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Belgrade - 1 jobs in August 2016

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Crater (https://crater.co, https://gosurveybot.com) | Rohnert Park, California; Belgrade, Serbia; REMOTE U.S. or Serbia | Front End Software Engineer and Mobile Software Engineer

We're bringing video chat and image recognition to business-to-consumer communication. We have major traction in our first vertical, working with some of the biggest moving/storage/relocation companies in the world.

We're seeking 1) a creative, collaborative front-end software engineer experienced with complex animation to lead development of our user-facing web sites and contribute to the client-side portion of our web apps. You'll be working closely with our lead designer, crafting elegant, responsive web experiences.

Relevant experience:

* HTML, CSS, and JS

* Web animation and data visualization

* JS libraries, such as jQuery, Lo-Dash, and React

* Bootstrap

* PHP / WordPress

And 2) a creative, collaborative mobile software engineer to lead development of the next version of our main iOS app, as we transition off our MVP. We have a solid foundation of the video chat core, but are looking to extend the iOS app to include more functionality in parity with our web app. We'll be starting development of our first Android app later this year; currently we have a web app for Chrome for Android. Bringing some of your own ideas to the table is very much encouraged: we do have solid, clear requirements and use cases, but we move very quickly.

Relevant experience:

* Swift, Objective-C, Java

* WebRTC

* Twilio & TokBox APIs

You'll have freedom to decide which tools to use and to learn new things, but you must be able to work in a team setting and respond well to constructive criticism. We move fast, and expect world-class work from everyone on our team.

We're currently only able to consider candidates authorized to work in the United States or Republic of Serbia.

Send a short note about what interests you about the position, along with a resume/CV and links to projects you've worked on, to max@crater.co.