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INTERN - 11 jobs in July 2016

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Join us in our mission to make cities usable by building the ultimate transport app.

Hiring for ALL roles (engineering, design, product), including:

- - Web Developer (React, Redux) -

We build a lot with modern JS technologies. We have our web app, but also many systems behind the scenes that allow us to be the best source of transit data in our cities.

We use React+Redux, css modules and postcss, webpack, Django.

- - Android Developers & iOS Developers -

We're particularly interested in developers who are passionate about UI, and/or using sensors & location efficiently.

- - Site Reliability Engineers -

Help Citymapper scale its platform by orders of magnitude. We are currently in +30 cities, but we are going to be expanding to reach everyone who needs us.

- -

Read about our $40M Series B: https://medium.com/@Citymapper/getting-from-a-to-series-b-88...

Apply at https://citymapper.com/jobs/

Also you can contact me at emil at citymapper dot com if you have any questions.

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NEXEDI | Lille/Munich/Paris/Tokyo | ONSITE | 6/12 months INTERNS and FULLTIME

We are looking for a new group of trainees and new colleagues to contribute to ongoing research projects, prototypes and industrial solutions. If you are passionate about free software and like one of our current topics, get in touch. All candidates will do a programming test plus interview if successful. Fulltime positions will have a second interview. With the boss.

Current topics (http://www.nexedi.com/jobs):

   - Hack our stack as "Big Data/Machine Learning Developer" (fulltime/intern)   

   - Help not caring for memory as "Out-of-Core-PyData Engineer" (fulltime/intern)   

   - Care for packets on our network as "Site Reliability Engineer" (intern)    

   - Look beyond today and prototype a "Personal Search Engine" (intern)   

   - Try prototyping an "Artificial Intelligence Accountant" (intern)   

   - Help taking care of business developing an "AI-based Business Bot" (intern)   

   - We love the web, so try to "Port the Linux Kernel to Javascript" (intern)   
About Nexedi: We are a small team from around the world (headquarters in Lille, France) creating free software since 2001. We spend time on client and research projects with ERP5 (Enterprise software), SlapOS (Cloud Hosting) and Wendelin (Big Data platform) being our main solutions around which we provide services. We all work with Chromebooks, our offices are paperless and we have no meetings = we mostly hack. Come join us!

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Mixmax | Full-Stack Engineer or intern | REMOTE INTERNATIONAL or on-site San Francisco | https://mixmax.com

We're a growing, fast-moving, internationally distributed team looking for a full-stack engineer to join us!

Mixmax's mission is to reinvent the way professionals communicate for work. We're building the impossible: a rich communications platform that brings the power of the web to everyday communication. This includes easily scheduling meetings, completing surveys, making purchases, signing documents, and even interacting with apps. We’re fully integrated with Gmail and Google Inbox, and just released an Electron-based native desktop application. Already, we’re seeing phenomenal growth, with customers from Uber, Airbnb, and tens of thousands of more businesses depending on us for their daily communications.

We’re well-funded with an A++ list of investors who previously backed companies like Twitter, Heroku, Lyft, and Square. We have big plans ahead. Come do the impossible with us.

Our stack: Node, Express, Redis, Elasticsearch, Mongo, AWS, Meteor, Electron.

Email careers@mixmax.com and let’s chat! Also check out our eng blog at mixmax.com/engineering.

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Onsite in Silicon Valley (preferred) or San Diego, with REMOTE a possibility depending on role

Interview process: Video calls if you're distant or an in-person visit if you're local.

We are developing high-performance algorithms for truly big data, video analysis, NLP, and more. We solve deep technical challenges and are building offerings relevant to interesting real-world problems in a variety of fields. We are currently open to engineers with solid experience in CUDA, Mesos, deep neural networks, and/or Clojure, as well as to enthusiastic developers who might lack this precise experience but are eager to learn. We also welcome interest from postdoctoral researchers or senior graduate students. We are interested in solving problems efficiently, and our polyglot architecture includes C++, Clojure, Scala, and Python.

We do not presently have openings for undergraduates (B.Sc. students).

Contact info@onutechnology.com.

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Sourcegraph | San Francisco, CA | FULL-TIME or INTERN | ONSITE

Sourcegraph is your dream programming reference tool that will save you hours every day. It lets you instantly find code and usage examples (try it: https://sourcegraph.com). It's built on top of a global semantic graph of code.

Full-stack, back-end, and front-end engineers. 3+ years of experience preferred for full-time.

Stack: Go and React for application; Go, Python, JavaScript, C#, Java, and more for language analysis.

Interview process: phone conversation -> coding challenge -> onsite

Shoot us a hello at hiring@sourcegraph.com!

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RideCell(YC W12) - Sr. Backend Engineer - San Francisco, CA

RideCell is reimagining and re-architecting transportation in cities, communities, and on campuses across the world. Our software platform automates some of the hardest operational tasks involved in running a transportation system such as matching supply to dynamic demand, efficient dispatch and routing, and combining multiple service models such as on-demand, fixed-route, car-sharing, and beyond.

We are a small team with big personalities and big goals!

Learn more at http://ridecell.com


* Fluency in Python & Django or confident that you can get there quickly, and 5+ years experience in another programming language

* You always leave code better than you found it, and you have opinions on software design.

* Self-directed, but also work well with other engineers.

* Excited about working for a startup and moving quickly.

* You currently live in the San Francisco bay area, or live in the U.S. and are willing to relocate to San Francisco.

* 5+ years of experience (internships included)


* Front end experience with Backbone.js, Angular.js or any frameworks.

* Experience with RESTful APIs and API design.

* DevOps experience, especially with AWS, Vagrant, Ansible, and Postgres.

Next Steps: To get started, apply at http://ridecell.com/careers.html or email us at jobs@ridecell.com with your resume. If you can include a link to your GitHub / code samples and/or links to any deployed software you've worked on, we'll prioritize the conversation.

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Etix Everywhere | Luxembourg | Full time INTERNSHIP | ONSITE

(Open CV && C++) || (API RESTful && Golang) || Android || iOS || (AngularJS && WebGL) || (DevOps)

We are geeks, tech-lovers and inventive people working together to revolutionise the Data Center world. We bring Artificial Intelligence inside our buildings by developing innovative systems. We are coming out the “start-up” phase, with now more than 50 people in 5 different locations, but still willing to keep the atmosphere of a small company.

Our company is working on many innovative projects to optimise our Data Centres. Therefore, we are offering internships to young and enthusiastic students to join our R&D department. We offer house sharing for free, flexible schedule, fun offices and events, gym at work.

If you’re interested to know more: https://www.etixeverywhere.com/carrieres/

You can also contact Aurore https://lu.linkedin.com/in/aurore-ollivier-59b47042/en

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Fujitsu Laboratories of America | Sunnyvale, CA | Intern | Onsite

If you are excited about using deep learning to teach robot's new skills and help improve their manipulation abilities, get in touch with me at sparikh@us.fujitsu.com

The ideal candidate is skilled in deep learning frameworks such as keras/theano/tensorflow. He/She has experience building and training deep learning models using CNN's, LSTM's, RNN's.

The candidate is expected to participate in new idea generation and scientific paper publication. This is a research internship.

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JustWatch (Berlin, Germany) is always out for smart, entrepreneurial thinking INTERNS & working students ONSITE, especially:

- DevOps / Infrastructure engineering (Golang, AWS, ChatOps, Docker)

- Backend Engineering (Golang, ElasticSearch, Postgres, Docker)

- Web & hybrid Engineering (Angular, Ionic, Cordova)


- an intense learning culture with high degrees of autonomy and room for personal growth

- a sane development process with lots of code reviews and pairing

- great mentoring and regular feedback

- every two weeks is Dev Day, reserved for automation, simplification and tech talks

About us:

- B2C and B2B products with massive traction already

- 6 founders, each with a solid track record, equity possible for any level

- we're founder owned, sustainable and rather share the company with our employees than with VCs

Come see us at: https://www.justwatch.com/us/talent

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Capsule Pharmacy | New York City, NY NYC | ONSITE INTERNS | fulltime


Capsule is a healthcare technology company on a mission to elevate and simplify the consumer pharmacy experience. We believe in improving health outcomes through innovative design, mobile technology, logistics, and predictive analytics.

We are seeking a Software Engineer with a generalist/fullstack orientation to join our development team in New York City.

At Capsule you will:

- Work at all levels of our stack. Key technologies: React, Swift, Django/Python, Postgres, Go, Node - Influence architecture, tooling, process, and culture at a small but growing engineering shop - Contribute daily to the product dialogue - Build things that meaningfully improve peoples’ wellbeing

You should have:

- Breadth in many different skill areas (Maybe you’ve written APIs and some front-ends and done some light devops and know a bit of Photoshop and have coded in a functional language … the more the merrier) - Depth in one area that you can really school us on (Perhaps you’ve written a pubsub framework as a sideproject?) - Experience writing code as part of a (preferably large) team

Bonus points if you have:

- Built db-backed RESTful APIs for commercial projects (Python/Django = awesome, but also relevant if it was in Java, Scala, Ruby, Go, etc.) - Working fluency in technologies like ES6/ES2015, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Sass, Less - Knowledge of and/or interest in React - Experience setting up a web development environment & architecting a web app from scratch (e.g. first person on a web app team or led a web app team) - Good grasp of TDD & CI principles - Contributed to the development of a native mobile app - Facility with design tools like Sketch, Illustrator, or Photoshop - Led an engineering team


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MathWorks | Natick, MA (Boston Metro) | Software Engineer Internship | ONSITE | INTERNS

Technologies: AWS (lots and lots of instances, EC2, ELB, ASG, DynamoDB, SNS, SQS, etc), Java, Docker

You'll be working directly with me on a team that is responsible for backend infrastructure for highly available and scalable cloud based services. If you've heard of the fallacies of distributed computing, or the CAP theorem, or marvel at optimistic locking techniques then you should check out the link below. MathWorks is a great place for career growth and a great place for an internship.

This is for an internship only for 5 months (flexible, but must start some time this summer and must be through the fall semester). Pursuing a Masters or PhD required.

Interview process is a quick phone call with me, then a (remote or onsite depending on your location) ~2 hour technical interview with the team. That's it.

More Info: http://www.mathworks.com/company/jobs/opportunities/14890-cl...