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Lisbon - 1 jobs in August 2016

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Front End Engineer | Gymhopper | Lisbon PT | Salary range: Euro 24'000 - 48'000 + options based on experience | Onsite | No resume needed

Hi everyone, at Gymhopper we are looking for a fun, motivated and kind front-end developer to join us in building cutting edge and wildly popular software for gyms and fitness studios all over Europe.

While not up to SV rates, we look after our team members very well and pay 1.5-2x more than the market rate here in Portugal. Our stack is Mongo, Node, React and React Native and you will be working on really interesting problems which, while we sell B2B, affect and are used by hundreds of thousands of consumers in different countries and languages.

Part home office/remote is a possibility (and a flexible work-life balance that suits you is proactively encouraged), however at least 2 days/week onsite is a requirement.

Interested? Email me and mention you’re from HN. No need to send a resume—I’d like to hear about what you’ve been working on lately, and feel free to include any relevant project links.

Louis | Cofounder, Gymhopper | louis@gymhopper.com