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Tampa - 1 jobs in September 2016

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Interbay Applications | Tampa, FL | ONSITE 1-2 days/week | Full-time | Front-end web developer

We're a well-funded two year old startup with suitably crazy and cool goals involving geo stuff, VR, photography, 3D stuff, and the importance of real-life "place". You'd be the third full-time developer added to our core team of ~10 people.

Other than you, I'm the newest employee. I've been working here for five months. This is probably the most effective team I've worked with in my 15 year career, and definitely the most fun I've had. I don't mean it's a big party: we're working hard. But if having responsibility for key product components in an environment where you're treated with respect, you have skilled peers to brainstorm and share the work, and you have the design, testing, and business support you need to succeed at your job sounds like fun to you, then you know just what I mean.

Specific skills we're looking for include React and Three.js, but it's most essential that you've had substantial real life experience building JS-powered web apps.

The development team typically meet in our Ybor office 1-2 days/week, so it's pretty important that (1) that's a plausible commute for you and (2) you can work effectively without the buzz of office mates most of the time. We use slack to keep in touch.

Compensation is very competitive, and we have PTO and health insurance reimbursement. Interview process will involve a phone interview with me and the other full-time developer followed by an in-person meeting and a contract project to mutually try each other out if things go well. We can work with your schedule for these steps.

You can reach me at "joshu4@interb4y4pps.com".replace(/4/g,'a').