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Bilbao - 1 jobs in August 2016

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Plain Concepts (http://plainconcepts.com/) | Senior Developer | Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain | Full-time, onsite

We're currently looking for a Senior Developer to join our Agile Team. We value experience, but also capabilities and competency.

Plain Concepts is a tech company founded in 2006 by 4 Microsoft MVPs. Our team is made of people passionate in technology. We love helping out our clients with their technological challenges. We enjoy sharing our knowledge with them, especially when it comes to the latest innovations.

Occasionally, you will also have to provide training or help our customers in person. In Plain Concepts we have a highly multidisciplinary team. We don't do bodyshopping, so you will not be abandoned in a client without knowing who your peers are. The rest depends on your skills and preferences.

Some requirements:

* Being a team player

* Being able to work constructively criticize your teammates and being open to receive criticism about your work.

* Having constant desire to learn and the ability to learn quickly.

* Passion for all activities related to software development.

* Having communication skills.

More info: https://plainconcepts.workable.com/jobs/258551