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Salt Lake City - 4 jobs in August 2016

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Software Engineer, Full Stack | JavaScript, .NET | Full-time | junior to mid-level | Salt Lake City (South Jordan), UT

Company: LANDESK Software Position type: Software Engineer - Responsive Web Interfaces

You are: junior to mid-level developer who is looking to work on a Single Page Application (SAP) that is rendered on both mobile and desktop using Durandal.js framework. You will get to write JavaScript code using d3.js, moment.js and the latest JavaScript 2015 (ES6).

To apply: http://www.landesk.com/company/careers/search look for openings in South Jordan, UT, Software Developer- Responsive Web Interfaces / Engineering

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Elevated Billing | Salt Lake City (South Jordan), UT | Full-Time | ONSITE

Hey there, this is Tim, I am the Engineering Lead for Elevated Billing. Elevated Billing is a medical billing company which specializes in billing for substance abuse, addiction recovery, mental. and behavioral health facilities. Our core values are the key to our business success. “We relentlessly advocate for people in need of treatment”. Elevated Billing has been in business and profitable for nearly a decade. It was recently acquired and is working to advocate for even more people in need of treatment through expansion and strategic partnerships.

We’re building a number of new internal systems to improve the efficiency with which our employees and the facilities we serve can advocate for people in need to treatment. We are a small team of software engineers looking to grow! We are looking for two people to help round out our team. We’re looking for the following skills:

  * Angular 2 experience (Angular 1 acceptable with some familiarity with the newer paradigms).
  * Typescript experience
  * Some experience with javascript build automation tools (we use Webpack)
  * A good understanding of CSS and layouts (currently using bootstrap)
  * A solid understanding of automated testing
  * Some experience with a hybrid mobile app framework (Ionic, NativeScript)
If you hadn’t noticed our stack is Angular 2 in Typescript, build with Webpack, and deployed to an AWS S3 bucket. We believe in and follow solid automated testing procedures. We are looking to make a hybrid mobile app using Ionic (or possible NativeScript). We are built on a Rails 5 api and a PostgreSQL Database.

This is a full-time, salaried position in South Jordan, UT. We have a great office space, a fantastic group of co-workers, and a solid working environment. We’d love to tell you all about our benefits and perks but this is going to start getting too long. So email me! Send me your resume, any questions you have about me, the company, or the position, and your salary requirements! I would love to chat with you. tim@elevatedbilling.com

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Zaniac | Django / Migration Engineer | Salt Lake City, UT | Onsite | Full Time

Zaniac[0] is a SLC-based startup looking to bring STEM education to K-8 students around the country. We utilize Django to manage our various campuses around the country and are looking to improve our franchise-management software.

We are presently looking for a back-end software developer with experience in database migration.

We are preferably looking for someone with experience in:

* Django ORMs (or any python ORMs) * SOAP * MySQL / AWS

We would prefer if you can work locally at our Salt Lake City HQ.

If you are interested, please contact us at `careers@zaneprep.com`

[0]: https://zaniaclearning.com/

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Recursion Pharmaceuticals | SLC, Utah | Onsite, full-time

Recursion is a startup with less than 20 people, but we generate rich biological data at a pace comparable to the biggest institutions anywhere doing biology and disease research. ​We have literally millions of images from experiments we conducted in our lab, and we generate terabytes more each week. Our biggest challenge and biggest opportunity is to extract the most information we can from this massive amount of data. Biology background not necessary.

* Research Data Scientist - http://www.recursionpharma.com/senior-data-scientist.html

* Deep Learning Computational Scientist - http://www.recursionpharma.com/deep-learning-computational-s...

* Data Science Engineer - http://www.recursionpharma.com/data-science-engineer.html

* Data Scientist - http://www.recursionpharma.com/data-scientist.html

* Computational biologist / bioinformatics - http://www.recursionpharma.com/computational-biologist-bioin...

* Data Visualization/Interaction Engineer - no post yet - D3 et al

* Full Stack Software Engineer - no post yet

Logistics: Salt Lake City, Utah. Hiking/running/biking is literally out our back door, and it's half an hour to 5 ski resorts. Competitive pay, health insurance, relocation assistance (onsite is required), equity, a top-caliber team, and help make a massively positive impact. Happy to sponsor, but you need to already be US authorized.

Tech: Data science: python scientific stack (pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, matplotlib, bokeh, etc). Software infrastructure: mainly go. Deep learning (e.g. convolutional networks) we're mainly using the python frameworks (keras, theano, tensorflow, etc).

Send background and code to me (co-founder/cto) at datasci@recursionpharma.com. Must be US-authorized. Our team of 18: http://www.recursionpharma.com/team