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Vancouver - 6 jobs in August 2016

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Method Studios | http://www.methodstudios.com/ | Full-time | Vancouver | ONSITE VISA RELOCATION SUPPORT

Have some years of Python experience? Tired of CRUD? Want to work in a very friendly team in a wonderful city (Vancouver)? Work in the technology that helps to make movies like Avengers possible?

Core Software Lead

Method's Pipeline Department writes and manages software to connect the VFX film production pipeline. Within the department, the Core team focuses on the foundation of the production system, overseeing the architecture and development of software libraries, in-house applications, and databases. These include tools for asset management, software packaging, production tracking, render farm management, inter-site collaboration, and more.

Minimum Qualification:

        Computer Science degree or equivalent experience.
        Python, C/C++, or other language expertise.
        Familiarity with Git and collaborative development workflows (code reviews, code standards, etc).
        Five years development experience.

Desired qualifications:

        Database experience (Both SQL and NOSQL).
        2 years experience working with visual effects post-production pipelines.
        Familiarity with computer graphics applications (e.g. Maya, Nuke, Houdini).
        Familiarity with render farm software.


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Haskell, compiler/FPGA/GPU engineer | Cambridge UK | ONSITE/INTERNS/VISA

Myrtle is currently working as part of the UK government’s autonomous vehicles program and we are looking to hire more Haskell developers to join our expanding team. You will be working directly on our technology that translates high-level signal processing code into efficient hardware designs. Applicants should have a deep understanding of Haskell, modern compiler technology and should be familiar with git and CI based development. We are targeting GPU and FPGA backends so experience with either of these would be advantageous although we’re happy to consider strong developers without direct experience of these two areas. Similarly, a familiarity with an HDL, such as VHDL or Verilog, would be viewed positively but is not essential.

Applicants should send a resume and covering email, stating your suitability for this role, to jobs@myrtlesoftware.com

Myrtle is a software company based in Cambridge UK with a long history of working at the forefront of computer graphics and compiler technology. We are best known for having helped produce computer generated images for over twenty major Hollywood movies including the Transformers franchise. Myrtle’s clients have included NYSE and NASDAQ listed companies in LA, Vancouver and London.

Closing date for applications 5pm, 27th August 2016


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Full Stack Developer | Social Nature | Vancouver, BC (onsite) | www.socialnature.com

Social Nature recently closed a large seed round led by some of Canada’s smartest entrepreneurs and VCs and we are growing. We are making waves with our people-powered marketing vision (people trust friends not ads) and commitment to only promoting brands with natural products.

We are a small and mighty team where everything you do will have an immediate impact on those around you. You'll get to work closely with our customers, invent new ways to integrate with social channels, and wrangle extremely big data as we build and grow our intelligent platform.

We're looking for a full stack developer who is comfortable working on a product that is consumer-facing in the front while integration and data-heavy on the back. A basic grasp of UX and UI design principles will come in handy along with a solid foundation in algorithms, data structures and design patterns. More than anything we want people who love what they do, have opinions and get excited about software.

Bonus points for experience with any or all of the tools in our stack: Angular.js, ASP.NET MVC, Node.js, SASS, Foundation, jQuery, PostgreSQL, AWS+ElasticBeanstalk.

Contact: mike@socialnature.com

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Electronic Arts (Vancouver, Canada and Galway, Ireland - ONSITE preferred, REMOTE possible for the right candidate, VISA and RELOCATION included)

My team (Quality Intelligence) is hiring software engineers and DevOps for a newly formed team designed to empower thousands of game developers with the ability to make meaning from the data that comes from the game development process. It's an exciting group that could absolutely lead to company wide impact from a small team fully empowered to define our product and create something amazing.

If you're interested in working in gaming, but without the hard core crunch. Playing with big data, and working on something that can improve the lives of thousands of developers, please reach out (nhunter@ea.com).

You can read more about each position below, but ideally, just ping me and we can chat more about what we're building and what the team is like.



Job Descriptions:

DevOps (Systems Engineer)


Software Engineer


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App Annie | Senior Android Engineer | Full-time, Onsite| Utrecht, the Netherlands | Equity offered

App Annie mobile engineering team is working hard to build a portfolio of consumer apps that are downloaded and used by our millions of users.

Our Utrecht team is calling for reinforcement. This awesome team cross San Francisco, Vancouver and Beijing is genuinely responsible for further development of My Data Manager and those on our product roadmap.

Closely working with product and UX/UI design teams, as a engineer in App Annie your voice will be heard and your suggestions on new solutions will come true in new releases!

Together we also have a lot of fun! Skiing, sailing, beers on Fridays, and...the most awesome team activities that you name it!

Drop your resume here: http://grnh.se/1ows6p An online portfolio of the coolest stuff you build is more than welcomed!

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Alloy | San Francisco, CA and Vancouver, BC | Full-time, Onsite | http://alloy.ai

Over $20 trillion worth of goods are manufactured, transported, and sold each year - the things we use, wear and eat every day. The global supply chain is one the world's largest economic engines, but it struggles to keep up with its own complexity.

The manufacturers, distributors, and retailers that make up this complex network are limited by the information they posses. They struggle to track and respond to supply and demand as their product travels from production to consumer. Those who try rely on 40-year-old data standards, lots of manual Excel work, and hordes of human middleware.

At Alloy, we’re set to change all this. We provide the first comprehensive, low-latency view of demand and inventory across all distribution channels. Our platform connects manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers, allowing companies to track their products down to the store shelf and better respond to end-consumer demand.

We are early stage, well funded by leading VCs, and growing. Our small team has diverse backgrounds and experience in analytics, large-scale enterprise software, and retail and financial technology. Culture really matters to us: we value diversity in all forms and strive to foster integrity, respect, and open communication.

We're committed to make enterprise software inspiring. We use Google Compute Engine, Postgres, Redis, Python, Java and React, all wrapped in strong design.

== About You == You thrive in a small team where you can build technology from the ground up. You love to pick up new tech, get good at it fast and do something creative with it.

You don’t shy away from even the most challenging problems and are relentless in always looking for better solutions. You are self-motivated and enjoy working with others towards a common objective. Building software is the means to an end: you want to change the way an entire industry operates.

As an engineer at Alloy, you’ll do any or all of the following:

* Model parts of the supply chain and develop features that bring them together

* Automate the collection, parsing, and storage of huge volumes of data

* Design a flexible but blazing-fast analytics framework that powers instant insights

* Build beautiful, easy-to-use apps that our customers love to use

* Dive into server provisioning, deployment, automation, and monitoring

We would love to hear from you - send me a note at evan@alloy.ai