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Charlotte - 2 jobs in February 2017

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Investor Management Services, LLC.-Charlotte, North Carolina-Onsite IMS believes the best technology alone isn’t enough. That’s why everything we build and deliver begins with something else — the best people. Visit IMS careers page to begin the journey with us at https://www.investormanagementservices.com

Why we would want You to join the team?

•You have at least 1+ year of experience in a data engineering, development, or a similar position. •You understand best practices with SQL. You can thoughtfully design a database to enable perform queries and use advanced features to make those queries fast and clean. •You have experience with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript, understand the strengths and weaknesses of them, and are curious to explore more. •You have some experience or a strong interest in continual learning and are always continuing to strive for personal development.

Why You would want to join us?

•We’re dedicated to finding the right fit with our people. We pick people and we are dedicated to the development of those people. We are willing to boosts your strengths, as long as you are looking to do that too. •Our team works on solving problems. We like to help other teams turn their needs into great technology, and we like developers to tackle the challenges. •We move fast, with many releases and an interactive approach to developing new features and measuring their success by client feedback. •We have a gym in the office; cater lunch to everyone, Monday through Friday; Also have 4 rotational beer kegs to celebrate our successes! •We offer very competitive salaries, excellent benefits (and perks), and a generous PTO plan

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Credit Karma | San Francisco, Los Angeles, Charlotte | Full Time, Onsite | https://creditkarma.com

Credit Karma's mission is to make financial progress possible for everyone. We have over 60 million US members and are a true mission-oriented business, a rare case where our incentives are aligned with our users - we succeed by helping our members attain financial progress.

We've been growing rapidly over the past few years (hypergrowth) and are hiring across a wide range of positions. On the backend side, we are moving to Scala-based microservices using finagle and Thrift, and as well as GraphQL on node.js. Our native iOS and Android apps are #1 in finance (with a 5 star rating on the App Store) and we're rebuilding our website in React + Redux. Our data teams use Kafka, Spark and BigQuery among other technologies.

If you're motivated by growth and impact Credit Karma is probably the best place to work in tech today. We have solved product / market fit and distribution, but compared to our peer unicorns there is still so much work to do. If you look at the gap between our product today and what we are well-positioned to become - the main touchpoint for consumer finance - there is tons of opportunity for people joining now to take on responsibility and ownership and have a meaningful impact.

Feel free to reach out to me personally (scott.shumaker at creditkarma dot com) or visit: https://www.creditkarma.com/careers