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Kansas City - 1 jobs in September 2016

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Depth Security | Kansas City, MO | ONSITE | FULL-TIME

We are looking for Pentesters! Have fun breaking things and then help fix them. Work with smart people in a smaller security shop (no project managers or suits!). While we are currently looking for web app testers, Depth conducts a wide range of assessments that you will be able to rotate in on or work with someone experienced to learn new things. One of my personal favorite things is being able to learn from the guys that focus on mobile and internal pens, you can grow your skillset and career here!

Interview Process: We just want to talk shop!

Looking to switch into Security?

We talk to quite a few candidates that are looking into a career in infosec and it makes us happy to see the growing interest in the field. The best thing you can do prior to making the switch is get hacking! Play CTFs, build a home pentest lab, turn in bug bounties, or get yourself a certification that means something. (Hint: Not one of those multiple choice exams! Check out the OSCP or WAPTX) Learning opportunities in penetration testing have never been more accessible, with plenty of sites offering courses for free. While penetration testing is a continuous learning experience with new attacks and techniques coming out daily, we look for candidates that have taken steps to start learning on their own.


* Performance bonuses

* 100% company-paid insurance premiums (individual and family)

* 401k

* Low-deductible medical insurance

* Dental and Vision insurance

* Generous research hardware/software budget

* Relocation assistance available

* Lunches paid for by company (employee's choice of restaurant)

Email: rpreston (at) depthsecurity.com with your resume and we can set something up. We are passionate about security and hope you are too!