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Istanbul - 1 jobs in August 2016

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Bloomberg (Consumer Mobile) | NYC (Midtown East) | Senior Android Developer | Full Time | Onsite

We're building a React Native app! My team's looking for one more with plenty of Android experience but wants to write JavaScript (use ES6, JSX, ESLint, Flow for type checking, Jest for testing, Istanbul for coverage, Redux), Java (for bridged native components), and if you're really ambitious/capable, Objective-C/Swift (for building the same features on iOS). We also still maintain and build upon our other purely native Android apps.

App performance (speed, memory, battery usage) and user satisfaction (we're aiming for 5 stars, minimizing bugs & crashes, and improving UX - we have a usability testing lab onsite!) are important to us. Our dev culture is one of lunch-n-learns, contributing to the product (strongly collaborating with the product team), collaborative whiteboarding (they're all over the place!), and blameless post-mortems.

Mention h/t Ask HN. Apply at https://careers.bloomberg.com/job/detail/48938?qe=Mobile+Dev...