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INTERN - 19 jobs in September 2016

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Citymapper. London, UK. (ONSITE VISA INTERNS)

Cities are complicated. We're using the power of mobile and data to help humans survive and master them.

We're building the best app, with the best routing, and the best data about cities everywhere in the world where we can make a difference.

We are recruiting for all roles in our London HQ including:

- iOS / Android

- Data science

- Engineering team leads

- Site reliability engineers

Read about our Series B fundraise: https://medium.com/@Citymapper/getting-from-a-to-series-b-88...

See https://citymapper.com/jobs/

Contact me at emil at citymapper dot com

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Stryd, Boulder, CO, Techstars Boulder 2015 | Intern | mobile Developer


Stryd is a multidisciplinary team that is enthusiastic about the future of wearable technology for athletes. Out of this passion, we've developed the world’s first wearable power meter for runners that provides insight into their running technique and performance.

We are looking for mobile developers who are knowledgable with Android and iOS development. We use Java for the Android and Swift for the iOS. Good sense of design is bonus.

We also want you to be an endurance runner, or a triathlete, or at least to have the passion about running. This is very important.

You will be leading the Android development for Stryd first, and possibly share the development for iOS in the future.

Being able to relocate to Boulder for the internship is preferred but we also consider the remote talent? BTW, if you like running, Boulder is pretty much your dream place. You get tons of opportunities to run and train with LOTS of elite athletes who are Stryd ambassadors here.

If interested, please send an email to kun@stryd.com

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IdeaFlow | Palo Alto, Boston | Software Engineer / ML, NLP / Web,Mobile Devs / ONSITE / INTERNS / VISA / REMOTE

We're a team of MIT AI and web programmers (advisees of Tim Berners-Lee and Patrick Winston) building a shared brain for organizations and the world.

Our first product is a collaborative UI for graphs that enables enterprise analytics teams to discover and visualize the patterns and connections trapped within their spreadsheet data. We're mega-passionate about personal information management, the intersection of philosophy and AI, and connecting people with related ideas! We are seed-stage (have paying enterprise customers) and offer sizable equity, or competitive salary.

Whitepaper and demos: http://about.ideapad.io http://home.ideapad.io Palo Alto, Boston | Contact: vienna@ideapad.io

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Axon (Body Cameras) | Seattle, WA | Full-Time | ONSITE | INTERNS | VISA | relocation

We are the #1 supplier of body cameras for police and the surrounding cloud ecosystem to manage/share/stream petabytes of video data. Hiring the best firmware, mobile, front-end, back-end developers with competitive benefits and salary. Write code, save lives. Help increase police transparency and make a difference.

Go Lang, C#, Scala, JavaScript (ES6, React), Solr, Zookeeper

https://www.axon.io/careers http://www.geekwire.com/2015/photos-inside-spaceship-themed-...

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Amazon Web Services - Simple Storage Service (S3) | Software Engineers | Seattle, WA (ONSITE)

* Senior Software Development Engineer, S3: https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/389223

* Software Development Engineer, S3: https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/389224

You can also email me your resume - wantony [AT] amazon.com

(For internships, please apply here: https://www.amazon.jobs/en/team/university-tech)

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Shopkick | Redwood City CA, Seattle, Toronto | iOS, Android and Server Engineers | On-Site Full-Time | INTERN VISA

We're a well-funded post-acquisition startup providing a mobile app to millions of brick and mortar shoppers. Our app helps shoppers save money and discover products, and helps brands and retailers reach shoppers.

Our main office is in Redwood City, between Palo Alto and San Francisco, right next to the train station. We're in a downtown area with lots of coffee and restaurants.

We're looking for iOS, Android, Server and Data engineers.

Our interview process is a phone screen with an engineer and a day of on-site interviews. I think we generally prioritize intelligence, culture fit, and communication ability over domain specific knowledge; however we obviously expect a senior Android dev to know a lot about Android. If you're experienced, expect a deep discussion about something on your resume.

Server Technologies: Python, Pylons, Thrift, SQLAlchemy, MySQL, Redis. For Data: Hadoop, Scala, Spark, Vertica

Ping us at jobs@shopkick.com if you're interested.

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Biarri Rail | Melbourne, Australia | Web & Python & C++ Engineers | Onsite | INTERNS welcome

We are a profitable startup using mathematical and algorithmic techniques to optimise long term and operational/real-time planning for freight railroads in USA and Australia. We see it as our mission to save our clients from traditional enterprise software with its long lead times and big bang deployments. As a member of our team you will be working closely with our clients to produce mission critical software that is easy to use.

We're always looking to talk to smart people who get things done and who doesn't like trains?

Email: jobs@biarrirail.com


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Equidate | San Francisco, CA or REMOTE, INTERNS VISA | Multiple roles | https://www.equidateinc.com/

Equidate is the leading secondary marketplace for private companies. We help employees at private companies get liquidity for a portion of their stock, and over the last two years we've worked with shareholders from many of the largest pre-IPO tech companies. We currently give shareholders across all companies millions of dollars of liquidity a month via our marketplace.

Equidate was founded by Y Combinator alumni and has raised money from top investors including Scott Banister, Charlie Cheever, Tikhon Bernstam, and others. The founding team has strong backgrounds in product, engineering, and legal and have previously sold multiple companies. The team includes two of SecondMarket's founding team members, as well as the former CEO of NASDAQ Dubai.

See our current team at https://www.equidateinc.com/about

Roles we're hiring for: VP Engineering, Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack Developer (Software Engineer), Engineering Intern

Email talent@equidateinc.com

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Twine Labs | http://twinelabs.com | Philadelphia or REMOTE | INTERNS

Twine builds software that helps companies connect the right employees. We create internal mobility and mentorship programs to improve retention of top talent. Powering our software is a predictive engine for successful professional relationships.

We're a bootstrapped HR analytics startup, early but with revenue. We're hiring for two roles for this fall (part-time or internship):

== Data Scientist ==

We have access to unique data sets on people and how they interact inside organizations. You’ll be responsible for exploring this data for insights, working with (and helping to build) an analytics framework that evaluates our matching algorithms. We use Python and R.

== Front-End Engineer ==

You’ll design and build components of our web application, including improvements to our admin analytics dashboard. We use Django and D3.js.

Email us at team@twinelabs.com with a brief (1 paragraph) description of your interest.

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Economic Space Agency (ECSA.io) | SF, Europe, World | Software Engineer, ML/Algorithm / ONSITE / INTERNS / VISA / REMOTE

Our aim is to transform finance. We are building tools for people to operate new network technologies that will produce a radically different economy.

Our first product is Sherwood. A new blockchain based crowdfinance service. Sherwood is a social platform for the easy creation, use and tailoring of smart peer-to-peer financial instruments and agreements that leverage the power of the Ethereum blockchain to create secure, modular and novel interactions within and across networks of users at every scale.

Sherwood enables entirely new ways of opening joint opportunities, sharing stakes and ownerships, risks and rewards, generating a new palette of financial/social relationships. It is a place for rapid building & deployment of little DAOs.

Looking for: Full stack developer, with knowledge on Angular, Django (Python), and Mysql. NodeJS experience is appreciated, but not required.

We also have more financial instruments technology in the money market and capital market space in the pipeline. Candidates with experience of financial algorithm (or just algorithm) are encouraged too.

http://ecsa.io | Contact: vienna@cryptolab.net

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NEXEDI | Lille/Munich/Paris/Tokyo | ONSITE | 6/12 months INTERNS and FULLTIME

We are looking for new colleagues and trainees to help on our free software solutions and contribute to research projects and industrial implementations. If you are passionate about open source software and like one of our current topics (http://www.nexedi.com/jobs) get in touch! All candidates will do a programming test followed by an interview. We're looking for:

   - Hack our stack as "Big Data/Machine Learning Developer" (fulltime/intern)    

   - Help not caring for memory as "Out-of-Core-PyData Engineer" (fulltime/intern)   

   - Care for packets on our network as "Site Reliability Engineer" (intern)    

   - Look beyond today and prototype a "Personal Search Engine" (intern)   

   - Try prototyping an "Artificial Intelligence Accountant" (intern)   

   - Help taking care of business developing an "AI-based Business Bot" (intern)   

   - We love the web, so try to "Port the Linux Kernel to Javascript" (intern)
About Nexedi: We are a small, international team (headquarters in Lille, France) creating free software since 2001. We spend time on client and research projects with ERP5 (Enterprise software), SlapOS (Cloud Hosting) and Wendelin (Big Data platform) being our main solutions around which we provide services. We all work with Chromebooks, our offices are paperless and we have no meetings = we mostly hack. Come join us!

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Network Locum | London | ONSITE, Full time (& open to INTERNS)

We're trying to fix healthcare by changing the way that medical professionals arrange their work.

We're mainly looking for Javascript, Android and QA engineers to join our team of 12 devs. We're 45 people in total based in a very hipster office in Shoteditch, and just raised a series B.

Our backend stack is microservices in Python, Scala and Go running on Docker and Rancher. On the front-end, we've got Angular + Redux.

Email michael@networklocum.com

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Onsite in Silicon Valley (preferred) or San Diego, with REMOTE a possibility depending on role

Interview process: Video calls if you're distant or an in-person visit if you're local.

We are developing high-performance algorithms for truly big data, video analysis, NLP, and more. We solve deep technical challenges and are building offerings relevant to interesting real-world problems in a variety of fields. We are currently open to engineers with solid experience in CUDA, Mesos, deep neural networks, and/or Clojure, as well as to enthusiastic developers who might lack this precise experience but are eager and able to learn. We also welcome interest from postdoctoral researchers or senior graduate students. We are interested in solving problems efficiently, and our polyglot architecture includes C++, Clojure, Scala, and Python.

We do not presently have openings for undergraduates (B.Sc. students).

Contact info@onutechnology.com.

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JustWatch (Berlin, Germany) is always out for smart, entrepreneurial thinking engineers (from INTERN to senior level) ONSITE, especially:

- Backend Engineering (Golang, ElasticSearch, Postgres, Docker)

- Web & hybrid Engineering (Javascript, Angular, Ionic, Cordova)

- DevOps / Infrastructure engineering (Golang, AWS, ChatOps, Docker)


- an intense learning culture with high degrees of autonomy and room for personal growth

- a sane development process with lots of code reviews and pairing

- great mentoring and regular feedback

- every two weeks is Dev Day, reserved for automation, simplification and tech talks

About us:

- B2C and B2B products with massive traction already

- 6 founders, each with a solid track record, equity possible for any level

- we're founder owned, sustainable and rather share the company with our employees than with VCs

Have a look at: https://www.justwatch.com/us/talent

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Sightengine | France, Europe | REMOTE / FULLTIME or INTERNS

Sightengine is an Artificial Intelligence company that empowers developers and businesses by helping them understand, filter and process images and videos. Our objective is to bring Computer Vision to the masses.

Our image and video analysis technology is built on proprietary state-of-the-art Deep Learning systems.

Open positions: * Artificial Intelligence - Scientist * Deep Learning - Developer / engineer * B2B Sales Specialist * B2B Marketing Specialist

Read more here: https://sightengine.com/careers

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Infinite Food (http://8-food.com/) | Foodtech Hardware Robotics R&D | Kunming, Yunnan, China | Flexible to Full-time | INTERNS | VISA | ONSITE | Early-stage (<1 year old), flexible startup environment where your ideas and contributions are valued. Cross disciplinary R&D including mechanical engineering, machine vision, food processing, robotics, materials science, sanitation, packaging, pneumatics, hydraulics. Mechatronics PhD advisor. This is the real deal for hardware engineers: rapid prototyping of systems from components sourced at speed. Interns welcome. Salary and equity negotiable for the right candidates. Email in profile.

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CodinGame | Montpellier, France | INTERNS CodinGame is an online coding platform, where developers can train, learn, improve their programming skills, but also play, challenge their friends and compete in programming challenges. The programming contests are also a way to get noticed by other tech companies and land a development job.

We are looking for generalist engineers since our platform supports 20+ programming languages, but our stack is mainly AngularJS and Java.

Check out our platform and apply at https://www.codingame.com/careers/programming

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VisitDays (http://app.visitdays.com) | Cambridge, MA | ONSITE, INTERNS

We're hiring

- Senior Developer (Ruby/Rails/EmberJS)

- Product Manager

- Possible intern positions available

Come join our 3 (and growing) team of developers to help fix higher ed admissions.

About VisitDays:

Today’s students shouldn’t have to use yesterday’s technology. Neither should college administrators.

We’ve chosen one problem. We’re solving it by creating an effective way for students and administrators to connect with each other in a manner that is simple, intuitive and memorable.

contact me at chris+hn [at] visitdays.com

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Snowplow Analytics (http://snowplowanalytics.com/) | London, Berlin, Remote | Full-time, Intern

Snowplow (https://github.com/snowplow/snowplow) is the leading open source event data pipeline, used by some of the most data-sophisticated organizations in the world. Headquartered in London UK, Snowplow is looking to fill a variety of positions in London, Berlin or working remote.


Technical product manager - http://snowplowanalytics.com/about/jobs/technical-product-ma...

Data engineer - http://snowplowanalytics.com/about/jobs/data-engineer/

(junior) Data analyst - http://snowplowanalytics.com/about/jobs/junior-data-analyst/

Remote, INTERN.

Snowplow Analytics is looking for 1-2 open source software interns this Winter (sometime November through January), for a 6-8 week paid internship. Our interns will work directly on and contribute to projects within the Snowplow open source stack (https://github.com/snowplow). A Snowplow intern loves coding, enjoys experimenting with new technologies and is happiest working "in the open" on community/team projects. Technologies we use at Snowplow include Scala, Rust, JRuby, Go, Hadoop, Kinesis, Redshift, Spark, Akka and Kafka.

This is a paid internship; we will consider remote candidates who are up to UTC +/- 5 hours maximum. Interested? Please email intern@snowplowanalytics.com, and tell us about a piece of software you are proud to have written. (And don't be afraid to suggest specific projects/initiatives/features that you would like to work on in your internship.)

For background on our last 2 internship programs check out: