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Zurich - 3 jobs in September 2016

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Tamedia | Product Manager Data Services | ONSITE, Zurich, Switzerland

In our growing data team TDA (Tamedia Data Analytics) we understand ourselves as drivers of innovative data products within Tamedia. We are a team of data scientists, products managers and engineers that leverages more than 20 Million events per day in realtime to create the best data products of Switzerland. Tamedia covers more than 40% of the visits of the Swiss owned internet - and TDA is responsible to create more out of it than the sum of it's parts.

You're this person that already now has 10 ideas on what to do with this data but kills 11 of them before finishing reading this sentence. After working for 3 months with us you have found and sold internally the most promising idea that creates a higher yearly EBIT-impact than the whole team costs.

You have a strong technology and business background and can lead the product vision, make your customers happy while still being able to challenge your team in their area of expertise.

We provide you with a unique opportunity to have impact, work with a highly skilled and fun team while you drive the topic forward.

More details: http://direktlink.prospective.ch/?view=43729664-C733-4EEA-95...

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Centralway Numbrs AG | https://www.centralway.com/en/ | Software Engineer, Backend (Go / Golang) | Zurich, Switzerland | ONSITE | Full-time

Centralway’s focus is on developing products to manage banking transactions and assets. The platform provides banking services for the consumer, as well as the development and implementation of banking software towards financial institutions.

Your responsibilities as a Software Engineer, Backend will include the continuous development and improvement of the current backend and service architecture of Centralway Numbrs. You will administer and support our backend API, databases and other components. Researching and remaining up-to-date with the latest technologies will help you to implement scalability and redundancy in all parts of the application.

Technical requirements Education: B.S. or M.S. degree in computer science, or equivalent work experience relevant to the role Technology: Experience with at least one modern, object-oriented programming language such as Golang, Java or C++ and knowledge of at least one scripting language (Ruby, Python, Perl or other). Experience with Git and continuous integration. Preferably experience with Docker and comfortable with DevOps tasks and deployment tools such as Ansible, Puppet or Chef. Language: Excellent communication skills in English.

About our Infrastructure Go programming language, elastically scalable Microservices. Hosted on AWS More than 1 billion API requests. More than 20 million unique events. More than 10,000 new events daily. Thousands of concurrent users. Connection to more than 3,500 financial institutions.

We offer free breakfast and lunch buffets, snacks and ice-cold drinks, sports club & fitness studio and many extra perks and benefits.

Recruiting process: Skype Interview --> Skype Live Coding --> 1 day onsite interview with future colleagues, tech lead and management (Centralway is pleased to cover the travel expanses for the onsite interview). We provide fast and transparent feedbacks after the interviews.

Apply for this job here: https://www.centralway.com/en/careers/open-positions/details...

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AppBrain (AppTornado GmbH) - http://www.appbrain.com/ | Onsite: Zürich, Switzerland or Utrecht, the Netherlands | Software Engineer or Business Developer

AppTornado is a technology startup that provides apps to millions of Android users. AppBrain is a platform for promoting and monetizing Android apps, used by over 50,000 Android apps with millions of daily active users.

The hiring process consists of a phone screen followed by on site interviews.

Our company is technology driven, and we encourage our engineers to take ownership from end to end. See http://www.apptornado.com/jobs-software-engineer for more information or email jobs@apptornado.com