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Houston - 3 jobs in July 2016

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BrainCheck | Houston, TX | Full Time, ONSITE | Game Developer


BrainCheck is a funded Digital Health startup developing a platform for tracking cognitive fitness and assessing conditions such as concussion and memory impairment. Our technology is mobile-first, gamified to appeal to a wide variety of test-takers, and HIPAA compliant. If you have a passion for neuroscience, big data, big ideas, and building technologies that can make a real difference in people’s lives, this position is for you.

We are looking for an experienced front-end developer to help improve our existing product, deploy onto new platforms, and launch new products. You should have strong fundamentals and an ability to learn, adapt, and work independently. Experience with Unity and C# is preferred.

Send questions or resumes to careers@braincheck.com.

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NeoSensory, Inc. | Houston, TX | ONSITE (Willing to help relocate) | Full-Time

Mechanical Engineer / MechE

Join our team of boffins! NeoSensory builds devices for people who want to empower themselves with new senses.

A good overview of our research background can be seen in our co-founder/Neuroscientist/Chief Science Officer, David Eagleman's TED talk from last year: https://www.ted.com/talks/david_eagleman_can_we_create_new_s...

We're on the hunt for a Mechanical Engineer to join the rest of our R&D team in Houston, Texas. The ideal candidate will have prior experience in the consumer electronics space, and even better if in the wearables space.

All (human or cyborg) walks of life welcome and encouraged to apply!

If interested, get in touch with us via info@neosensory.com

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SEEKING WORK - Location: Houston, Texas and Remote Expert level frontend and applications engineer with operations experience. Production experience with wide range of tools (JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, etc., popular frameworks for most languages, WordPress, etc.) and databases (SQL and NoSQL). I was the first engineer at an 80+ person thriving startup and helped to build most of the application's backend and UI. I like to solve problems and ship a great product for my clients. Email me to discuss something further: rwoody/at/gmail.com