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REMOTE - 111 jobs in August 2016

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Cloud Academy | Multiple Positions| San Francisco, CA / Mendrisio, Switzerland | Full Time | On-Site/Remote | Salary varies by position (see below)

At Cloud Academy, we‘re builders. Learning new technology is just as exciting for us as building it. We do this through utilizing and developing cutting-edge technology and empowering students, developers, engineers and companies to build and grow products with robust and constantly updated cloud skills. Now is your chance to join our talented team that delivers unparalleled educational content to developers worldwide.

We are looking for several members of our research and content team to work on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and/or DevOps. If you’re passionate about cloud technologies, and love to always be learning, this might be a great fit for you. In some cases, we don’t require you to be an expert in the cloud platform you’re working on – we will pay you to get certified. Already know and love the cloud? Want to expand your skills? Join our team.

Cloud Engineer and Trainer (salary range $80-140k): https://cloudacademy.workable.com/jobs/286145

Cloud Technology Assessment Manager (salary range $60-80k): https://cloudacademy.workable.com/jobs/303364

Cloud Content Acquisitions Manager (salary range $60-100k) https://cloudacademy.workable.com/jobs/306924

Check out jobs.cloudacademy.com for all of our open positions.

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Front Row Education -- San Francisco -- https://www.frontrowed.com

* Director of Engineering (ONSITE): https://frontrow.workable.com/j/3828FAE4A8

* Engineering Manager (ONSITE): https://frontrow.workable.com/jobs/285316

* Senior Software Engineer (ONSITE/REMOTE): https://frontrow.workable.com/jobs/156061

Come change how 3+ million US students learn Math and Language Arts. Use data, advanced type systems, great product design and deep pedagogy to change lives.

World class, tight-knit colocated + distributed engineering team in continental US.

One of the world's highest traffic Haskell products out there, 100% of backend and tools are in Haskell.

Big presence and stewardship of the Open Source community. Work with well-known authors.

Use the best and simplest tools for the job, maintain the no-firefighting culture, sleep soundly at night.

Front Row is venture funded, has a proven business model and is on the road to profitability.

Keywords: Haskell, React.JS, Flow, Ansible, AWS, PostgreSQL

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Toronto, Canada | Full Time | ONSITE or REMOTE or RELOCATION/VISA | C/C++/Python and Web developers

Sangoma Technologies is a telecommunications company well known in the OSS telephony community (Asterisk/FreeSWITCH/FreePBX/Elastix etc) and contribute frequently to several of those projects. You can see our github here: https://github.com/sangoma

We're building new services and products and we're looking for:

1. Full stack web developers (Python, Javascript and PHP) to build REST APIs for hosted telephony applications, appliance auto-provisioning, realtime statistics dashboards and monitoring for highly loaded telecom systems etc.

2. Core developers (C/C++/Python) to extend our protocol stacks, write telecom applications, extend and improve OSS projects such as Asterisk/FreeSWITCH, etc.

3. Lab automation developers (Python) to extend our infrastructure and automation testing frameworks.

All positions require strong Linux knowledge and great communication skills. Experience with telephony and/or audio/video is not required but a great asset.

It does not matter where you live (even disparate time zones can work, we have remote people in USA, Africa, Spain, South America and Asia). If you live in Canada or want to immigrate to Canada, that's even better, we can help with the immigration paper work (just now bringing over a couple of devs from Argentina).

If you have questions or would like to apply please email me (see my HN profile for details) and preferably mention HN in the email subject.

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Silicon Valley Bank | http://www.svb.com/ | Full-time or contract in San Francisco | ONSITE REMOTE INTERNS VISA (non-H1B)

Help us build a modern, developer-friendly, API platform for banking services. Banks are rife with inefficient, legacy technologies and Byzantine processes. It's frustrating for banks and even more frustrating for their customers. We're a small team of predominantly ex-Standard Treasury [1] engineers working to change that, one API at a time.

We're looking for generalist and backend engineers of all experience levels. Our tech stack is Clojure and Postgres, but no experience with either is required. Our only hard requirement, and preference, is that you have strong software engineering ability (and that you can pass a background check--sorry, but it's a bank requirement).

Our office is in downtown San Francisco. I won't enumerate all the comp and benefits here, but suffice it to say, we try to make both competitive and lucrative. Notably, if you'd like to live in the Bay Area, and don't live here now, we will pay to relocate you!

If you're interested in working with us or learning more, email me at: jbrusstar@svb.com

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_Treasury

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In-depth (http://indepth.io) | New Zealand | Lead JS Dev | Full-time | On-site / Visa / Remote | 45k + equal equity

Lead developer / 3rd co-founder => Javascript | React | React Native | GraphQL | Node | Azure/AWS

We are an accelerator-backed start up focusing on the cultural sector.

Our goal is to become the source of information on all items of historical importance held by organisations worldwide.

When searching for information about ‘Mongolian weapons’ you go to Wikipedia, when searching for information about a specific Mongolian weapon used by Kublai Khan, you come to In-depth.

Our first product is an open-source platform allowing museums to create web and mobile experiences for their exhibitions with an aim of being highly customisable and extensible (think Wordpress/Drupal). Thus allowing museums to create unique apps and features, while sharing a base platform and driving down costs.

We will be going through an accelerator (mahuki.org) program starting in August and are partnering with the largest museum in New Zealand.

Check out the full job description at http://mus.nz/cofounder or email rowan@indepth.io

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FullContact (https://fullcontact.com) | Denver, Boulder, Dallas, Riga | Full-Time | Remote or On-site

FullContact’s mission is to help the world stay fully connected, master its contacts, and be awesome with people. (& yes - all roles include $7,500 Paid PAID Vacation: https://www.fullcontact.com/blog/paid-paid-vacation/)

We are currently hiring:

* Senior Software Engineer - Data Platform

* Senior Security Engineer

* DevOps / SRE

* UX Designer

* Developer Evangelist

More details about the open positions: https://www.fullcontact.com/about/careers/

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FreeAgent, Edinburgh and REMOTE (UK-only)


At FreeAgent we help freelancers and micro-businesses take control of their company finances.

We have built an award-winning, online accounting product that offers full end-to-end compliance, from time tracking to tax return filing. We're based in beautiful Edinburgh and we're growing from strength to strength with over 50,000 paying customers and continued strong growth. Customers love what we do!

We're a growing team of over 100 people, based in Edinburgh but with remote staff around the UK. If you want to come and help us make small businesses awesome at doing their finances, we're currently looking for senior software engineers to join our team.

We have opportunities across many different engineering areas (e.g. front-end, API development, a real-time double-entry accounting engine, tax platform, data platform, mobile apps), so we can offer a broad scope for skill and career development. Our stack is Ruby/Rails, Javascript, React.js, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch.

We're growing quickly and have an expanding number of vacancies across our engineering organisation:

* Full stack engineers of all levels across several teams (Product, Growth, Development platform)

* Senior operations engineer (Ops) - Unix/Linux, Puppet, low-level networking, message queues (Rabbit), databases (MySQL)



(We are looking for UK-based full-time staff only right now)

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Toronto, Canada | Kira Inc | REMOTE ok in US/CAN | Clojure/ClojureScript Web Developer

Kira Inc. is a Toronto-based startup using machine learning to automate legal work. We’re looking for a developer to work on our Clojure and ClojureScript web application. Our stack includes reactive single-page web client code and a distributed backend to handle internal computations. Our team is small, pragmatic, and inquisitive; we love learning new technologies and balance adoption with good analysis. To us, agile is a verb, not a noun, we adopt what works for us rather than strictly following a particular methodology. We prefer to hire near our downtown Toronto office, but also welcome remote work in a time zone within North America.

This position is focused on internal tools such as application analytics and internal integrations. It involves a bit of everything in the web stack:

  * Client-side UI code.
  * Server-side REST routes.
  * Platform and core APIs.
  * Document and report generation.
You should have knowledge of some of these. Most of all we look for those interested in learning.

Please send us:

  * cover letter — tell us why you’re interested,
  * resume/linkedin profile,
  * link to github projects or other work samples.
Email your resume to kirasystems@applications.recruiterbox.com with "Web Developer" in the subject line or apply online at https://kirasystems.com/careers.

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ReifyHealth | Boston | ONSITE preferred, REMOTE contractors | Full-time, Contractors | Mid-level to very senior compensation

We are building clinical trial software that makes a difference in people's lives. Clinical trials are slow, unpredictable and expensive and we aim to improve this for everyone's benefit. We are actively working on a greenfield app and have more interesting development in the pipeline. We care about building great products, providing a great user experience and listening to our users to improve on our products. We actively use, contribute to and author open source libraries.

We are hiring for the following positions:

* Mid to Senior Frontend Engineer: HTML, CSS, ReactJS, ClojureScript - https://jobs.lever.co/reifyhealth/089e5e4c-13e9-49c8-93a9-11...

* Mid to Senior Fullstack Engineer: ClojureScript, Clojure, PostgreSQL - https://jobs.lever.co/reifyhealth/dd9f818f-d94c-4a0c-b97c-06...

If this sounds exciting, we'd love to hear from you! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us: hiring (@) reifyhealth.com.

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Shopify | Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Waterloo and now San Francisco!) | Full-time | Onsite | Remote | VISA

Shopify is a platform that allows entrepreneurs to easily setup an online store.

We build solutions that empower merchants at every step of their journey. Our product helps merchants who are just starting as well as established brands that need a solution that can scale with their traffic.

We're always working on products that make it easier for entrepreneurs to reach their audience and help them make data driven decisions. Shopify is built in Ruby on Rails running on a stack composed of Docker, Golang, Python, Mysql, Kafka, HDFS and Apache Spark.

If you're interested in building tools that empower Entrepreneurs come take a look at who we are and what we're doing https://jobs.lever.co/shopify?lever-via=XBuWsYM_Q2 https://github.com/Shopify.

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Big Nerd Ranch | iOS Developer | Atlanta,GA | Onsite | Remote

Big Nerd Ranch specializes in developing business-building mobile and web apps for our clients. We also teach students what we've learned through our signature immersive bootcamps, and every year we release new books in our best-selling series of Big Nerd Ranch Guides.

We are looking for a mid-level full-time iOS Engineer to join the team. Must be well versed in architecture, design, configuration, the Xcode environment, Objective-C and Swift.

Learn more here https://www.bignerdranch.com/about-us/careers/

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Manzama | Bend, OR | Onsite or US Remote | Full-time

Senior Fullstack Developer

Manzama is an enterprise SaaS platform that helps professionals find, discover and monitor news that is important to them and their clients. We've been around for a little over 6 years, focused on the legal vertical, and are profitable with very loyal and happy customers. We are looking for Senior Developers to join our small but growing team. You'll be an integral part of building and expanding our current platform including expanding our use of machine learning and NLP to help deliver the most relevant news possible. We are based in beautiful Bend, Oregon but we do support remote workers as well.

Tech: Python, Django, Postgres, Solr, GCE, BigQuery, Datastore

While it's great if you have experience with our tech stack we are more interested in finding talented engineers who have experience building amazing products and systems.

You can email me directly at jamesp@manzama.com for more details or to apply

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StickerMule (https://www.stickermule.com/) | REMOTE ONLY | Senior JS/Ruby Developer | Full-time

You probably know us from... the sticker on your laptop? your favorite open source logo? every conference schwag bag ever?

Customers love that StickerMule makes it easy to print out high-quality custom stickers.

What they may not know is that we have an awesome, all-remote culture, with folks spread across the world. We're a small team (11 engineers) at a profitable, non-VC-funded company. There's little bureaucracy, engineers get to take ownership for all aspects of their projects, and there's room for good ideas to come from anywhere.

We're currently working on some very fun technical projects to build a new platform for our site. There are a lot of interesting problems: splitting a problematic current codebase into small Ruby services, writing JavaScript domain models with Flow type-checking, and traditional web UI product work.

Best of all, it's a low-stress, blame-free team, with just three standups a week in synchronous meetings. Other than that, I get to set my own hours, walk my kids to school, take a long lunch break with my wife, and do good work from anywhere.

Questions? Hit me up at adam@stickermule.com

For formal details and application, see: https://www.stickermule.com/jobs?job=714da6cc-dc8b-4453-8bd6...

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CloudGear | DevOps/Software Engineer | 60-100% | REMOTE (Europe)

CloudGear is a startup based in Zurich, Switzerland. We offer Docker and Kubernetes consulting and are working on a Kubernetes-as-a-service product to help companies adopt a modern infrastructure based on containers.

We are building up a small team and you work together with the founders as well as directly with large customers where Kubernetes is already used in production. You'll have a high impact on the product, team culture and company as we are just starting. Technologies used are Rails/Ruby, PostgreSQL, Redis, Go, Docker, Kubernetes, etcd.

We are looking for talented DevOps and software engineers with solid Docker and automation knowledge and decent programming skills e.g. Ruby, Python or Go. Experience with Kubernetes is a plus but not mandatory. We even go a step further and dedicate time where you can learn and explore Kubernetes.

Location: remote (Europe), travel required.

Please send further questions, your resume and your github username to georg (at) cloudgear.net - https://www.cloudgear.net

No recruiters or agencies, your email will be marked as spam.

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Ably realtime (ably.io) | London, UK | Software Engineer | Remote (but near timezone) | Full-time | VISA

Ably is a realtime data delivery platform uniquely solving the difficult problems in distributed guaranteed realtime message delivery for mobile, apps and IoT devices.

Looking for a resourceful software engineer to join our team to help build new features and improve our realtime data delivery platform.

Stack: Go, Node, Elixir, Ruby, Cassandra, Influx, Elastic, Ubuntu, Docker, AWS

See https://goo.gl/iJCmCB for job details

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Doist - https://doist.com/ - REMOTE

We have 3 development positions open: iOS, Front-end (JavaScript) and Backend (Python, Golang).

At Doist, we specialize in productivity software. We create tools that simplify and organize the day. Our main mission is to help people become more organized and productive. We have made Todoist, one of the most popular task management apps. Contact me at amix@doist.com if interested.

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ZALORA is an online fashion retailer headquartered in Singapore with millions of customers and 1000+ employees throughout South East Asia. We're expanding our globally distributed DevOps team.

You will be using Nix/NixOS to glue together a stack of Go, Memcached, MySQL, PHP, Solr and more.

A coding test is the biggest deciding factor. After that we'll chat, call and optionally meet to sort out the details.

Apply at http://jobs.engineering.zalora.com/apply/lOd9Ir/Global-DevOp.... Other positions (frontend, backend, Android, iOS, to name a few) are also available at the same site.

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Bonsai (YC W16) | Second Non-Founder Engineer (Full Stack) | SF or REMOTE

Bonsai (hellobonsai.com) helps freelancers simplify their lives with an integrated contract and payments workflow. You’ll join a technical, experienced team that’s backed by some of Silicon Valley’s top investors (YC, Index, Matrix, et al) and building the future of work.

We’re looking for a generalist backend engineer with a hacker mentality, 3+ years of experience building full-featured web applications, and a deep familiarity with Ruby. Experience working with payment API's and processing is a huge plus, as is previous startup and/or freelancing experience.

Offerring competitive compensation and willing to sponsor a visa for the right candidate if they'd like to be in SF. Remote is ok too. Email matt at hellobonsai dot com if interested.

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js.io | SF/bay, Tokoyo, Remote | Full Time | $150k-$250k

js.io is a new IDE for HTML5 Apps / Games, AR, VR, Minecraft mods, Arduino, IoT, and more, targeting javascript as a common language. We provide developers their own persistent container, a beautiful end-to-end development experiences, r remote-over-LTE debugging, one click publishing, and carefully polished community support. We value simple, frictionless experiences that cover every aspect of development, debugging, and deploying software.

Looking for front-end (javascript) and back-end (javascript, python, posix, containers), or ideally both.

Please email mc@js.io if you're interested, and include a personalized note with relevant interests and background.

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Blackbaud | https://www.blackbaud.com | Charleston, SC | Remote for the right person, otherwise onsite

At Blackbaud, we believe the world would be a better place if good took over. If everyone on a mission to do good had the power to do even more. That’s why we come to work every day—to equip and connect the world’s philanthropic community so that good can take over.

We do that by building the most innovative software and services to help our customers raise more money, spend less, and do more good. And while we each have different roles to play in helping customers succeed, we all have at least one thing in common: We care about cause as much as we care about code. Won’t you join us?

We're looking for a front-end engineer to help build a web portal that allows donors to make grants to non-profits. Looking for someone that knows Angular well and can help grow the skills of other team members. We use Slack throughout the day, VSTS for work items and builds, Azure and AWS for deployment, Github for code repos.

Email me if you're interested: dustin.speer@blackbaud.com.

Official job application: https://blackbaud.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/ExternalCareer...

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AddStructure - https://addstructure.com - Chicago/NYC - REMOTE

AddStructure is a text analytics company developing cutting edge search and recommendation applications for some of the world's largest retailers. We're current participants in the Techstars Retail program and are hiring for multiple positions. Employees can be onsite or remote but must be located in the domestic United States. If interested, please email jobs@addstructure.com and specify which job you are applying for in the subject.


Developers! We're working on some very cool technology that gets used by millions of people every day and are looking to grow our small team of developers. We're seeking generalists who are comfortable up and down the stack as well as NLP specialists. We are not too picky about tools, but ideally you are experienced with some of the following: Node, Java, C#, Lisp, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MogoDB, Backbone, Solr, Elasticsearch, AWS, NLP, machine learning.


Enterprise Salesperson If you're a salesperson with experience selling enterprise software into the Fortune 500, have a record of interacting with senior and C-level execs, and enjoy negotiation--we want you! We strongly prefer candidates with experience in the retail/e-commerce space.

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Application Security Consultants | Optiv | Anywhere in the US | Remote | https://www.optiv.com

I'm a senior consultant with the Advisory wing of Optiv. We are hiring web app/mobile security consultants - basically, a client gives you a an app and some info and you try to find as many vulnerabilities if you can. Being a profit center for the company has its advantages- our salaries are competitive (with a reasonable bonus structure to boot), and our work life balance is tough to beat - i took a few months off last year and nobody batted an eye.

We'd like people who are comfortable working by themselves - you have the support of peers and the company's project management apparatus but the testing and customer work is generally pretty independent. Being able to explain the OWASP top 10 and other common web security vulnerabilities is something you should be able to do in your sleep. Mobile application skills and cloud security knowledge is a huge perk. Finally, being able to explain and write clearly is important - you need to have both the written and verbal English skills to explain complex security concepts to both developers and shareholders.

Feel free to e-mail me at john.labelle@ if you have questions or want to talk shop.

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Pixelcabin - https://www.pixelcab.in | Remote, UK preferred | Junior Software Engineer

Pixelcabin is an agile web development agency, focusing on ecommerce solutions for a wide range of companies. We work closely with Shopify building polished front-end experiences for our clients, and expanding the native Shopify functionality with bespoke Rails apps that leverage Shopify’s extensive API. We are a core Partner of Shopify, with advance access to upcoming APIs and features, allowing us to work on novel features and solutions.

We are seeking a Junior Full Stack developer to help us grow our team. You will be exposed to a variety of different apps, and given ownership of some upcoming projects currently in the planning stage.

As a remote team across time zones, we have a flexible approach to work schedule, however we would usually expect you to cross at least 5 hours of 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday UK time during your first year of working with us.

You can contact us at jobs@pixelcab.in, or read the full job listing at https://www.pixelcab.in/?job=junior-developer

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Bloc (https://www.bloc.io/)

Position: Mentor (Full-Time, Part-Time)

Location: Remote

Application: https://jobs.lever.co/bloc/94dc0b93-6c9a-44d4-b013-39b584d38...

Bloc is a mentor-led online bootcamp for aspiring developers. Our structured programs combine 1-on-1 mentorship and original, industry-vetted curriculum for a more accessible and effective alternative to offline schools and bootcamps. Our mentors are experienced developers and designers with a passion for sharing their craft. They believe in the apprenticeship model of education: learning by building under the guidance of an experienced professional. As a mentor, you'll lead your students through the program and train them for a junior developer role using our platform and curriculum for support.

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Seed (YC W15) - Online Banking for Small Business - https://seed.co

ONSITE in San Francisco or Portland, REMOTE (US)

Role: Frontend Engineer

Stack: JS, React, Golang, Swift, Docker, AWS

Skills: We value core software engineering experience, so being comfortable working w/o a framework and being able to code in other languages are a big plus.


Phone intro, phone screen, onsite + technical interview, decision. We strive to complete this process within 2 weeks if a candidates schedule permits.

Apply: https://seed.co/jobs/

Please include a cover letter and mention that you found us on HN. Also feel free to reach out to me at brian at seed.co

What we do:

We’re taking on the challenge of modernizing small business banking. We’re building beautiful, easy-to-use tools for banking, invoicing, expense tracking, and more, so our members can focus on helping their businesses thrive. Those tools also need to integrate smoothly with often-antiquated banking systems, and be bank-level secure. It’s a huge challenge, but one we enjoy tackling every day.

Recent press: https://seed.co/press/

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[ original post ]

Mediachain Labs - http://mediachainlabs.com - NYC or Remote

We're building http://mediachain.io, an open, universal media library. Mediachain utilizes a decentralized database and content ID technology to automatically link media to information about it, no matter where it is.


We've recently raised $1.5M in seed funding from USV and a16z and are actively expanding the engineering team! Anyone interested in contributing should reach out.

Join our Slack: http://slack.mediachain.io

Were hiring for the following positions:

- Distributed Systems Engineer

- Creative Director (Communication/Design)

Position Details

Location: New York City or Remote

Type: Consultant / Part-Time / Full-Time

Salary: To Be Communicated

Learn more at http://mediachainlabs.com/jobs

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Comfy | Oakland CA | REMOTE | Backend, Frontend Engineers

Comfy solves the number one workplace complaint—thermal comfort—and uses machine learning to save energy. We're bringing the Internet of Things to office buildings. Our tools: Django, Angular, Cordova

Our interviews start with a phone screen, then move to an on-site or video-conferencing interview. We'll consider a remote workplace for the right candidate.

Backend Engineer (any level): https://jobs.lever.co/buildingrobotics/1c73248a-6199-4872-92... Frontend Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/buildingrobotics/1aa6fc7f-4f28-42e9-83... Senior Frontend Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/buildingrobotics/3346a958-b6ef-445d-b4...

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Codelitt Incubator | Miami | Full-time | ONSITE / REMOTE

Position: Software Engineer with Game Dev/3D Experience - Mobile experience a bonus

Product: Interactive Virtual and Altered Reality and data viz for Hololens.

You'll help a team of talented designers and other engineers build an interactive data visualization experience for the Hololens. You'll also be tackling some other POCs and R&D projects. Preferably you're also interested in learning new technology.

We look for smart people who solve problems regardless of background/education. We prefer teams who can pick up new technologies quickly and solve problems over monolithic experts.

Contact: halisson@codelitt.com and vincent@codelitt.com

Job description and more about the company here: https://angel.co/l/PWitt

We build a ton of products and use a ton of technology across the web, mobile, machine learning, robotics, VR/AR and AI. We have a great team, a profitable company, a great culture, and we'd love to hear from you.

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[ original post ]

modblock | Manchester, UK | Remote possible | full time/part time

modblock is a startup operating in the gaming industry, looking to bridge the gap between freelance developers and actual game developers. Our product is a software, built to ease the integration of content created by freelance developers into existing video games.

Our ambitions with modblock are to provide new gaming experiences for players, empower freelance developers through monetisation and enable game developers to leverage more out of their games with new streams of content and revenues. Each of these ambitions has its own challenges, but we’re convinced that execution could represent a real turning point in game development.

moblock is still at a very early stage and we are looking to hire a CTO with great game development experience, to build our product and help us turn modblock’s vision into reality. More than experience, we’re looking to bring on board a true gaming passionate that wants to have a positive impact on the industry!


* building the modblock platform and ensure its maintenance for a smooth end-user experience.

* working closely with CEO to ensure that modblock vision is maintained throughout the development phase.

* ensure that customer feedback is taken into account and implemented to improve the experience.

* having an vivid interest in innovations in the fields of software and game developments.

The ideal candidate will have the following skills and experience:

* 5+ years of game development experience and modding, knowledge of C++/C# a plus. ESSENTIAL.

* Extensive knowledge of software and web development (HTML, CSS) desirable.

* Strong passion for gaming and good knowledge of the PC gaming landscape.

If you’re interested and would like to discuss, please get in touch at najib.elkihel@gmail.com.

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Kaggle | San Francisco | Full Time | ONSITE or REMOTE | Software Engineering

Technologies: C#; ASP.NET MVC; React; TypeScript; Docker; Azure.

You can read the job req and apply here: http://kaggle.applytojob.com/apply/GjSjOi/Backend-Engineer?s...

Kaggle is best known as a platform for machine learning competitions. We have a community of over 600K data scientists. Now also building a sharing-and-collaboration platform (closest analogy is Github for data science: https://www.kaggle.com/kernels)

Particularly interesting opportunity for software engineers looking for exposure to data science/machine learning. Three of our engineers have come via HN posts, so we take HN referrals very seriously.

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Unyte Health Inc Industry: Gaming, Health & Wellness Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Onsite or Remote in special cases)

We are a "meditation technology" company. We were one of the first companies to produce Biofeedback hardware and software for consumers (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Journey_to_Wild_Divine ). We're currently revamping both our hardware and software library, and are looking to bring on an experienced Unity 3D Developer to lead software efforts. Both contract or full-time are options. Remote is a possibility if you are a resident of Ontario.

Experience optimizing Unity 3D games to run well across mobile platforms is a must - as we're a small team, "jack of all trades" (optimizing 3D models and other art assets, etc...) is great. Finally, if you're interested in Virtual Reality development we've got some interesting stuff in the pipeline there as well.

We've got a really cool office space walking distance from the U of T campus and both subway lines (Spadina + Bloor). Full kitchen, freshly ground coffee, flexible work hours, etc...

Contact: careers at unyte.com or reach out to me directly via my HN profile - What to send with your application: 1-2 paragraphs about any relevant experience, links to project samples (i.e. public repos, open source projects you've contributed to or stack overflow profile), and also what attracts you to the role.

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[ original post ]

----- About Keen IO -----

Keen IO is an API platform that lets developers collect and study custom events at a massive scale.

Our Mission = Turn Explorers into Discoverers.

We value: introspection, continuous learning, personal agency, honesty, and empathy. It's a work in progress!

----- Platform Product Engineers -----

(SF Bay Area or Remote US only) Keen IO is seeking engineers to join our team. We build and nurture an Analytics API that processes user data and queries around the clock, across diverse industries. Whether it’s gaming, e-commerce, advertising, publishing, or IoT, our platform aims to make Analytics so easy for developers that they can focus entirely on their product. Our challenge is to scale with a constantly growing data deluge and evolve along with our user’s needs. Skills: Cassandra, Java, Scala, Tornado, Zookeeper, Storm, Kafka

----- Front-End & Full-Stack Engineers -----

(SF Bay Area or Remote US only) Keen IO is seeking Front-End and Full-Stack Engineers to join our team. Our team is focused on shaping the interactive environment where anyone can put our APIs to work and get value out of our platform. We do this through apps and interfaces like our Explorer, Dashboards, and Dataviz SDK. Our customers' expectations for both technical capability and quality have never been higher than they are right now.

Languages: JavaScript (ES6), CSS3 and HTML5; experience with Python is a plus

----- Account Executives -----

(SF Bay Area Only) Be one of the first Sales Representative and SDRs for a fast-growing, Sequoia-backed, cloud analytics platform. Our Cross-Vertical Practice is a small, cross-functional team (marketing, sales, sales engineering, data science) tasked with growing our business across all verticals.

For questions, please contact us at humans@keen.io or visit our career page (https://keen.io/careers/).

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Fy | Berlin, Germany | Remote possible | freelancer preferred

Android developer

Fy is building the end-to-end mobile marketplace for emerging indie brands. We’re redefining how people discover and shop on mobile by building the most addictive, visual and seamless customer experience - from app to delivery.

At Fy we are committed to using progressive technologies. Our stack is based on React Native, Clojure and ClojureScript. We're currently looking for an Android developer to help us build a great React Native app.

An ideal candidate (freelancer preferred) will have experience with Android development and will be looking for a challenge. Experience with React Native is not required, but interest in this framework is definitely a plus! Email us at jobs@iamfy.co

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Hanzo Archives | Senior Software Engineer | Remote only (Europe) | Full-Time

What: Forensic grade web archiving as a service or appliance. Enterprise focused. Small company with major clients. Currently expanding the analytics of our archives - LDA, entity extraction, change detection, etc.

Position: Crawler architecture & Data analytics infrastructure - people with curious minds.

Interview process: CV -> Phone Interview -> Work sample/coding challenge -> 2nd Phone Interview.


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Move, Inc. (TigerLead division) | Santa Clara, CA | Multiple Positions | $120k - $145k | Onsite preferred, Remote possible

We are a small, distributed team looking to add experienced engineers to our group. As part of Move, our team is responsible for one of the most heavily-trafficked networks of real estate sites on the web, dedicated to helping realtors connect with buyers and sellers.

Our interview process involves a short programming assignment for you to complete at your own pace and an onsite interview in Santa Clara, but let’s just start with an informal conversation to see if this is the right opportunity for you.

If you are interested, email me directly, no need to bother with a lengthy application if this isn’t the right fit.

Eric Hall: eric.hall@move.com

Sr. Software Engineer (Front-End or Full Stack) http://careers.move.com/sr-software-engineer-front-end-or-fu...

Software Engineer (Back-End or Full Stack) http://careers.move.com/sr-software-engineer/job/6146499

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Martov Company (Montreal - ONSITE preferred, REMOTE possible for the right candidate)

My team is hiring an interactivity engineer to lead continued development of a ground-breaking virtual reality adventure game built in Unreal Engine. If you're passionate about virtual reality and want to help build a best-in-industry company with a strong team of artists and storytellers, please reach out (jay@martov.com).

You can read about the position below. Looking forward to chatting more about what we're building and the team.




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StackShare | Remote OK (US Only) | Full-time

StackShare helps you discover and compare software tools- we’re building a platform for developer knowledge.

We're looking for an awesome Developer Evangelist (in SF) to help grow and manage the StackShare community. From Airbnb to Dropbox, to individual developers and CTOs, StackShare has become the defacto place for companies and engineers to share the software they use and why. But we're just scratching the surface- we believe we have an opportunity to fundamentally change the way that software is built. Whether you're building a new mobile app, automating infrastructure, or just researching best practices, StackShare will be your compass.

Unlike other DE roles, your job isn't to push one API or product. You'll work with hundreds of APIs and help build a knowledge platform that will developers choose the right tools. The role is part community building, part growth engineering, part marketing. If you enjoy writing code, but enjoy helping others solve technical problems even more, then this is probably the right opportunity for you.

Our Stack: Ruby/Rails/React/PostgreSQL http://stackshare.io/stackshare

Interview Process: Phone Screening (45 min) > Technical Interview (60 min, Video Chat) > Take-home project (2 days to finish) > Product Interview (2 hours, Video Chat / Onsite) > References > Offer Letter!

Open Roles:

- Developer Evangelist (San Francisco) - $70k - $100k · 0.5 - 4.0% https://angel.co/stackshare/jobs/86973-developer-evangelist

- Software Engineer - $70k - $100k · 0.3 - 3.0% https://angel.co/stackshare/jobs/134825-software-engineer

Apply via AngelList or email us at careers+HN@stackshare.io - if you're emailing please include your resume and/or LinkedIn profile URL!

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Asteria/Playa | http://getasteria.com/ | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE / REMOTE

We're building out products and services that enable autonomous intelligent collaborative multi-agent systems.

We're looking for Machine Learning Hackers, Embedded Systems Engineers, Semantic / Meta Data Engineer, Artificial Intelligence Engineers, Cybernetic Systems Engineers, API Engineers, Blockchain Engineers, NLP/NLU Data Scientists

Sign up for our mailing list here: https://getasteria.com/

Reach me at dan@baqqer.com

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Olabot | San Francisco, CA or REMOTE | Contract

Olabot is pioneering new social experiences on messaging platforms. Come join us and help build the future of messaging. http://venturebeat.com/2016/07/13/esther-crawford-talks-olab...

We are looking for strong javascript/node.js engineers who are interested in joining an exciting and fast moving early stage startup. Experience with Facebook Messenger API or other messaging platforms is a big plus.

Positions are currently contract but have the strong possibility of becoming full-time within three months.

Please send your resume, rates, and availability to ethan@olabot.com if you are interested!

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Full-stack Developer (Django/Python) | The Advisory Board | REMOTE (or onsite in DC/Chicago/Austin), but must be eligible to work in US | Full-time

The Advisory Board's mission is to make health care better, education smarter, and our communities stronger.

We're looking for two full-stack engineers to join our growing Education Advisory Board (EAB) dev team - this division of The Advisory Board builds data-driven technology products that help colleges and universities around the country improve performance and outcomes for students. Most of the team sits in our DC headquarters, but we're equally happy to fill the positions remotely (or at another one of our offices, such as DC or Austin).

Django/Python background is important and Angular would be very helpful.

For more details and to APPLY: http://bit.ly/2agTD9m

CULTURE/MISSION: https://www.advisoryboardcompany.com/about/mission

DIVERSITY/INCLUSION: https://www.advisoryboardcompany.com/careers/diversity

Questions? Shoot us a message at careers (at) advisory (dot) com

Keywords: Python, Django, AWS, DevOps, HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, UI, AJAX, REST

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Ably realtime (ably.io) | London, UK | DevOps | Remote (but near timezone) | Full-time | VISA

Ably is a realtime data delivery platform uniquely solving the difficult problems in distributed guaranteed realtime message delivery for mobile, apps and IoT devices.

Looking for someone to join our engineering team to help continue automating every aspect of our infrastructure spread across 24+ data centres.

Stack: Go, Elixir, Node, Ruby, Cassandra, Influx, Elastic, Ubuntu, Docker, AWS

See https://goo.gl/XLnLpS for job details

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Stryd, Boulder, CO, Techstars Boulder 2015 | Intern | mobile Developer | Remote Okay


Stryd is a multidisciplinary team that is enthusiastic about the future of wearable technology for athletes. Out of this passion, we've developed the world’s first wearable power meter for runners that provides insight into their running technique and performance.

We are looking for mobile developers who are knowledgable with Android and iOS development. We use Java for the Android and Swift for the iOS. Good sense of design is bonus.

We also want you to be an endurance runner, or a triathlete, or at least to have the passion about running. This is very important.

You will be leading the Android development for Stryd first, and possibly share the development for iOS in the future.

Being able to relocate to Boulder for the internship is preferred but we also consider the remote talent? BTW, if you like running, Boulder is pretty much your dream place. You get tons of opportunities to run and train with LOTS of elite athletes who are Stryd ambassadors here.

If interested, please send an email to kun@stryd.com

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AVAAZ | https://www.avaaz.org/en/hiring/ | Global | Full Time | REMOTE

Avaaz is changing the world, and we’ll give you the means to change it, too. Our team is a place to exercise your creativity and your leadership, while building never-before-seen tools for one of the world’s top online activism organisations. You can let your imagination run wild figuring out how to grow the platform and tools, improve rapid-iterative processes and integrate new technologies.

We are a nimble team working on creating opportunities to bring about the world most people everywhere want -- one of justice, peace, and freedom. The work environment is quite unique: whether you’re in the office or working from home, our collaborative culture ensures everyone is heard and treated respectfully, with a strong focus on personal development.

Our tech build comprises the latest technologies (cloud computing, distributed systems, big data) using great languages (Python, PHP, JS) with proven and cutting-edge datastores (MySQL, Redshift, MongoDB, Redis, Memcache). At Avaaz, your work will have an impact on a huge scale: we have more than 40 million members, who have taken over 200 million actions, told over 500 million friends about Avaaz campaigns and donated more than $50 million online.

Our global and distributed tech team creates beautiful, efficient code that works across browsers, platforms and localisations. It’s backed by developers with a proven track record of designing, building and debugging large web applications.

We’re roaming the world in the search for challenge-driven hard-working developers and senior developers with excellent spoken and written communication in English who are able to adapt and learn, with talents for creativity and abstract thinking. The quest is for people who fit that profile; we know specific skills can always be trained and developed.

We are currently hiring senior developers and devops engineers in the Americas, EU and African timezones.

Salary is competitive in the non profit space with generous benefits but we can not match corporate tech salaries.

Apply here: https://www.avaaz.org/en/hiring/

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Chargify | https://www.chargify.com | REMOTE | Full time Product Manager

We pride ourselves on our core values: http://chargify.fish and hope to find a candidate that demonstrates these core values in their professional and personal life.

Chargify’s mission is to simplify the complexities of running a subscription business that collects recurring revenue. Our product handles customer signups, subscription management, billing and retention so companies can focus on what is important - growing their business.

Chargify is 5 years old, profitable, and growing every month. We have an open, amiable CEO who engages customers on a daily basis, a CTO with a clear vision of the company's path forward, a stable of seasoned entrepreneurs as backers and advisors, and a close-knit team of remote workers that make Chargify better every day.

Position: Product Manager

We're looking for someone who shares our passion for our product and who will find ways to help our merchants succeed. We want to find someone whose communication skills and whose empathy in interacting with our customers match their technical skills.

To apply: http://chargify.applytojob.com/apply/kU256g/Product-Manager

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Indaba Music | NYC, NY | REMOTE (US / GERMANY) | FULL TIME | indabamusic.com

Indaba Music is an online community of musicians, producers, songwriters, remixers, and other music creators. We provide opportunities to our community to create music everyday for some of the biggest artists and brands in the world.

Looking for back-end clojure and front-end js/cljs programmers.

See https://indabamusic.com/careers for details.

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WonderKiln | NodeJS/Meteor Backend Developer | Remote

Type: Full-Time/Part-Time

Location: Remote (we are located in Akron, Ohio)

Company Name: WonderKiln

We are a small boutique consultancy, with a entirely remote team, heavily focused on great experiences (design, code, animations, etc). We take great pride in our design and development, only working on projects we build from the ground up handling design, brand, and development.

We are looking for another backend developer who is flexible and willing to work with an small existing team in a fully remote capacity. The key trait we are looking for is independence and self-motivation to tackle problems and hit deadlines. Experience with frontend development and a eye for implementing designs as per mockups/etc is a huge plus but not mandatory.

We currently work with MeteorJS as our primary framework and while experience with this is a big benefit, it's easy to pickup so if you don't have much experience, still feel free to reach out! Generally looking for experience with NodeJS, MongoDB, Angular/React/Vue, etc.

The goal is to find someone who can jump in as part-time and work on ramping their hours up from there. We are looking for someone available immediately. If interested definitely reach out with availability (hours per week), hourly rate, and past experience!

Contact: austin [at] wonderkiln.com

Looking forward to hearing from some of you!

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Sensara | Bangalore, India | ONSITE | Full Time | http://www.sensyremote.com/

At Sensara, we make India's best TV Guide and Remote app - Sensy. We use mobile [1], machine learning [2] and hardware [3] to understand TV deeply, solve hard experience problems [4] towards a better TV watching experience in India.

We are computer science geeks - looking for engineers open to working on any part of the stack - Machine Learning, Audio Processing, Search & Discovery, Android/iOS, Product/UX. Join the tribe!

Write to us at hello@sensara.tv

[1] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.sensara.app...

[2] https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ad-break-patterns-bharath-kum...

[3] http://www.sensyremote.com/

[4] https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/we-just-designed-smarter-remo...

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Techincal Cofounder | San Francisco Bay Area, CA | Tixit | Full Time or Half Time | Equity: 10-20% | REMOTE welcome

I'm Billy Tetrud, the Founder of Tixit. We're a small (4 person) team building a lightening fast extensible project management system that lets teams work on their terms. https://angel.co/tixit-1

We're looking for a 2nd technical cofounder to accellerate the development of our product, which is currently alpha-stage. You'd be working with me (the other technical cofounder) in designing and implementing the core backend as well the web frontend. We value our test-driven development, clear internal and external documentation, and doing things right rather than rushing things. Our stack is node.js and mongodb.

I'm happy to chat with you over the phone about what we're doing. Email me at billy@tixit.me and mention you're from HN, I'd love to hear what you've been working on.

Thanks, Billy Tetrud, Founder at Tixit, billy@tixit.me https://angel.co/tixit-1/jobs/114395-technical-co-founder

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Interactive Intelligence | Annapolis | US. REMOTE or Onsite | Full-time | https://inin.com Interview is standard, quick tech phone screen then fly you out for onsite with the team. We do workforce management software. Full stack from complex SPA front-ends, AWS hosted services, to advanced simulations and linear equation solvers. We're looking for someone smart to join our testing team. We need good people to write good automated tests for our products. Current job posting is: https://app.jobvite.com/j?cj=oavk3fwM&s=HackerNews I'm a hiring manager, my email is brian (d0t) robinson (at) inin.com. Email me with questions.

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WonderKiln | UI/UX & Illustration Designer | Remote

Type: Full-Time/Part-Time

Location: Remote (we are located in Akron, Ohio)

Company Name: WonderKiln

This one is a bit more straight forward (posted a dev opportunity too), we are also looking for a part-time/full-time designer to jump into a existing design team. The main focus is on UI/UX Designer but with a talent for illustration to aid in crafting assets and moving the experience forward.

Similar to the dev opportunity above, the main focus is on independence and hitting deadlines while having almost complete free-reign! The projects will vary quite a bit so looking for someone flexible to jump between projects but who is also quite capable with regards to Web and App design w/ illustration.

Design-wise we have a small group already but are looking to expand it with someone very focused and dedicated time-wise. Happy to share our existing designs/buildouts upon request!

Like the dev opportunity above, we are looking for someone to jump in as part-time and work on ramping their hours up from there. We are looking for someone available immediately. If interested definitely reach out with availability (hours per week), hourly rate, and design examples!

Contact: austin [at] wonderkiln.com

Looking forward to hearing from some of you!

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Boomkat.com | Manchester, UK | Freelance Frontend Engineer | Contract | REMOTE or ONSITE

We're in the process of developing a complete overhaul of the current Boomkat website. Encompassing a download store and ecommerce functionality for our physical sales, it's a sizeable project. With over a million tracks in our back catalogue, and millions of orders, we operate at a scale which represents some unique challenges, and opportunities.

We're focusing on improving the overall user experience of the website, creating something that's beautiful and engaging, and better using the depth of data we house. What we're building right now will lay the foundations for an exciting second phase, where we plan to break new ground in delivering incredible experiences around our music.

The new website is built in Ruby on Rails, and uses React.js and Redux heavily on the front end. We're looking for a skilled, detail oriented contract Javascript developer to join the team. We're a small, fast moving team, with a wide range of skills. We work remotely, but have a base in Manchester.

Someone who would enjoy this role will have:

  - A thorough understanding of React and Redux, and working knowledge of Ruby on Rails.
  - Good working knowledge of responsive design processes and techniques
  - Experience delivering cross-platform applications for the web; particularly in a mobile environment.
  - Plenty of experience writing well structured and tested code, in a continuous delivery process.
  - An ability to work quickly, whilst still maintaining a robust and stable codebase.
Get in touch at shlom@boomkat.com - please include your CV, Github link, etc.

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Viking Education | Course Mentor | Remote | Part Time | http://www.vikingcodeschool.com

Viking Code School is a 100% online development bootcamp. We're a mission-driven company with the goal of launching a million high-growth careers around the world while having fun doing so.

Our mentor-led program pairs students with industry veterans who perform weekly code reviews as part of the learning process. As a mentor, you work with students all the way through either our back end (Ruby / Rails / SQL / Algorithms) portion of the course and/or our Front End (JS / Angular) portion of the course but on your own time.

We prefer full stack mentors but are open to working with great people on all fronts. Mentors are compensated for check-ins.


* 5+ years of professional development experience as part of an engineering team.

* Strong grounding in CS fundamentals like Data Structures and Algorithms.

* Relevant experience with [CS, Ruby, Rails] and/or [JavaScript, AngularJS].

Email careers@vikingcodeschool.com with your CV, links and anything else that would prove your development or teaching ability and general awesomeness.

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Viking Education | Full Stack Instructor + Curriculum Architect | Onsite(SF) or Remote | http://www.vikingcodeschool.com

Viking Code School runs an immersive and 100% online development bootcamp where students only pay tuition when they get a job. We're a mission-driven company with the goal of launching a million high-growth careers around the world while having fun doing so.

Instructors are the heart of everything we do and we are looking for an experienced and opinionated full stack web developer who will lead instruction in the Immersive program and ongoing development of the curriculum. This is not a lecture-based position -- we heavily lean on demos and code review while supporting our pair-programming students when they have questions.

Because we are 100% online, this is a REMOTE OK position which allows for a high degree of lifestyle flexibility while giving you a chance to potentially affect millions of lives with the lessons, demos, projects and posts you create.


* 5+ years team-based development experience, 3+ in Ruby/Rails or JavaScript and relevant frameworks (e.g. AngularJS). Strong CS, testing and data fundamentals.

* Significant experience with writing, sharing and educating (e.g. blogging, delivering conference talks, podcasting, teaching, or committing to OSS). Great communication is prized over specific teaching experience.

* A legitimate passion for education and, preferably, also a quirky weird sense of fun.

Apply with your CV, a description of why you are a good fit, and any relevant links to Github, conference talks, blog posts etc. to careers@vikingcodeschool.com

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General Assembly (http://generalassemb.ly) | New York, NY | NYC ONSITE + US/UK REMOTE | Multiple Positions | Fulltime

General Assembly transforms thinkers into creators through education and opportunities in technology, business, and design. We offer classes, workshops, long-form courses, and events in worldwide markets including New York where we are headquartered, Atlanta, Austin, London, Hong Kong, Sydney, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Melbourne, and Washington DC. We also partner with Fortune 500 companies to spur innovation through increased digital fluency and more effective approaches to collaboration. We have small, cross-functional product teams that are developing innovative new solutions to online education, and currently we have various open positions across the engineering organization that we are looking to fill. If you want to be part of a diverse team, working on challenging tasks, and want to help the world expand their knowledge to better themselves and their careers via education, drop us a line. If you're in New York City, let's grab a drink or a coffee and chat!

High level stack overview: - Ruby, Rails, React. Python for data eng.

Interview process: - Introductory call, Code challenge, Pairing Session, Group Interview.

Looking for: - Data Engineer (https://boards.greenhouse.io/generalassembly/jobs/50830)

See our full list of open positions at https://boards.greenhouse.io/generalassembly.

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Compose | Remote (Canada, US, UK)

What: Databases-as-a-service. We offer production grade, auto-scaling, automatically backed-up, add-on compatible MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, and more.

Hiring Process: Blind hiring! First, a light application. Second, all candidates who complete the application receive a work-sample resembling the work one would do in the role. No deadline. Final step is a paid work day ($500).

Compose has grown into a vibrant group where folks can feel comfortable being themselves, living a balanced life. We welcome you to enjoy comfort when taking risks, collaborate with spirited peers, and to unleash your creative and talented personality.

* Work from anywhere!

* Many neat conundrums to solve.

* Self-managing, distributed decision making. Choose your projects. We're deadline averse and quality focused.

* Hardly any meetings.

* Ruby/Go.

* Fizz: https://www.compose.io/articles/the-tool-we-built-to-help-us....


* Platform Engineer / Application Developer

* Support Engineer

* Technical Content Creator ('Developer Advocacy' type of role)

To begin: https://compose.interviewed.com

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Electronic Arts (Vancouver, Canada and Galway, Ireland - ONSITE preferred, REMOTE possible for the right candidate, VISA and RELOCATION included)

My team (Quality Intelligence) is hiring software engineers and DevOps for a newly formed team designed to empower thousands of game developers with the ability to make meaning from the data that comes from the game development process. It's an exciting group that could absolutely lead to company wide impact from a small team fully empowered to define our product and create something amazing.

If you're interested in working in gaming, but without the hard core crunch. Playing with big data, and working on something that can improve the lives of thousands of developers, please reach out (nhunter@ea.com).

You can read more about each position below, but ideally, just ping me and we can chat more about what we're building and what the team is like.



Job Descriptions:

DevOps (Systems Engineer)


Software Engineer


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[ original post ]

Buffalo, NY | .NET Developers | Full-time, REMOTE, INTERNS | $60-$90k .NET Engineer, Survey Application, Junior and Senior Positions

= We Are =

Utilant LLC, a software application company in the insurance industry located in the Foundry Building in Buffalo, NY. We have with a relaxed and collaborative working environment.

= You Are =

Invested in your work. A new or veteran software engineer interested in maintaining, enhancing, and improving our existing product. You are interested in writing maintainable software and understand technical debt.

= You Can =

* Develop secure MVC web applications that interact with a database and ORM. * Write intuitive web services, write clean CSS and Javascript, and produce appealing code. * Clone, modify, and merge a git repo. * Communicate promptly and clearly in text and in person.

= You Might =

* Have contributed to open source applications. * Have a GitHub or StackOverflow profile. * Have knowledge of continuous integration or build automation. * Have experience with message queues or asynchronous execution.

= Interested =

Email: Jonathan Rich, Tech Lead, jrich@utilant.com

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Breadwallet | React/Redux mobile engineer | Remote/SF, CA

Breadwallet is looking for an experienced software engineer to work with us to build out the future of money. We’re the leading mobile Bitcoin wallet, and need a few more hands to help us achieve our vision: to be the onramp to Bitcoin.

Our team is a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts. We’re geographically distributed across the US and Canada, with a central office in San Francisco, CA. You’ll be working directly with me, @ssutch, to build out features that allow our users to purchase and sell bitcoin directly within the app. We believe this is the next most important step for breadwallet to truly achieve our vision of being the onramp for bitcoin.

The most important skillset for this job is React/Redux. Candidates must have a firm understanding of how React/Redux apps are built and must have worked on them in the past. We have a lightweight HTML5 runtime that is hosted inside our native wallet software. This provides an environment for us to develop quickly, while sandboxing the development from the underlying sensitive financial software.

Our HTML5 team is young, and so far it’s just been me with occasional help from some contractors. You’ll get the opportunity to shape how our HTML5 team evolves into the future.

Experience with iOS/Swift and Android/Java is definitely a bonus, but myself and our Android developer will assist there whenever necessary. Everyone at breadwallet is a polyglot and you are definitely encouraged to try, and learn, new things!

Here are some bullet points:

* Full benefits package * Work remotely * New hardware when you need it * Travel to SF once a year for our team on-site * Unlimited vacation

You can email your resume to me sam@breadwallet.com

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Loco2 | https://loco2.com/careers/software-engineer | Full-time | REMOTE


I'm one of the lead developers at Loco2. We're looking for a Ruby/Rails developer to join our small development team. We use: Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, HAML, SCSS, CoffeeScript and more. Our developers are currently based across 4 European countries.

Loco2's mission is to make booking trains anywhere in Europe as easy and affordable as possible. We integrate with rail providers across Europe and have the technical challenge of building a sophisticated routing system.

If you're interested or have any questions, please get in touch at jobs@loco2.com or with me personally at lee@loco2.com

- Lee Jarvis / Tech lead

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New York, NY | CloserIQ (https://closeriq.com)

CloserIQ is the network connecting top sales talent to venture backed tech startups. We are a NYC based self-funded and highly profitable recruiting tech startup combining powerful software with world class service.

We're currently hiring for a few roles:

Talent Advisor (ONSITE, NYC)

Our Talent Advisors attract, engage and onboard top sales talent to the rapidly growing CloserIQ network. You’ll be joining a small team of sales leaders, technologists, recruiters, and growth hackers as a “sports agent” for the top revenue generators in the tech community. Looking for candidates with interest in sales and recruiting.

Talent Development Analyst (ONSITE, NYC)

This role is a hybrid sales & marketing where you will be responsible for generating demand for CloserIQ by leveraging digital sales & marketing strategies. You'll have a chance to work directly with our founders, wear multiple hats and have a meaningful impact on the success of the company from day one.

Business Operations Intern (ONSITE, NYC)

We're looking for smart and tech savvy interns to help out as we grow the business. We're a team of 6 based in midtown east. You'll work with our founders, talent team and engineers on all aspects of the business and have a meaningful impact on the success of the company.

Freelance Writer (REMOTE)

CloserIQ is looking for a freelance writer to help us create and curate relevant content as we build out our content strategy. The focus of this work will be within the scope of sales and careers, along with some viral content.

Contact us here: https://closeriq.com/about or email us at careers@closeriq.com

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Spreemo | Senior Rails Engineer| Full Time || New York or Remote within USA

Do you want to make a tangible difference in people’s lives with your excellent engineering work? Use your Rails skills to improve the lives of patients everyday through our Unique quality- oriented Approach!!! We are building a dynamic Rails Team and we want you to be a part of it! Spreemo is growing !!! We are looking for someone who is committed to writing well- tested code, and who has a collegial attitude and an interest in mentoring junior developers.

4+ years of Rails Experience Best practices in building a RESTful API

Deep experience with Cucumber, Capybara, and Rspec

The hows and whys of git

Thorough understanding of full-stack security and performance issues


If you're interested in joining a fun-loving team full of people trying to fix America's healthcare system, send us your resume to john.ball@spreemo.com

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Karat | Expert Interviewer | REMOTE

Hiring top talent is a critical activity for all companies, yet the way organizations interview candidates is broken. Interviewing is a time consuming process that is rarely data-driven. Here at Karat, we see a massive opportunity to transform the interviewing experience for every candidate and company.

Join out elite community of Expert Interviewers.

As an Expert Interviewer, you will be compensated at highly competitive rates for your interviewing expertise. The time commitment is flexible---many of our interviews happen on nights and weekends. Some experts do 5 interviews/week while others do over 20 interviews/week. You can work from anywhere, anytime. You will sharpen your interviewing skills and transform the interviewing experience for every candidate and company.

Apply Here: https://jobs.lever.co/karat/d44ab283-c7c0-4bbd-b8c3-4dc0ced6...

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IdeaFlow | Palo Alto, Boston | Software Engineer / ML, NLP / Web,Mobile Devs / ONSITE / INTERNS / VISA / REMOTE

We're a team of MIT AI and web programmers (advisees of Tim Berners-Lee and Patrick Winston) building a shared brain for organizations and the world. Our first product is a collaborative UI for graphs that enables enterprise analytics teams to discover and visualize the patterns and connections trapped within their spreadsheet data. We're mega-passionate about personal information management, the intersection of philosophy and AI, and connecting people with related ideas! We are seed-stage (have paying enterprise customers) and offer sizable equity, or competitive salary. Whitepaper and demos: http://about.ideapad.io http://home.ideapad.io Palo Alto, Boston | Contact: vienna@ideapad.io

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KitSplit | https://kitsplit.com | New York City, NY / Brooklyn | Full time, ONSITE or REMOTE okay

Hi there I'm Ken, co-founder and CTO of KitSplit. We are looking for a full stack engineer to join our team! KitSplit is a rental marketplace for cameras and related gear like lights, lenses, and VR gear.

We're a small team, and you would be our 2nd full-time engineer. We have a good group of people working with us right now, and we are very much a part of the creative community that we serve. The bulk of our application is built in Ruby/Rails and you would have major input into how our product develops. You would be in on the ground floor of a quickly growing company. We're currently based in the Hearst Tower in Manhattan.

More details here: https://angel.co/kitsplit/jobs/156298-developer

You can contact me at ken@kitsplit.com.

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Amperity | Seattle, WA | ONSITE & REMOTE | Full-time

Amperity is a startup company founded in January 2016 to tackle the problem of customer data unification at scale.

We are hiring experienced engineers to write Clojure (and ClojureScript for the front end inclined) in Seattle, WA. Remote is an option as well for the right candidate.

This is an early stage opportunity at an ambitious, well funded startup company. Full stack Clojure, not "a bit of Clojure on the side". You'll write Clojure all day, solve difficult problems at very large scale, and get paid.

Background in large scale data processing, distributed systems, and machine learning are all major bonuses. Other elements of the stack include Mesos, Apache Aurora, Finagle, Spark, Kafka, Accumulo, Onyx, SaltStack, and Riemann.

For a full listing of positions, see http://jobs.amperity.com -- apply there or reach out to me directly with questions. My email prefix matches my HN handle.

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Onsite in Silicon Valley (preferred) or San Diego, with REMOTE a possibility depending on role

Interview process: Video calls if you're distant or an in-person visit if you're local.

We are developing high-performance algorithms for truly big data, video analysis, NLP, and more. We solve deep technical challenges and are building offerings relevant to interesting real-world problems in a variety of fields. We are currently open to engineers with solid experience in CUDA, Mesos, deep neural networks, and/or Clojure, as well as to enthusiastic developers who might lack this precise experience but are eager and able to learn. We also welcome interest from postdoctoral researchers or senior graduate students. We are interested in solving problems efficiently, and our polyglot architecture includes C++, Clojure, Scala, and Python.

We do not presently have openings for undergraduates (B.Sc. students).

Contact info@onutechnology.com.

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Rollbar | https://rollbar.com | San Francisco or REMOTE | Designer, Developer Advocate, Engineering, Support

About Rollbar:

* We help tens of thousands of developers find and fix errors faster.

* Our backend handles billions of errors with low latency and high reliability.

* Our front-end allows developers to discover and drill down across millions of errors in real-time.

* Our open source libraries are used by some of the best engineering teams in the world, including Kayak, Twilio, Heroku, Zendesk, Instacart and Twitch.

* We're a fifteen-person team (SF, Las Vegas, Fort Worth, Victoria, Barcelona) building tools that make developers' lives better.

* Benefits and perks - competitive salary and stock options, medical, dental and vision insurance, generous hardware and software allowance, casual work environment, inclusive team oriented culture, rapid career growth opportunities, have fun and have an impact.

We're currently hiring across the company, in particular:

* Developer Advocate - https://rollbar.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk063jd/

* Lead Product Designer - https://rollbar.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk063j2/

* Support Engineer - https://rollbar.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk06h7h/

To get in touch, please apply via https://rollbar.recruiterbox.com/ or email jobs@rollbar.com

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Kentik | kentik.com | San Francisco, CA | Full Time | Remote Possible

Are you interested in programmatically defining routing tables? Kentik is hiring a Senior Software Engineer to focus on building tools to leverage our real time network data. We are looking for candidates with hands-on experience with BGP, SNMP and NetFlow protocols. Familiarity with anomaly detection (ML), configuration management, databases (how you build one, not how you use one) and having implemented a distributed system from the ground up are all pluses. Our code base is a mixture of Go and C with a little bit of C++ for spiciness.

Kentik is a two year old VC-backed startup located in downtown San Francisco near both Caltrain and Bart. We ingest over 40 billion flow records a day and using these provide real time event handling to our customers. For more information see kentik.com/careers.

Preference for local but will consider remote for the right person. pye+hn@kentik.com.

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Maxwell Health | Infrastructure Engineer | Boston, MA | REMOTE | www.maxwellhealth.com

Maxwell is a health and wellness technology company in downtown Boston. We’re on a mission to transform healthcare in America by creating an awesome consumer experience for enrolling in, managing, and using benefits.

We're looking to transform our style of operating services at Maxwell and we're hiring Infrastructure Engineers to help us build out the technology and platform our engineers use to build, test, and run their services in production.

We're currently using terraform, docker, and ansible, (and jenkins) in AWS to deliver our SaaS platform. Any prior experience with these would definitely be appreciated by us!

If you're interested in helping us implement containers in Kubernetes, in transforming our approach to monitoring and metrics, or just in working closely with engineers to really build something you're proud of, come talk to me at ashley.penney@maxwellhealth.com.

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RateIt | https://www.rateitapp.com | Full Time | REMOTE

We're looking for a Full-Stack C# / ASP.NET Web Developer. RateIt is an Australian led start-up which is focused on helping retailers consistently deliver great customer experiences. We're looking for someone with strong experience with C#, ASP.NET MVC & Web API, Entity Framework, and SQL Server and strong experience with front-end SPA development - we use Backbone/Marionette but you don't have to have worked this -- use of other similar frameworks (ie. React, Angular, Ember, etc.) is fine.

We already have several world class customers such as Bose, Pandora, Calvin Klein, Samsung as well as Hospitals and Hotels using RateIt.

Our team are all remote – so we either work from home, a co-working space or a mix of both. If you're interested in working with us email me at neil@rateitapp.com

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Livingly Media | San Francisco Bay Area | On-Site or Remote

We're a fast-moving, well-funded internet publisher that is pushing boundaries in the way content creation and technology converge. Yet our business is simple: we blend original, in-house, licensed and freelanced content with the highest quality photography on the market to deliver an overall informative and entertaining experience. And we do so on a massive scale, with four consumer sites: Livingly, our flagship lifestyle destination, Zimbio, a Top 10 Entertainment News site, Lonny, a Top 20 Home Design site, and StyleBistro, a Top 10 Fashion and Beauty site.

Special Perks:

- Profit sharing.

- Work from home Wednesdays.

- A highly cohesive dev team. Tenures range from 2-10 years with Livingly.

We have several positions available, listed in comments below:

- SENIOR UX DESIGNER (On-Site in San Carlos, CA)

- SENIOR SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR (Linux, On-Site in San Carlos, CA)

- SOFTWARE ENGINEER (Python/Django, On-Site in San Carlos, CA or remote in USA)

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CareMessage (YC W14) | QA Automation Engineer | REMOTE | Full Time | http://caremessage.org

CareMessage is a Stanford University born and Google and Y Combinator backed not-for-profit social enterprise headquartered in San Francisco. Our mission is to improve health literacy and disease self-management for underserved populations. The CareMessage technology platform and associated disease management programs enable healthcare organizations to facilitate communication and outreach to promote engagement and better self-care.

CareMessage has been funded by Google.org, the Pershing Square Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Y Combinator, the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, Echoing Green, Goldman Sachs, the William K. Bowes Jr. Foundation, the Franklin and Catherine Johnson Foundation, LA Care, the California Community Foundation, the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation and Stanford University's BioDesign Department. Several CareMessage projects have been funded by the California Healthcare Foundation and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois.

CareMessage is looking for a QA Automation Engineer to help with manual and automated quality assurance of the CareMessage web application and API. You will be responsible for entire features and will be a full member of the CareMessage Engineering team. Our team believes in an Agile development environment, test driven development. Our tools of choice are Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, and we place an emphasis on open collaboration and ownership. When something isn’t working, we’re not afraid to throw it out and try something new - so if you have exciting ideas about the QA process and how to make your own job even easier, you’ll fit right in. We're remote first! All of our developers and QA engineers are working from a remote location.

Apply here: http://grnh.se/lt3wim

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Viking Education | Growth Marketer | Onsite (SF) or Remote | http://www.vikingcodeschool.com

Viking Code School is a 100% online development bootcamp. Our core program is an immersive where students only pay tuition when they get a job. We're a mission-driven company with the goal of launching a million high-growth careers around the world while having fun doing so.

We have a best-in-class student experience that we're offering to the market through different modalities and products which opens up significant new markets and growth potential. There is a lot of room to improve the breadth, depth, and analytics around our acquisition channels… which is where you come in.

We're seeking a highly versatile hustler with strong previous startup experience who will lead our core marketing channels and top-of-funnel efforts. This will require you to have very strong skills along both content-driven and paid acquisition axes as well as a creative eye for hacking new channels. You will also interface directly with our product/engineering team to help put together A/B tests and other product experiments, so the role is decidedly cross-discipline and strong product/technical comfort is a must.

This is not a micromanaged role for individuals looking to "get into" startups but rather a high ownership position where you will be accountable for delivering results. Only individuals with a proven track record of success will be considered.


* 3+ years in a growth or marketing role at a startup with demonstrable track record of results

* Strong track record working with paid campaigns, producing content, tracking analytics and sourcing creative for campaigns.

* Comfort developing and executing a growth strategy.

Email careers@vikingcodeschool.com with your CV, links and anything else that would prove your general awesomeness.

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Webflow | San Francisco, CA | Onsite or Remote | Full-Time

Come build the future of the web by democratizing web development and web design. For an idea of what we do, check out (https://www.flexboxgame.com - visual flexbox builder) and (https://webflow.com/cms - visual CMS).

Our interview process is simple: 1) quick 30 minute phone chat with the co-founder CTO 2) 1-2 hour coding exercise. If all goes well we'll move to a larger consulting project on a real feature.

Detailed job descriptions here: (https://webflow.com/about#jobs)

* Software Engineer - node.js / mongodb / React / angular

* Senior Front-end Engineer - React

Shoot us a note via jobs@webflow.com and lets chat!

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ClickTime | www.clicktime.com | Onsite San Francisco | Remote OK for Linux Administrator and DevOps Engineer Roles | Full Time

ABOUT US: We're ClickTime. We help businesses become more productive every day. We're a profitable, 30-person company going through an exciting stage of growth.

HIRING PROCESS: Two phone interviews, an onsite interview, and reference checks. Most of our interviews also include a practical component (e.g. coding exercise, product demo, Excel exercise, etc) that would reflect your day-to-day work at ClickTime.

ROLES: - Senior Front End (JavaScript) Developer - Application Developer - Linux Administrator (Remote OK) - DevOps Engineer (Remote OK) - Product Manager - Sales Development Representative - Senior Account Manager

APPLY: www.clicktime.com/jobs or email sdabby@clicktime.com

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myStartup (no website) | LAMP Developer | REMOTE

Join our team of 2. Project is already pretty far along.

We need another strong PHP dev to help us make the upcoming ycombinator application deadline.

Prefer US / Canada candidates so that the team can travel to meet face to face if necessary.

Required skills

-strong PHP, strong Linux command line, GIT

Nice to have

-Docker, bootstrap, MySQL

apply here

support -at- smartmadre d0t com

* Note hourly rate must be under $40 hr

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Scout Exchange | http://goscoutgo.com/ | Boston, MA - Remote OK | FULL-TIME

We're looking for senior software engineers (ReactJS, Python/Flask and/or Go), and hands-on engineering managers. You would join a rapidly growing team building the world’s largest online B2B recruitment marketplace. We're about equally split between remote and onsite engineers. We work on Slack, GitHub and Hangouts, and get everyone together twice a year. Our interview process would typically include a couple of phone interviews, then 1 or 2 onsite set of interviews with representatives from the team.

Learn more about the positions and apply at http://goscoutgo.com/careers/

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Codeship | Boston | Full-time | REMOTE | Software Engineering / Front End Dev / Customer Success

Codeship is a hosted continuous integration and delivery service. Our mission is to accelerate software development teams. We have a Rails/Postgres/Redis webapp and a Golang microservice and Docker-based elastic build infrastructure. https://codeship.com

Codeship is hiring Senior-level Software Engineers, Front End Devs and Customer Success Engineers https://codeship.com/jobs

Our team has a remote-first culture. We will consider applicants in Boston or who are remote with a successful track record contributing to a team remotely.

Send us your info via the link above (preferred) or email jobs[at]codeship[dot]com

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Sourceress | San Francisco Bay Area, CA | Full-time | REMOTE (local is ok too)

About us: We're a (human-assisted) AI sourcing platform that delivers great results (customer quote: "I'd have a panic attack if you guys stopped existing").

We've found a way to reallocate talented individuals to mission-driven companies, allowing them to grow and change the world. One founder previously sold a company, the other was Chief of Staff at Dropbox. We have a real business with interesting AI/ML/NLP problems that are core to our product.

Position: Senior engineer


- Can you ship a ton of Python code every day?

- Do you share our values? https://goo.gl/YatLLp

- Are you empathetic and communicative?

- Do you care about improvement at both the individual and global scale?

Then you should at least say hi: email josh@sourceress.co

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Beyond Pricing | Software Engineer | REMOTE or San Francisco, CA | https://beyondpricing.com

Beyond Pricing is an automatic pricing solution for Airbnb and vacation rentals. Our goal is to become the main platform for managing revenue and acquiring bookings for the 3 million vacation rentals in the US and Europe and beyond.

We have billions of rows of data that power our algorithms and tools. We power the majority of the up-and-coming Airbnb property managers and hospitality brands. We're a small team of 5 and we're profitable.

We're looking for people with experience or interest in the travel space. Ideally with experience in python, django, and postgres. Remote OK, but must be available to onsite in SF 1-2x per quarter.

Email jobs@beyondpricing.com

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Health Recovery Solutions | Hoboken, NJ | FULLTIME | ONSITE or REMOTE (US Only)

Health Recovery Solutions is looking for talented Software Engineers who are eager to solve big problems with cutting edge technology in order to improve the lives and promote the well being of patients who use our platform every day. We are a venture-backed software company that supplies leading medical centers with platforms that help reduce readmissions and improve clinical results. We are looking for people with PHP, Java and web application experience.

Roles: Senior Software Engineer, Software Engineer, Android Platform Engineer

If you are interested please visit our website and apply - http://healthrecoverysolutions.com/gethired

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Aha! (http://www.aha.io) | Rails & Front End Engineering | Remote

Aha! is looking for experienced Ruby on Rails, Javascript and front-end engineers to develop rich interactive experiences in React with a Rails backend. Aha! is the #1 tool for product managers to plan strategy and roadmaps.

Aha! is profitable, you can work from anywhere in North America and we offer excellent benefits.

We use our own product to manage our work (which is especially rewarding), we deploy continuously and we are developing in Rails/CoffeeScript/React/d3. Our entire team is remote - primarily in US and Canada.

http://www.aha.io | email: amy@aha.io

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Carriage (https://www.trycarriage.com, https://www.instagram.com/try.carriage/) | RoR Engineer | Full-time | REMOTE | Kuwait/Dubai

Work with the best on-demand delivery company in the Middle East. Seeking full-time back-end software engineer with 2+ years of experience in a professional setting developing scalable Rails applications. Remote or in-person opportunities available.

Link to full job description: http://bit.ly/2aqd7qO

I am the CTO - email me at jonathan@trycarriage.com

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AngularJobs.com & AngularJS News | Remote

Content Creators

We're interested in a variety of mediums and new ideas.

> http://angularjobs.com/p/Qoz

Have a content idea for someone else? Please share it here in the comments :)

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Ultimate Software | FT LAUDERDALE, FL and ATLANTA, GA (ONSITE/Some Remote) | www.ultimatesoftware.com/careers

Ultimate Software is hiring for a large number of full time, onsite development positions, including: Software Engineers (Java, C#, Golang, Python), Software Test Engineers, and more.

We also have an office in TORONTO, and some virtual positions available.

We have unbelievable benefits/401K package, so apply to Fortune’s 2016 #1 Best Tech Company to Work For today. Here is a link to all of our job opportunities on our site! http://ulti.pro/29PRPAj

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REMOTE (Worldwide) - Open Source Developer on Open edX - Python/Django, Javascript (OpenCraft - Remote/worldwide company based in Berlin)

Development specialized on the free software project Open edX, used by many universities and companies to run online courses. See edx.org, stanford.edu or fun-mooc.fr for examples of Open edX instances. We are a team of nine developers, working remotely from Europe, North America, Asia, Russia & Australia. The company is not affiliated with edX, but contributing and working with them on various projects. This is a full time position, were you would be able to work remotely from where you want, as long as you have a good internet connexion. : )

It's a large Python/Django codebase, with good code standards and architecture (a lot of the edX engineers come from MIT). You would work on different clients contracts using the platform. The clients list/references include Harvard, edX themselves, the French government, and various startups & universities currently running their own instances, or looking to create one. Tasks are varied, from developing developing core platform features, custom exercises and tools for specific courses (XBlocks), customizing and deploying instances, working on both client/server sides, etc.

Most of your work is published as free software (Open edX is released under the AGPL license, which requires clients to release modifications under the same license), and you would also contribute to the free software project, pushing some of your developments upstream through pull requests, contributing features, documentation or help on mailing-lists.

Stack: Python/Django, Ansible, AWS/OpenStack, Debian/Ubuntu, JS, HTML/CSS, MySQL, MongoDB

Interview process: a 15 minutes (simple) coding exercise & a 30 minutes Hangout. If that works out, you're given a (paid) test task: a contribution to the Open edX project. The decision is taken based on how you handle the upstream contribution.

To apply, fill this form: http://opencraft.com/jobs/open-source-developer/

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Firefox Services Security Engineer | Mozilla | Remote (GMT-4 to GMT-9)

Mozilla’s Services Security Team is looking for an ambitious Security Engineer to help us protect the back-end services that power Firefox and serve millions of users worldwide.


* develop, implement and operate controls to secure online services and web APIs

* Assist developers in auditing and hardening the security of web applications

* Implement techniques to detect and block abuses of our services

* Advocate security across the organization, be a teacher for security.

See the job listing: https://careers.mozilla.org/position/oQ1k3fwY

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Follow Up Boss | Full-time | San Francisco or REMOTE

We are seeking outstanding full stack developer to join our small productive team building software used every day by small businesses. We practice Scrum with 1-week sprint cycles for faster development and feedback, chat in Slack constantly and meet in person on regular company retreats.

Our roadmap is packed with UX improvements and new features with the goal of making the best product in its class.

We're 100% bootstrapped, profitable and growing.

Senior Full Stack Engineer (React, Backbone, PHP, MySQL, Postgres, Redis) http://grnh.se/fh63ie

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RaRe Technologies | http://rare-technologies.com/careers | Fulltime | REMOTE

Seeking an experienced digital marketing specialist to help us plan and execute on a marketing strategy for our software products in machine learning.

We specialize in the design and development of cutting edge data mining and information retrieval systems for international clients. For this position, we need someone passionate about emerging technologies and AI, to lead our market positioning and strategy.

For more info see website or email radim@rare-technologies.com.

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Hospital IQ | https://www.hospiq.com | REMOTE | full time

We are looking for front-end, back-end, and full stack engineers.

We make web-based software to improve hospital operations with data visualization, tools for planning, and predictive modeling. Our stack is Python, Django, JavaScript, and MySQL.

Our engineering team is remote-first (and distributed across 4+ timezones), and we have a great remote work culture. Our headquarters is in Newton, MA (right outside of Boston).

Please contact me with any questions or if you're interested in applying: max [at] hospiq [dot] com.

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FlightVector - http://flightvector.com | Software Engineer | REMOTE

We are currently looking for an experienced software developer to join us in building air medical dispatch software. We need a highly motivated individual with years of experience writing code in C++, JavaScript and Python. Detailed knowledge of SQL Server and experience with MFC and Django is needed. Our developers all work remote so you will not need to drive to the office each day! If interested, please send a resume to info@flightvector.com.

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AudioAddict | Full-time REMOTE or Denver, CO, USA

- Senior Backend Engineer (Ruby / Rails and Go)

This is a permanent position with a thriving music company building the infrastructure that powers DI.FM, RadioTunes.com, JazzRadio.com, RockRadio.com, ClassicalRadio.com, and other expertly curated internet radio properties.

We’re looking for a senior backend engineer who is a well-rounded generalist, understanding everything that happens behind the scenes of a well-performing web application. The ideal candidate will be able to manage their own time (read: working remote isn’t for everyone) and is comfortable taking initiative in a small team.

- Mobile Architect

We currently support native apps for iOS and Android, with other devices of all sizes and shapes still to come. We’re looking for someone with the expertise to plan for and support our current apps, and the foresight to adapt as our needs grow and change while assisting with management of a small team of mobile developers across multiple platforms.

This role is flexible in its nature. The position requires the skills of a strong technical lead and a strong project manager, but the blend of these two skillsets can be discussed and is open for interpretation. Experience with media streaming is a strong plus.


We're a midsized (~30 full time employees) organization where almost everyone works remote from wherever they are around the globe. We don't watch the clock or mandate any set schedule outside of occasional (teleconference) meetings - we're just looking for kickass work. We're great about ensuring you're set up with whatever you need to make your home office work, and music isn't just our business, it runs in the blood of the company - we're DJs, audio engineers, performers, and more... all supporting streaming of great music to a fanbase who has been listening to us for more than a decade.

Our interview process is simple: An initial phone screen to get a feel for your background, interests / desires in the future, and salary needs; a 30 minute technical QA with an engineer; a 1 hour programming lab with an engineer; and a final meet-and-greet with various executives from the organization. All interviewing is done remotely.

More details and a full list of desired qualifications here - https://www.audioaddict.com/jobs

Feel free to email seth[at]di.fm or with any questions, or see the link above to apply.

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Zoomer (YC S14) - http://www.zoomerdelivery.com - Multiple Roles - REMOTE

Zoomer is focused on helping high volume delivery restaurants wow their customers and grow their business. We've taken a unique approach to changing the food delivery space - a platform to handle an extraordinarily high volume of concurrent deliveries from restaurants that already deliver (i.e. pizza, wings, sandwiches, etc.). We’re bringing much needed change to local high-volume delivery restaurants that are still doing delivery the way they’ve always done it. We are backed by some of the best investors in the world, including Y Combinator, Foundation Capital, First Round Capital, SV Angel, and other amazing funds and individuals.

Zoomer connects high volume delivery restaurants with independent delivery drivers. Restaurants leveraging the Zoomer platform are able to provide a better & more consistent delivery experience for their customer, which ultimately leads to a stronger bottom line. Independent drivers on the Zoomer platform have the ability to create their own schedule & increase their own efficiency, resulting in more earnings. And of course, customers receive their orders dramatically faster than the status quo.

We’re making key hires to expand our globally distributed core team. You’ll have a ton of impact – lots of freedom to evolve our processes, systems, partners, platform, stack and apps. We follow strong dev practices, put an emphasis on testing, and deploy rapidly. Our team is distributed across the US and Europe.

Help us build cutting-edge technical solutions to:

  - tough logistics problems, quickly routing orders to optimal drivers
  - on-demand prediction and forecasting models
  - scalable compute and data infrastructure
  - multiple mobile apps - for restaurants, drivers, and diners
  - range of complex real-time frontend interfaces
Some roles we’re currently hiring for:

  - Logistics technology engineers
  - Ruby engineers
  - DevOps engineer
If this sounds interesting, you can learn more and apply here: http://www.zoomerdelivery.com/careers

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Datapipe | Platform Engineering | Remote | Full-Time

What: Want to work on hard problems? We have them. We are building our next-generation managed service cloud platform.

You'll be doing process engineering, best practices development, automation, templating, common library development, and platform evangelism. You will be actively involved in strategizing how to leverage automation and DevOps for our internal teams and external clients. We are a fully remote team and collaborate via familiar tools and services (slack, github enterprise, et.al.).

We are looking for:

* Ability to design and implement new technologies where little documentation exists.

* 3+ years as a software developer with expertise in designing and developing web services for scalable and complex systems with Java, Ruby, Python, Node, Go, C++, or C#.

* 3+ years managing, diagnosing and debugging matrixed problems across multiple disciplines (apps, infrastructure, db)

* Experience with one or more configuration management tools and how to leverage them within application management and deployment processes with Chef, Puppet or Ansible. CI/CD experience a plus.

* Deep understanding of various architectures: Client/Server, Pub-Sub, microservices, service-oriented.

* Knowledge of RDBMS and NoSQL patterns are a must.

* Virtualization experience with: docker, kubernetes, vSphere ESXi, AWS, and/or Azure.

About us: Datapipe is a global provider of Managed Services and data center infrastructure for IT and Cloud Computing, with data centers throughout the U.S., London, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

We offer:

* Competitive salaries

* Personal time off

* Medical, dental, and vision insurance

* 401k, life insurance, and disability benefits

* Annual training and career development

* Company-provided equipment, including cell phones

* Weekly catered lunch in the office (but we're working remotely so don't get excited)

Ask me questions in pm or email a recruiter: ddankin@datapipe.com

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Stasis Labs | Los Angeles | Onsite or Remote | https://stasislabs.com

Stasis Labs is hiring our first full-stack web engineer to help us improve the quality of medical care through smarter patient monitoring. We are working on a hard problem, and aim to make a sizable impact through technology. We build a connected vitals monitoring system for patients who are not currently monitored, and are launching our first product this year to Indian hospitals. We just graduated from the first class of the Techstars Healthcare Accelerator, in Partnership witch Cedars-Sinai.

We are seeking someone with experience in full-stack web development, and if you have done dev-ops before that is a big plus. You will be writing full-stack code in an environment where security and data integrity are critical.

Our software stack includes C++ running on our hardware device, an Android application for doctors, and a web application (node.js backend, React frontend). We're using both Bluetooth Low Energy and wi-fi. Our cloud backend is an integral part of our product.

You will primarily be on the web side (backend, frontend, and infrastructure if you choose), but you will be exposed to and helping integrate our Android app and medical device as well.

You will have a great deal of autonomy and be responsible for crafting the culture, technology and processes of our company. We're a small team and are looking for someone who can learn quickly and become competent in multiple parts of the tech stack, so we hope the idea of working with a variety of technologies excites you. Startup experience is a plus.

We are just beginning, and are striving to build an inclusive and positive company culture.

+ Requirements:

---- Experience with node

---- Experience building single page applications in JavaScript

+ Preferred:

---- Experience managing highly reliable cloud servers on AWS or similar IaaS provider

---- Experience with React

---- Experience working at a startup

To apply, please email a resume and cover letter (in the email body is fine) to software@stasislabs.com

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Pilotlight | Moorestown, NJ (Philadelphia Area) | Full Time | ONSITE or REMOTE

Python/Django Developer (junior and senior level positions available)

PilotLight is looking to add a full-time developer to our team. We are a small, boutique development shop located in Southern New Jersey (Philadelphia area) focused on building web applications for clients large and small. If you have experience with Python/Django or with similar MVC-Style frameworks (Rails, etc..) and have an interest in trying something new we would love to chat.


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CoreOS | San Francisco, CA; New York, NY; Berlin, Germany | Full-time | On-site

CoreOS is building technologies to bring Google's Infrastructure to Everyone Else. Work with container technologies like CoreOS Linux, Kubernetes, Docker images, rkt container runtime, and etcd consensus database.

Remote is an option for open source work; but experience working in distributed teams is required.


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Crater (https://crater.co, https://gosurveybot.com) | Rohnert Park, California; Belgrade, Serbia; REMOTE U.S. or Serbia | Front End Software Engineer and Mobile Software Engineer

We're bringing video chat and image recognition to business-to-consumer communication. We have major traction in our first vertical, working with some of the biggest moving/storage/relocation companies in the world.

We're seeking 1) a creative, collaborative front-end software engineer experienced with complex animation to lead development of our user-facing web sites and contribute to the client-side portion of our web apps. You'll be working closely with our lead designer, crafting elegant, responsive web experiences.

Relevant experience:

* HTML, CSS, and JS

* Web animation and data visualization

* JS libraries, such as jQuery, Lo-Dash, and React

* Bootstrap

* PHP / WordPress

And 2) a creative, collaborative mobile software engineer to lead development of the next version of our main iOS app, as we transition off our MVP. We have a solid foundation of the video chat core, but are looking to extend the iOS app to include more functionality in parity with our web app. We'll be starting development of our first Android app later this year; currently we have a web app for Chrome for Android. Bringing some of your own ideas to the table is very much encouraged: we do have solid, clear requirements and use cases, but we move very quickly.

Relevant experience:

* Swift, Objective-C, Java

* WebRTC

* Twilio & TokBox APIs

You'll have freedom to decide which tools to use and to learn new things, but you must be able to work in a team setting and respond well to constructive criticism. We move fast, and expect world-class work from everyone on our team.

We're currently only able to consider candidates authorized to work in the United States or Republic of Serbia.

Send a short note about what interests you about the position, along with a resume/CV and links to projects you've worked on, to max@crater.co.

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RankScience | Part-time SEO Analysts

Remote Only

We're hiring part-time SEO analysts to conduct site audits and help come up with on-going technical SEO experiments to help clients' pages rank higher. http://www.rankscience.com

Knowledge of SEO, HTML, JavaScript necessary.

E-mail me directly at founders+jobs@ranksci.com and let me know why you're interested and qualified.

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MethodExists Inc. (https://methodexists.com) | Calgary, Canada | Multiple Positions | Full-time | Both ONSITE Calgary + REMOTE

We are a Calgary-based, remotely operated company, with our teams currently spread over Russia, Spain, the Caribbean and Canada. Our company creates enterprise-ready fully customizable web applications. We have a lot of challenging work in front of us, and want driven people to join for a new and exciting experience. You will be empowered by our great processes (continuous integration, test-driven development, nicely concern-separated codebase, linting, task management in Phabricator, code reviews, continuous deployment, communication in Slack, unobtrusive meeting practices, open vacation policy and more) and positive work culture.

We have successfully delivered solutions for clients in a variety of areas including energy exploration, operations management, hsse management, agriculture operations, tourism, risk management and learning systems.

In our next phase, we will be delivering solutions to meet a variety of technical needs. We will be working to integrate RFID readers for inventory management, map optimum routes through supply chains and do market analysis, and build front end interfaces to configure complex systems, among other projects.

We are hiring the skill sets below, but are open to hear from anyone who thinks they're a fit or wants to learn more. We are looking to fill some Canadian roles at the moment (preferably in the Calgary area), but are also hiring internationally. All jobs are full time.

Front-End Ninja

Role is a front-end developer with a focus on great UX, attention to detail, extensive knowledge of Javascript / CSS. In particular experience with React, (+Redux), ES6, PostCSS, D3.js, Leaflet, Electron, React Native is a bonus since we work with these technologies. Additional benefits would be node.js, frontend test driven development experience, deep understanding of relational databases, experience creating complex data visualizations, designing drag & drop user experiences, performance testing, and mobile testing. This job will require collaborative interactions and communication with our clients and business partners, for gathering specs and usability feedback and for building custom functionality.

Other positions:

- Database Gangsta

- Devops Mafioso / Full-Stack Warrior

- Security Hacker

See more and apply at https://methodexists.com/jobs

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We are a risk and compliance solution, splicing together data from the deep web with unstructured and semi-structured information to help customers make decisions about the risks posed by their customers and third parties. Our customers are the world’s largest financial institutions, law firms, and consultancies. They use our software to identify and address financial crimes such as fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.

We handle hundreds of terabytes of structured and unstructured data, and as a result our infrastructure is pretty complex - Hadoop, HBase, ElasticSearch, Python, Docker, some Go, etc - and highly automated using Ansible.

- We're looking for devops or systems types to join our small devops team and help us go to the next level in automation and orchestration. - Big data engineers with experience using Hadoop/HBase/ElasticSearch are very interesting, as well as candidates with experience using graph databases. - Finally, we’d also like to hear from expert enterprise sales candidates who have sold complex software to complex organizations.

Email jobs@arachnys.com with a link to your profiles (github, linkedin etc) if you're interested. A founder will read your application and respond within a few days at the latest.

Remote applicants who are able to be in one of our offices at least 1 day/week may be considered - but you'd need to be willing to be onsite more at the start.

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DuckDuckGo - REMOTE

* Site Reliability Engineer - https://duckduckgo.com/hiring/

Hiring process: https://duck.co/help/hiring/hiring-process

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Trello | Full-time | REMOTE or ONSITE New York (NYC)

- Developer Advocate (US only)

- Full Stack Developer (working on power-ups)

- Growth Engineer

- Site Reliability Engineer (Node, Redis, Mongo on AWS)

More here: https://trello.com/jobs

For remote applicants, you must overlap with NYC afternoon.

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Contentful | https://www.contentful.com | Berlin, Germany | full time | (VISA)

We recently raised our Series B lead by Benchmark https://www.contentful.com/blog/2016/05/26/contentful-series.... and we have many positions open in Berlin, Germany or in SF USA or again remote.

Contentful is a content management platform for web applications, mobile apps and connected devices. It allows you to create, edit & manage content in the cloud and publish it anywhere via API.

Join a rapidly growing developer-centric company with lots of amazing international customers. We count people like Adam Wiggins (Heroku) and Francesco Cesarini (Erlang Solutions) as our advisors. We are hiring for the following full time positions:

1. Engineering Manager Frontend - (Berlin ) https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/295789

2. Engineering Manager Ecosystem Open Source - (Berlin) https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/295770

3. Head of Developer Evangelism SF/USA https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/265087

4. Infrastructure Developer - (Berlin) https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/259235

5. Javascript Ecosystem Developer - (Berlin) https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/242059

6. Senior JavaScript Backend Developer - (Berlin) https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/250742

7. Site Reliability Engineer - DevOps (Berlin) https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/262674

8. Support Engineer Remote - Pacific Timezone (Ruby / JavaScript) https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/265030

many other positions at our careers page some in Berlin Germany others in SF USA https://www.contentful.com/careers/

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MaidSafe (http://maidsafe.net) | Troon, Scotland | Full-time | REMOTE

MaidSafe has created the SAFE (Secure Access For Everyone) Network (https://safenetwork.org), an open source (https://github.com/maidsafe), decentralised data communications network made possible by efficiently combining the unused hard drive space, CPU power and internet connections of its users. It is a global network without servers that has the potential to revolutionise the existing Internet and we are looking for engaging individuals to join our team.

MaidSafe's aim is to provide privacy, security and freedom to everyone on the planet. This has been our unwavering ambition since we started on this journey in 2006, and it remains our driving force today.


As the roll out of the network commences, we require developer outreach managers to grow support for the 3rd party developers who are building the next generation of applications and businesses on the network.

More info here: http://www.indeed.co.uk/cmp/MaidSafe/jobs/Developer-Outreach...


Essential Requirements:

- Experience programming in Rust.

- Commercial experience of working to tight deadlines as part of a team.

- Skilled in producing clear and user-focussed documentation.

- The ability to liaise with a growing community of enthusiasts.

More info here: http://maidsafe.net/careers.html


Essential Requirements:

- Experience programming in multiple languages with a particular focus on Rust.

- A minimum of 2 years commercial experiences as an end to end / full stack developer.

- The ability to work to tight deadlines as part of a team.

- Version control knowledge (GIT).

- Skilled in producing clear and user-focussed documentation.

- The ability to liaise (both written and verbal) with a growing community of enthusiasts.

More info here: http://maidsafe.net/careers.html


If you would like to help, please send your CV along with a covering letter detailing why you’re a great fit for the position to: careers@maidsafe.net and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Menlo Park REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA

Looking for Front End Engineers, Devops Great Startup. Amazing culture and benefits Contact me at sbostron@gmail.com

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Help Scout | Site Reliability Engineer | REMOTE | helpscout.com Apply at https://help-scout.workable.com/jobs/171036

YOUR IMPACT As Help Scout's first dedicated Site Reliability Engineer you will own and define the best practices, tools and automation to ensure our fast growing SaaS provides high availability while increasing engineering velocity. Your work will empower more than 6,000 businesses around the world to deliver a great customer support experience. This is a critical role that will influence every engineer in the company and directly impact our customer's satisfaction.

ABOUT THE ROLE We are looking for an experienced Site Reliability Engineer to build sophisticated continuous delivery and test automation to keep our AWS-based services highly available and fast while increasing the engineering team's velocity. Help Scout engineering is 24 full time engineers organized into 6 teams. You will be a member of a small team with one engineer focused on continuous delivery (CD) pipelines, and 3 engineers focused on our AWS infrastructure and operations. Working with your team, you will partner with our feature delivery teams to build any automation they need to improve site reliability and velocity. You will be responsible for working on our three biggest site reliability priorities: four 9s high availability, continuous delivery and test automation. You will own the implementation and roadmap planning for improvements to our automation, tools and tests to support these priorities. The majority of your time will be spent building or implementing continuous delivery, test and self-healing automation and supporting tools. You will be a key internal champion for any and all changes to make our production environments more resilient, scalable, and performant. Your potential projects will include expanding our CI pipeline across all teams, testing and implementing auto-scaling groups, expanding our test automation (smoke, stress, chaos monkey, etc), and enhancing the velocity of our CI pipeline (parallel tasks, containers, etc). This is not a primary on-call position. However you should expect to be called upon if services you own such as CD pipelines or test automation fail and primary on-call team members can't resolve the issue. Our 100% remote engineering team spends most of their time in Slack and Github. Engineers can focus for long stretches with typically only 2 scheduled meetings a week (one with your team and one with your manager). Engineers write their own automated unit and integration tests, and use our CI pipeline to release code to production several times a day. You can read more about our culture and how our remote team stays agile at https://www.helpscout.net/blog/agile-remote-teams/

Apply at https://help-scout.workable.com/jobs/171036

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Various | https://www.goodeggs.com/ | San Francisco | Fulltime | DOE

Good groceries, delivered.

Good Eggs lets folks like you shop local, organic produce, meat and fish, and delicious staples for next-day delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area. We've built an entirely new supply chain that is changing the way folks feel connected to the groceries they buy every week.

Apply online: http://careers.goodeggs.com/open-positions/

# Why Good Eggs? We're a mission-driven Certified B Corp, earnestly working to funnel more of the $50B US grocery spend into sustainable, local food producers. Our office is very unique -- 50k sqft warehouse with another 10k of (quieter) office space. No ivory towers here -- we're all in this together. We have chefs on staff that cook amazing lunches we all enjoy family-style every day. Continuous improvement is baked into the company DNA, and can be seen just as well on the warehouse floor as in the engineering teams. Our interview process is short and transparent: a phone screen, a technical phone inteview, and an onsite. The whole process could take < 1 week. Low stress, very collaborative and conversational, not algorithms at a whiteboard.

# Senior DevOps Engineer | Onsite or Remote The Delivery Engineering team supports the culture of DevOps at Good Eggs. We build shared tools and services that enable every team to deploy, monitor, and maintain their own production environments. The work we do helps our peers move faster, deliver more, and break less. We're software engineers with a soft spot for operations, automation, and the libraries that help us build applications.

You'll report to me, and have ground-floor influence over technical decisions and roadmap. This is a senior role -- you should be a strong software engineer and have > 5 years of relevant experience to draw from. We're currently building a bespoke PaaS using the latest tech like Docker, Amazon ECS, Kubernetes, CoreOS, etc. Our philosophy is open source by default, and we're coding mostly in Node and Go.

# Senior Software Engineer | Onsite If you are a full-stack web developer or have significant experience building ecommerce and logistics systems and want to apply your talents to building a better food system, we’d love to hear from you.

We run a mature Agile engineering process complete with test-driven development, pair programming and continuous deployment of features throughout the day. We’re building next-generation web and mobile applications with JavaScript across the stack, including Node, Mongo, React, Angular, and a wealth of other tools from the rapidly-evolving JavaScript ecosystem. We are happy to train the right person to work in this environment.

# Principal Software Engineer | Onsite We're looking for engineers who are interested in a multidisciplinary engineering environment, and who are excited by building high-scale software that interfaces with every aspect of Good Eggs, including website ordering, operations, and customer service. Our team is a great opportunity to widen your perspective of what it takes to make a large just-in-time commerce and logistics company tick.

We run a mature Agile engineering process complete with test-driven development, pair programming and continuous deployment of features throughout the day. Our core platform is built on Node, Mongo, React, and Angular. We're in the process of expanding into new domains, including iOS application development and software that runs on embedded devices in our hub (IoT), and are looking for senior engineers who can help build our architecture, mentor junior teams, and grow our teams.

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Praetorian | Austin, Texas | REMOTE

Praetorian is different. We are a collective of highly-technical engineers focused on helping our clients solve their most difficult security problems. Rather than break things over and over, our goal is to have an actual impact in making the world a better place.

100% privately owned and self-funded, we are focused on doing the right thing over short term profits. Where other companies pay lip service to vision statements and principles, we are unwaveringly guided by our core values, which are:

  * Put the client first - Everything else will work out. 
  * Enjoy the work you do - Passion eats education and experience for breakfast. 

  * Be humble - True significance is only achieved as a team. 

  * Embrace the wobble - There is existential urgency to our work. We need to move and adapt quickly. 
  * Walk with a swagger - Relish the new challenge. 
  * Default to open - The right decision is in the data. Share all of it. 
  * Orient to action - Do not wait to be directed. Engage. 

  * Performance matters - We are a small company intent on doing big things. Every individual effort counts. 

  * Stop evil - Our mission is to make the world a safer and more secure place. 

  * Make craters - Our time on this earth is short. Leave an impact.
Although small, we are growing rapidly, with 50% year-over-year growth for the past three years. That growth is based on fantastic clients and their support. Our annual net promoter score (a measure of customer satisfaction, see more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Net_Promoter) is consistently over 80%. By comparison, Apple is typically in the mid 70s, and Amazon is usually in the high 60s.

We are looking for experienced engineers that share our values. We offer our staff a generous benefit package, including:

  * Competitive salaries Quarterly bonuses, 4% 401k matching, stock options Health insurance, and options for vision, dental, ADD, Short term disability, and life 

  * 20% Bench time for research, tool development, or training 

  * Flexible vacation policy 

  * Low travel requirements. Seriously. No more than 20% for those in network security and nearly 0% for those in application security. 

  * Company contributions to training and conferences 

  * Opportunities for rapid growth and advancement based on merit.
To Apply: Please apply through our portal here (All emails go directly to me): https://www.praetorian.com/company/careers. Part of the interview process involves the completion of one of our technical challenges. If you would like to get a head start, please view our tech challenges at http://www.praetorian.com/challenges/.

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Engage (http://enga.ge) | Washington DC Metro Area (Alexandria, VA) | Linux Systems Administrator | On-site or Remote | Direct Hire, Contract, or Hourly

Apply at: http://engagedc.theresumator.com/apply/e2IBA2/Linux-System-A...

Engage, LLC, a full-service digital agency based in Alexandria, VA (Washington, DC metro area), is looking for a Systems Administrator with a strong Linux background. The position is part-time and available as a direct-hire or hourly/contract basis as negotiated. It may be remote or on-site. The ideal candidate will be able to manage multiple servers, provision new environments, manage U.S. House of Representatives virtual servers, and interact with additional outside clients and vendors.

Job Requirements

* Strong Linux background (RHEL, CentOS, and Ubuntu preferred); SELinux; BASH scripting, LAMP stack, especially the Apache web server, Experience with both Apache and NGINX web servers preferred; EMySQL, MariaDB, or PostgreSQL, including diagnosing configuration and slow query issues; Networking, Linux routing, firewalls, protocols (NFS, DNS, etc...); Backup and restore procedures; monitoring services; SSL certificates; Sharp ability to diagnose problems and prevent and identify causes of outages, Ability to quickly provision and configure new web servers; Ability to respond quickly to outages and situations as they occur; Strong communications skills and the ability to work with outside clients and vendors professionally; Must pass background screening for House of Representatives

Bonus points for:

* Previous work with the United States House of Representatives (major plus); Amazon Web Services, Elastic Beanstalk, S3, and EC2; Laravel Forge for server provisioning; VMWare or other virtualized environments; Vagrant and creating or provisioning Vagrant boxes; experience with WPEngine or similar managed hosting provider; PHP, Python, or Perl scripting; CHEF-based provisioning

About Engage:

We are a full-service digital agency that is dedicated to impacting the world around us through bold strategy and innovative technology. With clients ranging from political campaigns to top level associations and advocacy groups, we use cutting-edge technology to tell the most compelling story for every project.

About Our Work Culture:

We love seeing our employees engage in challenging work, gain hands-on experience, and continuously improve their skills. We take pride in producing high quality and award winning work, but we always find time for Nerf gun fights and team lunches. We love coming to work and think that you will too!

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NoRedInk | San Francisco, CA (or REMOTE for Senior, up to 6h difference from Pacific)

Full-Stack Rails Engineer, Back-End / Infrastructure Engineers, Front-End Engineers, Junior Engineers

We’re an ed-tech company on a mission to help all students become strong writers! Our team may be small, but NoRedInk is used by 1 in 3 school districts in the US, and students have answered over 1 billion questions on our platform.

We’re a group of friendly people who listen to and learn from each other. We discuss past mistakes openly so we can adapt our processes to the challenges that come with progress. Puns flow freely across our San Francisco office as well as on Slack, and we have remote engineers spanning six different time zones.

Our engineering team [1] prides itself on code quality and innovation. We use the cutting-edge Elm programming language for all our new front-end code, and have been migrating legacy React code to Elm as well. We started with Ruby on Rails on our backend, and have lately been working to introduce Elixir to our stack. You can read about our experiences with these technologies on our team blog! [2]

In addition to spending work hours open-sourcing useful libraries we develop [3], we also invest financially in open source. We hired the creator of Elm, Evan Czaplicki, to develop Elm full time. [4] Evan discusses his plans for the language with the team every week, periodically pairs with other engineers on Elm, and cracks up members of the sales team with his lunchtime jokes.

We use Amazon AWS for our infrastructure and automate all of our deployments using OpsWorks and Chef. We write a lot of tests, and use Jenkins for continuous integration. Our process for new features begins with our product team and in-house visual designer, continues with a GitHub pull request from a feature branch into master, and ends with our in-house QA specialist trying to break it before it reaches production.

We’re hiring both Senior Engineers who have been around the block many times, as well as Junior Engineers who are just getting started. We’re looking for Junior Engineers who are eager to learn, who thrive on great mentorship, and who want to work on a mission that makes a difference. We’re looking for Senior Engineers who are the type of collaborators that value kindness and open-mindedness, over convincing the group they’re right.

You can learn more about what it’s like working here through Hardy’s on-boarding blog post: http://tech.noredink.com/post/143787279069/on-boarding-as-a-....

If you’re interested, please apply through our jobs page! https://www.noredink.com/jobs

  [1] https://www.noredink.com/about/team
  [2] http://tech.noredink.com/
  [3] https://github.com/NoRedInk/
  [4] http://tech.noredink.com/post/136615783598/welcome-evan