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Gurgaon - 2 jobs in August 2016

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VP, Engineering | WhizKidz Media | Gurgaon, India | Full-time, on-site | Competitive salary + stock options

WhizKidz is implementing learning solutions for children keeping in mind that every kid has a unique set of abilities and learning acumen. We are building a platform that takes this into account and treats each child in a unique way to make learning fun and meaningful.

We are looking for someone with leadership skills and experience in designing technical architectures to fill our VP, Engineering position. As the VP, you’d be responsible for hiring and mentoring the engineering team and laying the groundwork for the company’s technical stack and the product development cycle.

While not strictly required, experience in the following skills is a big plus:

Backend: Python, postgres/mysql

Frontend: ECMAScript 6 (latest version of Javascript), modern frameworks like ReactJS

Mobile development: Android, Kotlin

Developer tools / services: git, AWS, heroku, github

Modern software engineering best practices

If you are interested, please send in your resume and github handle (if you don’t have one, make sure to include past projects in the resume) to one of the following people:

Contact : Diwank (+91 8127943793, diwank.singh@gmail.com) Amit (+91 9999300413, amit@whizkidzmedia.com)

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Gurgaon, India | Softage | Full-stack Developer | Full-time | Internship

Softage is India's leading document management company. We have a small tech team which develops our flagship document management workflow software and scales to 10M documents per month for multiple partners in telecom, e-commerce, and governance.

We're primarily a Python/Django shop, but are open to developers of all background, and open to experiment with cutting-edge technology (Elixir? AWS Lambda?). We're one of the only tech companies in India who have India-scale operations.

If this excites you, email me at sherjilozair@softage.net