer vision.

Data Engineering: We're looking for a software engineer who's excited about designing and building a scalable, flexible analytics pipline for the data we collect. While you'll spend most of your time on the backend, you should be comfortable working on our entire data stack, from databases, to backend APIs, to customer-facing frontend analytics tools.

Technical Operations: You might or might not have experience with technical operations, but you're excited about applying your software engineering skills to solve our complex operational problems. You're comfortable diving into complex codebases and large distributed systems, and equally excited about applying the same technical principles you'd use to build these system to take them to production.

Computer Vision: We're looking for a computer vision "research-ineer" with demonstrable experience in algorithm development and productization of in-the-wild vision solutions. Working knowledge of computation and optimization, algebras, statistics, machine learning is required. Experience in the following environments is highly recommended: C++11, Boost, OpenCV, OpenCL/CUDA, DNN/CNN.

Email us at jobs@tulip.co

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Second Measure | SF Bay Area (San Mateo, CA) | ONSITE (relo ok) | https://secondmeasure.com

Second Measure analyzes credit card data. We process billions of purchases to help investors (VCs and hedge funds) answer questions like:

  - How quickly is Wayfair actually growing?
  - Is Lyft gaining or losing market share in Boston?
  - How does Hilton spending change after a customer's first Airbnb stay?
  - (More examples on our research blog [1])
We were part of YC S15 and launched last August [2].

We’re a 10-person team solving hard problems with really cool data. We’re looking for other strong builders, especially those who can grow into leadership roles:

  - Data Scientist (stats + ML; AWS, MTurk, NLP, and Spark helpful)
  - Research Scientist (stats; SQL and Python helpful; math/science PhD preferred)
  - Data Engineer (Python/JVM; AWS; stream processing)
  - Software Engineer (frontend/backend/full-stack; Python/JVM/Go; D3; AWS; React/Angular)
  - Others (opportunistic)
Competitive salary and substantial equity. We want our early team to have a large stake in our success.

We have phenomenal traction and raised a strong, $2M seed round [3]. Select investors include: Bessemer Venture Partners, Foundation Capital, Norwest Venture Partners, Shasta Ventures, and Y Combinator.

We’re in downtown San Mateo, just minutes from Caltrain and 101.

Email me directly, I’m a founder. (mike@)

[1] http://blog.secondmeasure.com/

[2] http://techcrunch.com/2015/08/10/second-measure-launches-off...

[3] http://www.businessinsider.com/second-measure-is-secret-weap...

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iRobot | Bedford, MA (just outside of Boston, MA) and Pasadena, CA | ONSITE

Looking for great work-life balance at a job where you can say "I can't find my keyboard under all these robots!" ? Want a place with half-day Fridays during the summer so you can spend extra time with your family on Friday afternoons? Then iRobot might be the place for you.

We blend cutting-edge research and practical engineering to build useful and affordable robots.

We're looking for smart people who are easy to work with. You should probably think robots are cool, but a robotics background is NOT required. (I had no robotics background when I started at iRobot.)

We're looking for software engineers of all sorts: cloud, embedded, test, also some more hardcore robotics stuff.

Check out all our openings here: http://www.irobot.com/About-iRobot/Careers.aspx

Email me directly if you'd like to know more: csvec and then guess the rest, it might involve irobot and a com.

Please email even if you're not sure if you're a match; I'm always happy to talk to other HN'ers!

PS: We have hired people from these "Who is hiring?" posts, thanks to HN for this service/forum

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MathWorks | Natick, MA (Boston Metro) | Software Engineer Internship | ONSITE | INTERNS

Technologies: AWS (lots and lots of instances, EC2, ELB, ASG, DynamoDB, SNS, SQS, etc), Java, Docker

You'll be working directly with me on a team that is responsible for backend infrastructure for highly available and scalable cloud based services. If you've heard of the fallacies of distributed computing, or the CAP theorem, or marvel at optimistic locking techniques then you should check out the link below. MathWorks is a great place for career growth and a great place for an internship.

This is for an internship only for 5 months (flexible, but must start some time this summer and must be through the fall semester). Pursuing a Masters or PhD required.

Interview process is a quick phone call with me, then a (remote or onsite depending on your location) ~2 hour technical interview with the team. That's it.

More Info: http://www.mathworks.com/company/jobs/opportunities/14890-cl...

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Dockwa | Onsite | Cambridge, MA + Newport, RI

OpenTable for Marinas. Marina Management SaSS.

Boaters & Coders.

Looking for Engineers, open to other interested candidates too.



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Center for Intl Development at Harvard | Product Manager, Frontend Engineer | FULLTIME ONSITE Cambridge, MA (near Boston)

The Growth Lab (at the Center for International Development) is a research team that works to solve the issues of poverty in developing countries and focuses on the question, “Why do some countries grow while others don’t?” We are building a team of four/five people within the Growth Lab creating web based data visualization tools, largely funded by governments (past examples include Mexico, Colombia, Peru). We’re aiming for one designer, two frontend engineers, perhaps one more person to do backend work - though we're trying to prevent everyone from getting too siloed, and trying to hire people who are T-shaped: specializing at one sort of thing, but curious about related areas. We work alongside a larger team of researchers with diverse backgrounds.


One of the more recent sites we worked on: http://www.datlascolombia.com/#/?locale=en-col

One of our older sites, focusing on international trade data: http://atlas.cid.harvard.edu/

Our head researcher, talking about our ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FeugaLv5Bo

A neat webgl project one of our interns did: http://globe.cid.harvard.edu/


Regarding the frontend engineer: see this older post: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11815253 . We're looking for folks experienced in building web apps with complex user interactions, and experience with building single page apps (the "frontend backend") is strongly preferred.

Regarding the product manager, see this gist (this comment ended up being too long to post!) https://gist.github.com/makmanalp/bb7fb0cf50e3a44c2d1321a08e...


To get in touch, use the link above or contact Andrea Hayes (andrea underscore hayes at hks dot harvard dot edu), preferably with work samples you're proud of!

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Pivotal | ONSITE at many locations worldwide | Engineers, Designers, Product Managers, Pre/Post-Sales Engineers, Ops, Sales, Admin

Pivotal's goal is to change the way the world makes software and we kinda sorta really mean it.

We value aptitude over alma mater, empathy over a list of APIs. It doesn't matter whether your resumé says PHP or PhD: if you're smart, empathetic and know some stuff, we want to work with you.

We have offices in SF, NYC, Santa Monica/LA, Palo Alto, Seattle, Boulder, Denver, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas/Ft Worth, Toronto, London, Paris, Dublin, Tokyo, Sydney, Berlin, Singapore and Beijing, with more coming, though not all are hiring.

We're broken into three main divisions: Pivotal Labs (yes, that Pivotal Labs), Pivotal Cloud R&D and Pivotal Big Data.

-- Pivotal Labs helps clients to become better at product development. For engineering we are religiously lean and agile. In practice that means we pair program and TDD every line of code from the outside. Our product managers are fantastic at keeping products sharply focused, our designers are masters from users to pixels.

-- Cloud R&D is where we build the best cloud platform available. We're the majority contributors to the Cloud Foundry project. Our distribution has the fastest-growing sales of any opensource product ever and it's still zooming up and to the right.

Except for upstream code, every line is pair programmed and TDD'd. We dogfood the cutting edge of the technology on our own commercial public cloud (Pivotal Web Services). It works because we took the XP and Lean DNA of Pivotal Labs and scaled it up to build the best cloud platform available.

-- Big Data is our suite of battled-hardened products, now open sourced. Greenplum tackles massive datasets with the comfort of PostgreSQL. Apache HAWQ (incubating) brings Greenplum's distributed query planner to Hadoop. Gemfire, donated as Apache Geode (incubating), is an in-memory distributed grid with years of high performance in high-stakes systems.

-- Generally

At our offices we have free breakfast, weekly tech talks, excellent benefits and competitive pay. Ping pong isn't mandatory, but it's popular. I think west-coast ping pong is harder to beat, but east-coast style is more entertaining to watch. The beer fridge has more IPA than I prefer but I guess that's life in paradise.

To see all our open jobs and apply directly, follow this referral URL: http://grnh.se/xiy346

You can also email me at jchester+hn@pivotal.io to answer any questions you might have.

Either of these helps me score one of our referral bonsues (did I mention our generous referral scheme?)

I may not be able to reply immediately, as I am just an engineer here.

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Brightcove (http://brightcove.com) | Boston, Seattle, & Tempe | Full-Time | Onsite

We're an online video platform (OVP) headquartered near Boston's South Station (with offices around the world), and power video for many of the world's largest media companies. We work on fun, difficult problems within a casual work environment. We have a fully stocked kitchen, ping pong/arcade machines, frequent catering, unlimited vacation policy that employees actually use, generous work/life balance, 401k matching, etc. etc.

Boston, MA:

* Full Stack Developer, Distribution (http://app.jobvite.com/m?361K6iwK)

* Software Engineer - Back-end (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3a1K6iwO)

* Software Engineer - JavaScript (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3f1K6iwT)

* Software Engineer in Test - Web Players (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3k1K6iwY)

* Senior/Principal Software Engineer in Test (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3p2K6iw4)

* Developer Evangelist, Video Platform (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3v2K6iwa)

* Principal Systems Engineer (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3z2K6iwe)

* Systems Engineer (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3F2K6iwk)

* Principal Security Engineer (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3O2K6iwt)

* Mobile Software Engineer in Test (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3S2K6iwx)

Seattle, WA:

* Principal Full Stack Software Engineer, Billing Team (http://app.jobvite.com/m?362K6iwL)

* Principal UI Developer (http://app.jobvite.com/m?392K6iwO)

* Principal Software Engineer, Video Analytics (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3h2K6iwW)

* Senior Software Engineer in Test (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3m2K6iw1)

Tempe, AZ:

* Principal Software Engineer, Video Ingestion & Delivery (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3e0K6iwR)

* Sr. Software Engineer - Video Delivery (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3z1K6iwd)

* Sr. Software Engineer - Video Ingestion (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3E1K6iwi)

* Sr. Software Engineer - Video Ingestion & Delivery (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3V1K6iwz)

* Sr. DevOps Engineer (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3M1K6iwq)

* Software Engineering Manager (http://app.jobvite.com/m?3s1K6iw6)