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Milan - 2 jobs in July 2016

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Bending Spoons | Software Engineer | Milan (Italy) | Full time, Visa, Onsite

Bending Spoons is a fast-growing tech company focused on building and marketing mobile applications. We think, create, and market our own apps. We're young (3 years of activity, average age 27 years old), but we've achieved explosive growth: the apps that we've invented, developed, and published have been downloaded more than 40 million times, and millions of people use them every week. We are currently looking for an exceptional Software Engineer to join our team of backend and iOS engineers. Our backend stack consists for the most part of Python, node.js, MongoDB, and Redis. Our iOS work is every bit as extensive and challenging as the backend one, if not more. More information and application form at http://bendingspoons.com/careers.html (Please mention in your cover letter that you found out about us on HN.)

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Prima.it | Milan, Italy | Full time | Onsite | Backend/Frontend/Fullstack

I'm the lead DevOps at Prima.it. We're a team of really smart people working in a very well funded startup trying to disrupt insurance in Italy by using technology as our main competitive advantage. We employ a micro service architecture (10s of them are in production atm), Docker and AWS. Most of our micro services are written in Elixir, our language of choice for all the new stuff, we also have some Ruby and a bit of Python in production besides a legacy Symfony 2 application. On the front end side we're using React/Redux. We have a lot of automation in place, we run a pretty comprehensive test suite on CircleCI and BrowserStack at every push and every developer can spin up QA environments that mirror our entire stack for a feature branch. All of this allows us to confidently deploy to production multiple times per day. If you're interested or just want some more info feel free to email me directly at andrea.usuelli@prima.it