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Sheffield - 1 jobs in January 2017

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Maple Syrup Media (Quidco) | Senior PHP Developer | Sheffield | ONSITE https://www.maplesyrupmedia.com

Maple Syrup Media is hiring Senior PHP Developers!

With over 5 million members, £800 million (1% of all UK online spend) in sales generated last year through 4,300 retail merchants and plans expand into emerging markets in Europe, Quidco is growing from strength to strength.

We're for looking talented PHP developers, Our ideal candidate is self-­motivated and an easy going team player. Must thrive in a fast paced environment and be able to produce high quality code following an Agile methodology.

We're looking for...

  * BS or MSc in Computer Science or equivalent experience (Degree not strictly required, but beneficial)
  * 5 years Web Development experience
  * Track record of developing scalable web applications
  * Strong knowledge of handwritten PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS
  * Experience with unit testing
  * Experience with Laravel, Symfony2, CodeIgniter or similar MVC frameworks
  * Experience developing RESTFul APIs
  * Strong knowledge of Object Oriented Design Patterns (PHP)
  * Experience with MySQL
  * Strong command of a Linux based development environment
  * Experience with version control systems (mercurial or git)
  * Understanding of web related security issues
Interview process typically includes an online coding test and face-to-face interviews.


To apply, please submit details on the job spec page above.