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Rome - 1 jobs in September 2016

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NLP/Machine Learning expert | MONK Software | Rome, Italy | Full Time | Onsite or remote

MONK Software is a small but rapidly growing software house in Rome, Italy. We pride ourselves with having a hacker friendly environment like few other companies over here.

We want to start an internal R&D team made of software engineers/developers who love and have experience in natural language processing and/or machine learning. We already have different projects[1] going on which will benefit from these technologies, and we believe that this is just a start.

We already have fully remote team members in Europe and Asia, but for this important project we would prefer to create a core team who can work locally in our office in Rome. We'll also consider remote applicants if the fit is optimal.

If you're interested, feel free to write to hello@monksoftware.it


[1] One project where we want to use NLP & machine learning technologies is http://hashtagify.me/

We also have a chat app used by major customers who would like to add smart chatbot features. Other projects are in the works.