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Wellington - 1 jobs in July 2016

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Sailthru | Wellington, New Zealand | Rails Engineer & SRE/DevOps Engineer | REMOTE

The Role:

We're looking for an experienced Ruby developer and SRE/DevOps engineer to work on our mobile marketing platform, which powers real-time messaging, automation and analytics for the world’s largest brands. Ideally, you've worked with Rails, Sinatra, Sidekiq and these are not scary for you (bonus points for Elixir experience). Writing tests is something you can't live without.

We have approximately 20 running micro-services that serve hundreds of millions of requests per month (and growing rapidly). Our services rely on a range of technologies, which you’ll have to become familiar with, including: MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, Rabbitmq, Fluentd, Docker, CoreOS, Ember.js, Elixir, GO, and RoR.

Technical Requirements - Rails: * 5+ years of relevant experience

* Rails, Sinatra, and Sidekiq (Elixir is a plus)

* You understand data structures and algorithms, computational complexity inside and out.

* You have a solid understanding of networks,operating systems, information security, and databases.

* You’ll rapidly familiarize yourself with the infrastructure use to support Carnival - RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, and more.

* You believe in the importance of tests and TDD.

* You’re comfortable within an AWS environment.

* Scaling high volume, high throughput distributed systems is just another day on the the job for you.

Technical Requirements - SRE/DevOps: * AWS

* Docker, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, Ruby

* Experience with scaling

NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa is a plus. Proximity to NZ timezones are a plus. Full remote is OK.

Any questions or to apply, email tjanofsky@sailthru.com