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Nottingham - 1 jobs in July 2016

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UK / East Midlands / Nottingham ONSITE


We're looking for a DevOps / Linux SysAdmin and also a JavaScript developer.

I'm not involved in hiring, I'm on the JavaScript developer team. We're looking for full-stack JavaScript developers. I.e people who know NodeJS and Meteor, or at least can convince us that they can pick these skills up quickly. There are currently four on my team, but one is purely frontend.

Interview process is usually a phone interview then an onsite interview where you will be asked to talk through some code provided by us, and some provided by yourself. You may also be asked to do a short test to code something up before the on site interview.

We're also looking for SAP people. Particularly those with HANA knowledge. Check out the careers page for more info.

We're based in a business park just off Junction 26 of the M1, so it's fairly easy to get to.

If you have any questions, drop me an email, my contact details are in my HN profile.