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Louisville - 1 jobs in August 2016

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Uber Technologies | Louisville, CO (just outside of Boulder, CO) | ONSITE

Hiring: all levels of backend focused software engineers and specialist software engineers who have significant experience in machine learning, computer vision, SLAM and/or LiDAR.

The Uber Maps engineering team is partly based out of the Louisville office and we're building next generation mapping technologies. The teams here work on a variety of different projects, made up of specialists engineers as well as general, core software engineers. On the general software engineering side, we’re building out image processing software, the data store that houses all maps data and the infrastructure that all other maps engineering teams build on top of. Some of the specialist work we do: building SLAM and LiDAR algorithms from sensor and street level image data collected by the team as well as developing machine learning algorithms to extract useful information from this street level image data. Unfortunately, the majority of the projects here are still confidential but it's mainly either specialist type projects that I mentioned above or backend, big data related projects using Java, Scala, Go, Spark, Cassandra and Mesos to name a few.

A recent article was published that talks about the work, and the impact of it, that we're doing in Louisville: http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2016/07/ubers-...

Interview Process: one 30 minute informal call with me, Two 45 minute technical phone interviews, and one onsite interview.

Contact: nathaniel@uber.com