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Brighton - 1 jobs in July 2016

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vvd.io | London/Brighton, UK | REMOTE (UK only) | Part time, Flexible Hours

At vvd.io we want to make it easier for vloggers and content creators to get paid without covering their content in un-related ads. We are building tools that let creators embed affiliate links in their videos without annoying their users.

As the Lead Front End Dev, you'll be responsible for implementing everything our creators and viewers can interact with as we continue to develop and evolve our MVP/prototype. But as we are a small team, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in all aspects of the design & engineering of all parts of the stack.

Compensation: Equity only (for now)

You'll find it easy to get going straight away if you've got experience with some/all of the following technologies:

Javascript, React, Node JS

Python, Django

HTML5 (particularly video/media playback)




AWS (Elastic Beanstalk, S3, RDS)

But there is also scope for re-writing / starting again with different technologies.

Interested? Drop us an email! tom@vvd.io

Remember to tell us about your relevant experience and include any links to previous work!