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Miami - 2 jobs in August 2016

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Codelitt Incubator | Miami | Full-time | ONSITE / REMOTE

Position: Software Engineer with Game Dev/3D Experience - Mobile experience a bonus

Product: Interactive Virtual and Altered Reality and data viz for Hololens.

You'll help a team of talented designers and other engineers build an interactive data visualization experience for the Hololens. You'll also be tackling some other POCs and R&D projects. Preferably you're also interested in learning new technology.

We look for smart people who solve problems regardless of background/education. We prefer teams who can pick up new technologies quickly and solve problems over monolithic experts.

Contact: halisson@codelitt.com and vincent@codelitt.com

Job description and more about the company here: https://angel.co/l/PWitt

We build a ton of products and use a ton of technology across the web, mobile, machine learning, robotics, VR/AR and AI. We have a great team, a profitable company, a great culture, and we'd love to hear from you.

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Yodel | https://yodel.co | Miami Beach, FL & Boulder, CO | Full Time (US applicants only please)

Yodel is a new way to share photos and videos with groups. Start a story with your crew, and everyone in the group can post, comment, and participate in it. Stories can be private, just between friends, family, and teams, or public, so anyone can join in. It's like Snapchat for groups. Our iOS app is currently in beta.

Hiring: Android Dev, Backend Dev (Node.js)

Apply by emailing: hello@yodel.co

More about our company, Railroad Project: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/tracks-3#/entity