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Waltham - 1 jobs in September 2016

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Senior Software Engineer | SONIAN | REMOTE or Waltham MA

At Sonian, we provide a hosted service for archiving, search, and analytics. Key Responsibilities •Be on a team that values code quality, good communication and collaboration, sound testing practices. •Work w Product Owners, Scrum Masters and other team members to execute against a well defined roadmap. •Architect and implement distributed and concurrent systems capable of processing data at large scale, with built-in transparency for performance monitoring and auto-scaling. •Adapt current data ingestion pipeline for new data types. •Build well documented, easy to use REST APIs and command line tools.

Qualifications •Bachelor’s Degree in CS or equivalent. •5+ years experience building distributed systems. •Experience working in a remote team preferred

Core Team Development: ◦Clojure ◦ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, ZooKeeper ◦Chef ◦Agile/Scrum via Jira/Confluence/Git

Our stack:
 ◦GNU/Linux (Ubuntu) ◦Clojure, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, PostgresSQL, Java ◦JavaScript (ES6/ES2015), React, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sass/CSS3, HTML 5 ◦Chef, Docker, Sensu, Logentries 
 Email: jobs@sonian.net Subject: “Senior Software Engineer - Core/Backend”