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Madison - 1 jobs in August 2016

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Swoop Search | swoopsrch.com | ONSITE Madison, WI | All positions

frontend - JavaScript/CSS/HTML: react, reflux/redux, sass, webpack, etc

backend - Python & Java: Django, numpy, PSQL, Spring, Memcached, Kafka, tomcat, etc.

Swoop is a fifteen person company based out of Madison, WI. At a high level, we focus on weighted-vectored search through large databases and other sources like WMS/WFS, csv/xml/docx, etc. The search itself is extremely user driven and utilizes a patented query interface to allow for iterative searching and analytics. The output of the search algorithm is not necessarily single results; our system focuses on patterns and groupings to present to users so they have smaller cohorts to continue dissecting and ultimately take action. We are trying to design user interfaces and search techniques to enhance human-computer interaction by building a system analogous to the human brain. This has applications in healthcare, finance, and national security.


I am Swoop's first employee; I can definitely answer any questions and will happily accept any resumes - My email is rob@swoopsrch.com

Quinn is one of three founders and will also field any questions or resumes - his email is quinn@swoopsrch.com